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Rethinking the Definition of "Economy"

by Robert 15. June 2015
Trying to get your group to an event or meeting? Mention the word “economy” and “air travel” in the same breath, and the response is always the same: a very loud groan. It's pure misery these days. Now try combining “economy” with “charter”... and expect to hear a gasp.

Impossible, they'll tell you. But you can just smile. You have the perfect solution, Miami Air International.

Getting a group of 68-168 people somewhere seems like an enormous and expensive task. Coordinating individual flights on commercial airlines is a logistical nightmare. And the cheaper the airfare, the higher the add-on fees: baggage, aisle seats, priority boarding, food ... Forget about cancellation fees or having someone take your place. The costs can skyrocket. Your budget explodes.

Remember that time and energy have value, too. Instead of trying to get people to the same place at the same time--across the U.S. or internationally--consider the financial benefits of air charter:
  • Your group can meet at a convenient and affordable hub airport.
  • The entire baggage hold is dedicated to your trip--no charge for multiple or heavy luggage.
  • The passenger manifest can be changed as often as needed before take-off.
  • In the event of a company-related delay, transportation on another carrier is provided without charge.
  • Without the hassles of tickets, check-in, or long lines, passengers can save time at private airports.
  • The outstanding service and attention to your group's unique needs means that everyone arrives at the destination relaxed and ready to roll.
  • Unsurpassed safety standards means peace of mind for everyone.
As they say in the ad: “Priceless.”
When you're ready to redefine economy, just contact us. We're excited to help you with your air travel needs.

Things to Expect When You Hire a Private Jet

by Admin 9. June 2015

Whether you only fly once every couple of years or a couple of times a month, you might not know how convenient hiring a private jet is. You already know what a hassle flying commercial is. You wait in long security lines, leave things at home you want to take to avoid luggage fees and usually end up squished into a space your average ten-year old would find uncomfortable. Here are a few things you can expect when you treat yourself to a private jet.

How Many Bags Can You Bring?
How many do you have? When you hire your own plane, you and your party get the use of all of the cargo space on the plane without any additional fees. You won’t need to worry about cramming a week’s worth of clothing into a backpack. Just imagine what you might bring on your next beach vacation from sand buckets for the kids to extra long beach towels, so your feet don’t get sunburned.

Travel When You Want to …
When you fly commercial, you end up flying on the airline’s schedule. They offer so many flights a day, and it is up to you to find the one closest to your needs. With a private jet, you choose the day and time you want to leave. Also, you don’t need to make a stop in a major hub and change planes. This trip is all about you.

Room to Spread Out.
When you hire a private jet, you will find a lot more space available to you. Even if you are traveling with a larger group, you get a say in the configuration of the airplane to ensure everyone has the room they need. Flying has never been this comfortable.

With Miami Air International, we are ready to help you and your group get a taste of how wonderful air travel can be when you fly private charter. Contact us today to learn more about what to expect.

How About A Private Jet For Your Destination Wedding?

by Robert 10. April 2015

Destination weddings already have travel as part of their special nature. Why not consider having special guests and wedding party members get to your destination in outstanding style? A private jet may just be the right touch to add. You and your guests are already planning on travel costs, why not bring it all together from a central point to your destination?

Think about it, the convenience in getting all the critical wedding members to the location without unexpected delays from other airlines. The moms, dads and grandparents as well as the wedding couple and attendants can travel in comfort with the option to order specific menus for the flight. No one will be left scrambling for an open flight or dealing with seat bumping or a random cancellation. With aircraft that can accommodate up to 168 passengers you could have a pre-wedding party including a number of guests on the way.

Miami Air International has its offices in Miami but as the name says they are International and specialize in creating and providing a flight plan from your nearest home airport to your destination. Take off and landing restrictions are that the airports must be able to accommodate a 737. If your flight is within 6 to 8 hours, point to point, you can make it non-stop if that suites your plans.

Think about it as an extra special step in your big day. Look at it from a planning perspective for making sure every special person is there. Find out if this is your way to go. Miami Air International is waiting to speak with you and provide you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision, please, contact us for a chat and a quote.