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Charter Airlines Can Help Adventure Seekers See Alaska’s Famous Sites

by Karen 29. August 2013

Are you hoping to take your group to Southeast Alaska this year? If so, don’t forget to call our charter airline and add one of the world’s most impressive sights onto your trip’s itinerary, the Juneau Ice field. Formed during the neo-glaciations period, it extends for miles and has attracted the attention of mankind for decades.

Part of the ice field’s appeal for science-minded individuals is the jaw-dropping crevasses, some of which are 200-feet deep. They provide undisputable evidence of what the earth was like centuries ago. The ice field is also home to incredibly breathtaking melt water pools, Mendenhall Lake, abundant wildlife and an impressive array of valley glaciers. Some of the more famous ones include the Mendenhall, Llewellyn, and Taku Glaciers.

We should also mention that there are glacier tours, restaurants and noteworthy lodging available in the area for those that prefer to go it alone. One establishment to consider visiting is the renowned Taku Lodge. It is famous for its connection to a colorful lumber baron’s family. The lodge’s staff offers ice field flyovers, King Salmon dinners and adventurous overnight accommodations.

While on dry land, you may want to consider visiting other interesting places like the Last Chance Mine and the Alaska State Museum. Both of which will help to give you a greater understanding of the state’s fascinating history. The mine was in operation during the 1900s and played a significant role in Alaska’s Gold Rush. Understandably, the accompanying museum and surrounding grounds contains intriguing mining artifacts. The Alaska State Museum’s exhibits, on the other hand, cover more subjects. Highlights include a vast array of ancient Eskimo baskets, a rare Russian emblem and a 1778 William Ellis watercolor.

Would you like more information about all that Alaska has to offer? Contact us online or by calling (305) 876-3600. Our knowledgeable staff would be glad to help you schedule a charter flight to Alaska.

Think Summer for Caribbean Incentive Travel

by Karen 27. August 2013

If you’ve been struggling to think of new incentives for your employees, perhaps it’s time to change the questions, not the answers. Imagine what might happen if you decided that it’s not a question of what, but when.

For example, can you remember the last time you saw a typical advertisement for a Caribbean vacation? Chances are high that it was in February. You’re not going to find one now, because everyone assumes that the Caribbean is not the place to be, come summer. But the fact of the matter is that there are lots of excellent reasons to charter a Miami Air International jet and indulge in some Caribbean incentive travel this summer.

Of course, one main reason for this is that no one else is doing it. This means there are a lot of top venues available. In addition, many of those five star hotels and resorts might be offering some truly enticing financial incentives of their own to get your business. Or you could possibly even find the perfect villa available for the exclusive use of your organization.

Here are some other reasons—besides those important financial ones—to consider taking your team to the Caribbean for some unforgettable incentive travel.

  • There will be no flight delays or cancellations due to blizzards.
  • Beaches and other popular attractions will be less crowded.
  • Life goes on year-round in the Caribbean. You will still have a great variety of festivals, special events and sporting contests to choose from.
  • Days are longer, giving you more time to enjoy all that the Caribbean islands have to offer.

If you’re worried about the weather being too warm, remember that you are never far from cooling breezes at beachside resorts, and mountain hideaways are also cooler. You can also join the locals on their daily schedule, which means enjoying outdoor activities in the early morning and late afternoon and staying indoors between about 10 am and 3:30 pm.

So if you’re ready to give your team an enjoyable and unusual experience, contact us to book your incentive flight today and enjoy all that the Caribbean has to offer summer visitors.


Travel Agents - Use Aviation Charters to Grow Your Business

by Admin 25. July 2013

If you're a travel agent specializing in group travel, or if you'd like to expand into group travel, Aviation Charters are the way to make it simple for your clients to get from one place to another.  Miami Air International is a charter-only airline that can fly your group around the world in style and comfort.

As a travel agent, and like any other business professional, you are always looking for ways to generate more revenue. Expanding into group travel is a way to do this. There are many groups that would fit easily into this niche, many in your local area. Some of the groups you might solicit to use this service include:

  • Large businesses traveling to conferences or trade shows.
  • Incentive winners from one business or several grouped together. Offer this to smaller businesses who need sales incentives but may not have the large numbers needed to charter a plane.
  • Leisure travelers from a senior center, a senior residential community, a college alumni association or any other group.
  • Educational travel of students from your local high school, junior college, or university.

These types of groups, as well as many others, could be offered a travel package including the flight, accommodations, and sightseeing customized for interest and activity level. Miami Air has planes that carry as few as 68 persons or as many as 172 persons. That's a flexible size for developing tours that will delight travelers and cater to their particular needs.

Why charter flight instead of scheduled airlines?  Why not? The benefits are so many that you'll wonder why you didn't offer these tours a long time ago. Some of the benefits include:

  • No extra charge for luggage or name changes.
  • Plane-side security check-in on the ramp for private charters. 
  • Custom departure times, at the convenience of your group, can also ensure a convenient arrival time at your destination.
  • Direct Flights.  In most cases, the flight will be direct. Long distances may require fueling stops, but flyers wait on the plane. No disembarking necessary.
  • Meals available in-flight can be standard or customized according to dietary, religious, or gourmet needs.
  • In-flight videos and personal DVD outlets for each traveler.

Contact us today to start planning how to make group travel a major part of your business.  With Miami Air International as your partner, you can create group travel that will dazzle your clients and leave them with memories to last a lifetime.