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Exclusive Air Charters to Martinique: Warm Those Toes in the Lesser Antilles

by Admin 6. November 2014

Are you tired of having frozen toes, achy hands, red ears, post nasal drip and a box of tissues as your constant companion? If so, it’s time to gather the group and book exclusive air charters to Martinique. We’ll help you fly out of any airport of your choosing to the Lesser Antilles so you can thaw out on this 436-square mile stretch of paradise. If you and yours decide to take us up on the offer, here’s what you absolutely need to know:

Our state of the art Boeing aircraft are among the safest, most luxurious in the nation and we can customize their interiors to suit. There are no per-piece baggage fees, bag size restrictions, passenger name change penalties or ticketing fees involved. Plus, we offer a service guarantee to all of our exclusive air charter clientele, no matter the destination.

Most exclusive air charter flights to Martinique from Miami will take an average of 3.5 hours but we promise, you won’t be bored, thirsty or hungry. Our attentive, in-flight staff will be at the ready with gourmet foods, top shelf liquor, beer, wine and entertainment. Just let our concierges know of your group’s preferences well in advance of the scheduled departure date.

Speaking of which, try scheduling your group’s exclusive air charter departure date for sometime after October 31st. That way, you’re sure to bypass the island’s rainy season. It tends to kick off in early August and end in late October. As for the air temperatures and humidity, expect them both to be in the high 70s on most winter days and a little bit lower in the evening hours.

The time zone is UTC and sunset tends to occur around 3 or 4 p.m. On most days of the year, daylight normally peeks through the clouds around 5 or 6 a.m. With that said, it’s always nice to choose a beachfront hotel with panoramic views of either daily occurrence.

French, Creole and English are the three main languages you’ll hear spoken on the island and you’ll need to exchange your US dollars for the Euro. Electrical service at area lodging establishments tends to be 220 volts/50 AC, so a travel plug kit may be needed.

To learn more about booking exclusive air charters to Martinique, please contact us today. We can help put you and yours on the best islands year round.

Meeting Travel: What’s Important to You and Your Team?

by Robert 24. October 2014

When it comes to meeting travel, what’s important to you? Based on the results of a July 2014 poll conducted by Meetings & Conventions magazine, business travel planners’ answers are likely to run the gamut. One of the things that many seem to look for in an air travel experience is the opportunity to catch up on their reading. They also apparently favor in-flight opportunities to watch movies, catch a few ZZZZs and finish up some office work. So what about you and your corporate warriors? Do you crave the same?

At Miami Air International, we’ve been assisting planners with charter flights to meeting travel destinations since the summer of 1990. And today, we consistently beat out every other U.S. carrier when it comes to landing at the most airfields per year. Thus, we know that meeting planners and business travelers are a diverse lot. That’s partially why our private charters are as unique and flexible as they people that reserve them.

Our luxurious fleet of planes is well equipped to accommodate avid readers, movie lovers and those that just want to stretch out and snooze. We’ve also got electrical outlets and spacious tables available for those that may want to bust out the laptops and tie up a few loose ends. But that’s far from the end of it. Our meeting travel services include opportunities for socializing at planeside or gate receptions, dining on gourmet foods and spoiling road warriors mercilessly.

How do we spoil them? In some situations, it involves resort check-in, departure gifts, branded souvenirs and personalized amenity kits. In others, we offer resource saving services like no cancellation guarantees, free baggage handling, complimentary name changes and the opportunity to hold a plane when needed. To learn more about those services and what else we can do to make meeting travel one of the best work experiences imaginable, please contact us.

Adventurous International Destinations for Your Next Trip

by Admin 22. October 2014

It’s possible to find some adventure without flying halfway around the world. Some of the world’s best international destinations are closer than many people realize. Let’s take a look at a few places where you can get a taste of the exotic without spending half your vacation in the air.

Belize is still an emerging international destination, and you can still be ahead of the masses if you book a trip. It’s easy to get the impression that it’s mostly a place to be lazy on the beach. Adventurers, though, will find amazing Mayan ruins plus world-class caving and SCUBA diving. Caracol is a can’t-miss ruin for those who want to witness the former splendor of the Mayan civilization; experts are still uncovering the site, which once covered more ground than present-day Belize City.

The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave offers a long adventure up an underground river. Tours are guided, but do-it-yourself cavers can tap locals for tips on other cave adventures. Finally, SCUBA divers and snorkelers can spend some time checking out the world’s second-largest barrier reef. Be prepared for huge - but docile - stingrays, octopi, barracuda and other colorful marine life.

Costa Rica is no secret among international travelers. But that doesn’t mean it’s lost any appeal: active volcanoes, cloud forests packed with wildlife, one of the world’s best zip line adventures … what’s not to like? If you’ve ever wanted to see an active volcano, Volcan Arenal near the town of La Fortuna is your best bet. You can take a hike around its base, and then unwind at a local hot spring resort and maybe catch a glimpse of red-hot cinders bursting from its crater. If you like wildlife, Costa Rica is difficult to beat. You’re likely to encounter monkeys, iguana, coatis, sloths and a plethora of bird species.

And let’s talk about that zip line: The Original Canopy Tour location in Monteverde (there are others throughout Costa Rica, too) is two hours of adrenaline on a 70-acre site. You’ll glide among the treetops of an old-growth forest. Even if you claim to be afraid of heights, chances are you’ll be ready to go again by the time you’re finished.

Now, turn your eyes north to Canada: Adventure seekers know Vancouver and its surrounding area offer four seasons of fun. In the wintertime, people flock north of the city to hit the slopes in Whistler. In the less snowy-months, the area near Vancouver is the photogenic star of many mountain bike magazine covers. It’s known for mountain biking of all types: downhill, freeride, cross-country, pump tracks and any combination you can envision.

And let’s remember that Vancouver is a maritime city, so you’ll find everything from kayak tours to whale-watching tours - you’ll never forget the first time you spot an orca leap from the water. Finally, Vancouver is within range of glacier tours. It’s often an eye-opening experience that shows people that a glacier is far more than a static mass of ice. Experienced guides provide knowledge along with gear like crampons and ice axes.

Is your group of thrill seekers ready for international adventures? Contact us to arrange a private charter for your party.