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In the Vanguard of Airline Safety Nationwide

by Dustin 9. May 2012

Miami Air International, America’s premier charter airline, took a giant leap forward in airline safety when the FAA’s SMS Project Office in Washington, D.C. approved Miami Air’s implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS), becoming only the fifth airline overall and the first Part 121 charter airline to do so.


SMS is an organized approach to managing safety.  It is a system that encourages airlines to take a deep look at their policies, procedures and accountabilities beyond regulatory requirements. It is designed to make the airline industry, already one of the safest industries, even safer.


Miami Air’s SMS has implemented proactive and predictive hazard identification processes to complement the traditional reactive processes.  The company’s management personnel, including the President have been trained to actively identify hazards and mitigate them before they cause an incident.  All Miami Air employees have been trained and encouraged to identify and report hazards in a non-punitive environment.


The concept of SMS is an effective, proven system of managing safety in Europe, Australia, Canada, and other countries around the world.  In August, Congress will enact law requiring all US Part 121 air carriers including both charter airlines and scheduled airlines, to implement a Safety Management System within three years.


“Thanks to our participation in the FAA’s SMS Pilot Program, Miami Air will be able to operate with a clearly defined and efficient Safety Management System that will show our employees, the industry, our government and governments worldwide, Miami Air International’s commitment to operate with the highest level of safety, as intended by the impending 14 CFR Part 5 regulation and international aviation standards,” said Jim Proia, President of Miami Air International.


Currently, there are 79 airlines in the entire US enrolled in the Federal Aviation Administration’s SMS Pilot Program.  Of these, only five, including Miami Air International have implemented the safety system.  Miami Air is the only luxury on demand charter airline to have implemented SMS.