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Fan flights feature fun, convenience and a first-class experience

by Karen 16. August 2012

Rose Bowl, Super Bowl or just populating that away game with a large group of your team's followers, chartered fan flights are just the ticket for your company's (or group of "fanatics") excursion out of town. It also may be the very best alternative to making sure everyone has a seat on the airplane to the out-of-town sports flight destination.

Going the commercial route: Adequate v. perfect

Say your college alumni group wants to do something different for this year's homecoming. You've rounded up a group of 172 grads, family and friends, who are eager to travel to an out-of-town destination 850 miles away for that game which will decide the conference championship. Buying commercial tickets will probably work out, but chartering a fan flight is the difference between adequate and perfect and will keep everyone together to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

The fan-flight experience

Nowadays travelers are reluctant to go anywhere on a commercial flight because commercial flying is a hassle from start to middle to finish. Luggage hassles (charges and mishandling) and reduced service for almost every domestic commercial flight tend to discourage all but the most necessary air travel.

Fan flights bypass all that and, among other things, have the following advantages:

  • Nonstop service. Your alumni load up at the airport and jet away to their final destination. No connecting flights, no luggage problems and no dreaded arduous travel ordeals when the game is finished and the fans are exhausted.
  • Fans are treated to great onboard service. Chartering includes drinks, food, snacks customized to your group's preferences and taste.
  • The intangible. A fan flight just makes the trip a special event where your team supporters have a special time from boarding to game and back. Win or lose, passengers on fan flights can either celebrate or commiserate, but they will always have a great time.

All aboard Miami Air International, sports fans!

Your Miami Air International charter flight would be a private Boeing 737-800, 172-passenger airliner.  Your team boosters and family groups will travel in comfort, be served excellent meals and refreshments and arrive at your opponents' city in time to take in the sights. Contact us for details on flight times and destination particulars. We fly just about everywhere nonstop.


Miami Air International features on time, nonstop service for your corporate air travel needs

by Karen 13. August 2012

Nonstop commercial flights cost more (when they are available, that is).

Busy commercial airline passengers are frequently willing to pay premium ticket prices for nonstop flights. The advantages of nonstop travel include the obvious savings in time of not having to scramble or excessive waiting to make the connecting flight, as well as avoiding the risk of luggage that can either fall behind or get ahead of bungled connections.

When nonstop is not an option…

Sometimes, however, nonstop service from one destination to another is simply not available. Try to book a flight from Mobile, Ala., to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, for example. One popular commercial U.S. carrier routes you from Mobile to Dallas to Miami then to St. Thomas, with a typical 12-hour travel time o cover just 1,500 miles, if the flight were direct, nonstop. Stops of course include layovers between connections and, in the case of a Miami connection, a hefty trek across the terminal.

A more favorable scenario

Apply the Mobile-to-St. Thomas scenario to a large group of corporate or company VIP passengers. A Miami Air International chartered Boeing 737 airplane would be standing by at your departure point and head straight southeast towards St. Thomas, without backtracking to Dallas and minus at least one other stop, where your passengers need to do some rushing about for their last leg to St. Thomas. Instead, they board our top-of-the-line airplane with its friendly and professional crew for that nonstop flight to the Caribbean.

All aboard for nonstop!

Your Miami Air International charter flight from Mobile to St. Thomas would be well within the flight range of the 737-800, 172-passenger airliner.  Your corporate executives, VIPs or family groups will travel in comfort, be served excellent meals and refreshments and arrive in St. Thomas hours earlier and with plenty of time to take advantage of the rest of their day. (Check with our account executives for details on flight times and destination particulars).  

New to Miami Air?

Visit our home page for everything you need to know about the world’s best charter air service, Miami Air International. While you’re there view our corporate video and contact us for our free press kit. 

172 Seat Aircraft Stylishly Conveys Passengers to Work or Play

by Karen 2. August 2012

Travel has created many a weary traveler; consequently, most think of the destination as being the desirable aspect, not the transportation to the locale. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, our 172 Seat Aircraft will deliver you in the comfort and style that makes the journey itself a pleasurable aspect. You and your party will be certain to travel with ease in either our Boeing 737-800 with 172 coach seats or our Boeing 737-400 with 68 first class seats.

Everyone at Miami Air International is committed to providing you with an individually designed charter flight to meet your needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur who needs to fly his/her entire team to an industry conference in San Francisco or you are a travel agent in charge of booking the flight specifics for a local travel group, you can rest assured that Miami Air International will give your travel plans the utmost care. We offer a series of signature options that provide our flight guests with a premier travel experience. These signature services may allow you: to bypass the traditional check-in for plane side check-in, to have your company's or group's logo proudly displayed on the headrests or the dinner service, to choose from a vast array of menu choices that may be selected from our preset menus or designed with one of our culinary coordinators, to select a celebratory boarding drink such as a Mimosa or glass of champagne accompanied by a detailed list of other fine in-flight liquors, and to utilize our drop down screens to satisfy your entertainment needs.

We take the greatest pride in providing your group with the best flight experience possible. As noted by our FAA certification, your safety is our utmost concern, but we are just as committed to the little details that make your trip the most enjoyable ever. Please contact us today so you are assured that your group will travel in style.