Miami Air Boeing 737-800

First-class 737-400 Aircraft

An executive jet in a class of its own This modern aircraft features 68 plush leather first-class seats with lustrous wood tables for club seating. Miami Air International has equipped the cabin throughout with 110 volt electrical outlets for personal entertainment as well as laptop computers. The Boeing 737-400 also offers superior fuel efficiency and reliability when compared to previous generation, first class configured aircraft.

Boeing 737-400 Aircraft

The luxury and comfort of the first-class configured Boeing 737-400 aircraft has made it the charter jet of choice for professional sports organizations, upscale entertainers, diplomats, and just about any other VIP group requiring an unparalleled travel experience. Miami Air International also offers customized seating configurations on this aircraft and we invite you to contact us today to explore the many advantages associated with chartering your own private jet.

Key Features

  • 5-hour flight range 2,820 statute miles
  • Certified for over water operations
  • 2 fully equipped galleys
  • 3 lavatories
  • 48" reclining seat pitch
  • GE CFM engines
  • Fully Integrated GPS
  • Meets Stage 3 noise regulations
  • Upscale amenities
  • China meal service and in-flight concierge
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