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Save Money on Corporate Travel with a Chartered Flight

by Admin 30. November 2012

Recently, the New York Times printed an article on the relationship between higher fuel surcharges and rising ticket prices on major airlines. In short, the article says that because fuel prices are rising, many airlines are passing the increased costs on to passengers in the form of ticket price hikes. And even when the fuel costs go down, the fare increases often stay in place. What's more, these increases come along with increased fees for baggage, extra legroom, and Internet access.

This might not be too dismaying to an average traveler, but for businesses that frequently fly, and especially those that need to fly a large number of people, these increased prices can be devastating for a travel budget. And that doesn't even touch on the services which used to be part of the ticket price, but now cost extra.

That's why smart businesses that need to move a large group don't fly on the major airlines. They charter a jet, such as those offered by Miami Air International.

Our corporate travel packages and services are sure to get your employees to their destination in comfort and safety. And the costs of chartering an airplane are comparable to the costs of buying a large number of traditional airline tickets, without many of the hassles that come along with flying on a major airline. 

For instance, when you fly with us, your group can bring all the baggage they need because that's the only baggage we'll carry. And you can choose the menu, the entertainment, and even the logos on the headrests.

Why bow down to the inflating prices and reduced services of the traditional airline industry? When you fly with Miami Air International, we'll treat your group like they deserve - with comfort, decency, and smiling service.

If you think that chartering a flight could be the best option for your business or other large group, contact us to learn more and see if we can help you go where you need to.

Miami Air International fan flights will bowl over your college football team supporters

by Karen 16. November 2012

Fan Flights top off an exciting gridiron season.

Think about chartering a fan flight for that college bowl game your college alumni and sports fan families. Beginning mid-December 2012 through January 7, 2013, college gridiron teams will vie for either honorable mention or coveted top rankings, depending on the regional conference outcomes.

Even if your team is only among those going for the slightly less prestigious, but always fun consolation-level bowls, what better way to top off the fun and excitement of great collegiate sports season than a chartered fan flight?

On the other hand, you might be fortunate enough to have a group of fans supporting one of the teams in the 2013 Rose Bowl game in sunny Pasadena, California. If so, time is slipping away for those coveted hotel reservations and getting everyone in place to see the world-famous Tournament of Roses Parade come New Year’s Day.

Why do a fan flight?

College football fans everywhere know that even a routine regularly scheduled game is far more than “just a game.” It’s an event, a spectacle that is quintessentially American in its competition and struggle. Throw in post-season excitement and an unsurpassed opportunity to end an already successful season with a bowl win, and you have the makings of a truly super experience that can only be improved by a chartered fan flight. How so? --

  • Your fans stay together from boarding to debarking and return. Regardless of the outcome of the game, the spectacle starts early and ends late because the drudgery of transportation arrangements never interferes.
  • Your fans don’t worry about competing with the holiday travel crowds or missed connections. Fan flights are non-stop and can begin anywhere a Boeing 737 can land.

What do fans miss on a charter flight?

Well, for starters, the delays at ticket counters, the potential mishandling of luggage and long lines through security checkpoints. Assemble your fan flight passengers in one area; do the security check near the point of embarkation, and watch the luggage go straight to the plane’s cargo hold bypassing the usual airport labyrinth.

What do fans get during the flight?

Comfort and space and far more than a bag of salted nuts and a $10 cold cut with chips.  Fan flights with Miami Air International are specifically catered to meet your fans’ preferences. Attentive and courteous flight crews make the fan flight a round-trip delight.

Gimmie an “M”!

Miami Air International has the air charter jets that can accommodate your corporate or fan flight travelers. Contact us and we’ll show you just how easy it is to get your passengers to that corporate event or exciting college bowl game that will have your fans cheering.

Families that travel in style use charter air service

by Admin 16. November 2012

Maybe grandma has been hinting for years that she’d love to visit the Grand Canyon or even the Caribbean Islands.  So far, the nightmare of just making all the travel arrangements has stopped even the heartiest in the family from fulfilling grandma’s dream.  Make 2013 the year that the family comes together to make it happen.

Travel in style when you charter one of our modern Boeing aircraft including 737-800s with 172 standard seats or a Boeing 737-400 with 68 business class seats.  You’ll enjoy bypassing traditional airport check in and boarding in favor of plane side security screening.  Once you board, relax with a Mimosa or your favorite cocktail.  A selection of fine wines, spirits and cordials will also be available.

Whether the family is scattered or still living in the same town where great-great grandpa Joe was born, Miami Air International can accommodate your needs.  Miami Air can pick your family up in one stop or from multiple locations.  Convenience and flexibility are benefits of charter air travel that families love.

You can trust Miami Air with your family’s safety.  Miami Air adheres to the same standards that all major airlines are required to follow.  In addition, the private airline is certified by the United States Department of Defense and is a six time winner of the FAA’s Diamond Award of Excellence.

Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas in Alaska or prefer to spend your vacation scuba diving off the coast of Hawaii, Miami Air is ready to serve.  Contact us today to find out how Miami Air International can help get you and your family to the Christmas vacation destination of your dreams.