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Corporate Travel: Air Charters Are Simply the Best Way to Go

by Admin 27. March 2015

When your team heads off to the next convention or out-of-town meeting, how will they get there? If they’re all traveling separately, chances are you’ll have more than a few problematic situations on your hands. For example, a handful may miss their connecting flights or hop on to the wrong bus. Rental cars could break down, traffic jams may occur and chauffeurs could be running late. Well, what if you could eliminate all of those potential headaches in one swoop and simplify your travel accounting too? Would you jump at the chance?

If so, we’d be happy to share the best corporate travel option there is with you. It’s charter flights through Miami Air International. Our Boeing 737s capable of transporting 168 members of your corporate team at one time. We’ll pick them up at one or more airports and drop them off where they need to go, on time. Depending on the locations and Boeing aircrafts involved, it may be possible to book a direct flight that is up to six hours long. So, you won’t have to worry about your team running the risk of missing a connecting flight.

We won’t hold them up with complicated security screenings, baggage checks and other procedures that have a tendency to waylay today’s commercial travelers either. Instead, they’ll fly to their important meeting in the utmost of safety and personalized comfort. Our seasoned concierge staff can also work with you to include any extras that you or your team may deem important. For example, if your HR Department wants us to run a special, motivational movie on our in-flight entertainment system, let us know. We can even go as far as reconfiguring seats and altering the in-flight menus. Afterward, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to figure out total travel costs because all of your team’s air transportation services will be listed on one, easy to read bill. To find out more and experience the best form of corporate travel for yourself, please contact us at Miami Air International.

Book a Private Jet to New Orleans and Let the Festivities Roll

by Robert 30. January 2015

Imagine kicking back in flight with a piece of king cake in one hand and a cocktail in the other. All of your friends are there and jazz music is playing in the background. Everyone has their share of beads and talk of which krewes are going to outdo themselves this year are taking place all throughout the cabin. It can happen you know, especially if your group books a private jet to New Orleans with us.

At Miami Air International, we can help you kick the party off with a gate-side reception and keep it going until your group leaves Louis Armstrong International Airport. Then providing that your crew is still in a festive mood, we can pick the party back up again for your return flight home. Ground transportation to and from the city’s various Mardi Gras locations may be arranged in advance, through the airport’s many vendors.

In 2015, the city’s festivities are due to kickoff on January 31st and run straight through until the 17th. The krewes anticipated to host parades on that first day are Bilge, Moon Pie, Mona Lisa, Delusion and Du Vieux. Additional parades will be held by other krewes on February 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th and the 11th through the 17th. It’s also important to know that by all accounts, lodging establishments in the area impose a minimum length of stay on all travelers hoping to visit the city during the internationally known event. On top of that, restaurants and other popular destinations are likely to be crowded at that time too. Therefore, it’s a good idea to reserve those types of activities as well.

That said, we’d suggest making sure that your group can secure overnight accommodations prior to finalizing your private jet reservations with us. To learn more about the reservation process and which amenities we can add to your group’s Mardi Gras flight experience, please contact us online or by phone today.

Aircraft Charters to California: See Yosemite Decked Out in Its Winter Finery

by Robert 11. December 2014

So your winter travel club has already been to Lake Tahoe, Mt. Shasta, Mammoth Mountain and whale watching along California’s coast. Now everyone is pressuring you to come up with a group trip that offers something different. May we suggest booking an aircraft charter and flying them out to see Yosemite decked out in its winter finery? The park is open daily, year round and the roads are accessible, weather permitting.

Arrange for your group to meet us at the best airport or airports of your choosing and we’ll take ever step needed to make it a one of a kind flying experience for them. For example, we can setup a Yosemite themed welcome reception, hand out customized newsletters about what they’ll experience on tour and outfit the plane’s interior with all things uniquely Californian.

Plus, they can feel free to pack their own snowshoes, cross-country skis, snowboards, snow tubes and ice skates. We don’t burden our aircraft charter guests with unwanted fees and complicated baggage restrictions. And those that do plan on hitting Yosemite’s trails or ice skating rink will be able to use their laptops in-flight to check on the latest weather conditions before our aircraft charters land.

To discover more about these and other ways we can help make your group’s flight to Yosemite one worth remembering, please contact us. Then ask to speak with one of us about our five star aircraft charters.