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There are a variety of reasons to charter a private jet

by Karen 25. April 2013

Thanks to Miami Air International's jet charters, private flights are a far more accessible luxury. A recent article in the NY Times emphasizes the growing trend of private air travel:

Flying in a private jet may not be as far out of reach as you think. Though it’s still not cheap, prices are rivaling first- and business-class tickets — and even, occasionally, coach — thanks in part to new Web sites, social media and a greater willingness by charter companies and private jet brokers to negotiate in an era of high fuel prices.

There are variety of reasons to book a charter flight including personalized menus, entertainment and service, private security screening that meets all DOT regulations and conveniently scheduled departure times with the option of multiple pick-up sites. In addition to those personalization options there are some occasions that make private charters the most convenient and simple option for your party. These include but are not limited to;

1) Traveling for a corporate event or: Booking a private charter ensures smooth transport for your corporate event as well as confidentiality on topics or business discussed en-route since all passengers are traveling with your corporation.

2) Transporting a sports team: There’s plenty of time for last minute pep talks and plenty of team spirit on a charter jet! Not to mention lots of cargo space for equipment and oversized bags at no additional charge!

3) Destination weddings: A private charter simplifies air travel for your guests and members of your wedding party. It’s important to note that Miami Air does not offer individual seats on charter planes; make sure the entire party plans to travel on the charter!

4) Air Cruises: Transporting large parties for vacations or entertainment travel has never been easier. You’ll be able to share exciting details about the destination, answer questions and prepare your customers with authentic cuisine from their destination and plenty of fun information.

Contact us with any questions. We will gladly provide you with a custom quote for your group or company charter!



Beat the spring thaw with charter flights to sunny Mexico

by Admin 8. April 2013

Spring is here, but someone forgot to inform whoever is in charge of turning up the heat. As those cold fronts continue to whip west from the Pacific and south down the Canadian Arctic Express, there’s relief and sunshine and it’s only a charter flight away.

Your charter flight can take your corporate group direct from frozen Minneapolis or snow-covered Chicago direct to Cancún or Puerto Vallarta. The process is easy and worry-free, except that your group might clamor to stay longer.

You’re in the scheduling driver’s seat

Need to pick up or drop off your corporate group members at more than one location? You can do that. Or you can gather up everyone at your corporate HQ for that annual informal confab or scripted conference with the next stop sunny Mexico!

Next stop means one stop

Your charter goes wheels up after your people gather in the hassle-free passenger check-in process that is either at the charter terminal or on the tarmac just prior to boarding. There are no stopovers or rush to make another flight connection, along with the nagging worry about luggage transfers.

Speaking of luggage, anyone worrying about that extra piece of luggage or those heavy golf clubs just has to know that the entire luggage compartment of the aircraft is for the chartered passengers - no restrictions.

First class for everyone

Your charter flight crew is equipped with lots more than soft drinks and peanuts, and the on-board meal service can be arranged in advance to cater to your corporate group’s preference. Your passengers will also enjoy seeing your company logo on the paper napkins and seat covers as they sit comfortably and watch the scenery change from snowy white to Mexican tropical green.

Include a charter flight in your planning

So if you’re planning something along the lines of a corporate incentive charter or are just courting investors, you should take advantage of the professional event planning services at the larger hotels. Regardless of the purpose of their trip to the warmer climes, your group will deplane from their charter flight refreshed, well fed and rested.

In the meantime, your reputation as a corporate travel and event manager will be the stuff of legend. Take a bow while you gloat over all those expense claims you won’t have to process and all the scheduling problems you avoided by chartering.

Whatever your group travel charter flight needs and where ever A to B happens to be, contact us and see how our fleet of Boeing charter aircraft can get you there.


Give Your Booster Group a Luxury Aircraft Trip to the Final Four

by Admin 28. March 2013

Using Luxury Aircraft for business is a given but, have you ever thought about using it for fun?

A trip to the NCAA Final Four is a trip of a lifetime regardless of who is playing. If your team makes it to the Final Four at the Georgia Dome, you won't have much time to arrange a trip for you and your fellow boosters. This is where Miami Air International's services can help. You will only have a week to get your guests together, get tickets and get down there before the games start.

We can't help you with the tickets but, we can help you with logistics. Miami Air doesn't mean just the Miami, Florida area. We can fly anywhere to pick you up and all you have to do is ask. Ohio State Fans; we can pick you up in Columbus at the Port Columbus International Airport and fly your booster group down to Hartsfield-Jackson International. If Duke makes it Miami Air International can pick up its booster bunch at Raleigh-Durham and within an hour have them at the Georgia Dome.

Everyone needs to remember since these are NCAA sanctioned games and there will be no alcohol sales during any of the games. Luckily, for those fans wanting to partake in a few adult beverages before their arrival, Miami Air International can arrange Premium Open Bar service for all your guests.

Using our chartered services you and your guests can avoid the hassle and delays of waiting in line for security screening. When there is time a delicious meal can be served rather than just a soft drink and a miniscule bag of pretzels. Our on board staff will do everything to make sure you and your fellow fans have the most comfortable air travel you have ever experienced.

Miami Air International takes pride in being the best airline charter in the world. Contact us before your next business trip, vacation or adventure.