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Fan Flights: Creating a Flying Tailgate Party

by Admin 31. August 2015

Sports fans are some of the most passionate and loyal people in the world. They can turn family members into enemies if rival teams are playing one another. If you are looking to follow your favorite team on the road, consider one of our fan flights to get you there. We provide the transportation and the crew. You bring the fun, fans, and excitement.

Our planes can hold up to one hundred and sixty-eight of your closest friends. That means there is no reason to leave anyone home. We can customize the look of the plane if you are all fans of the same team. Our staff will make sure to use the proper colors.

Beyond colors, food is  the most important aspect of any tailgate party. We've got that covered too. We can customize a menu in case of allergies. Our chefs are top quality, so you will not have to worry about over-cooked burgers at this party. 

Enjoy your friends, bring a video of your favorite team to play in the background as the party rages. While we cannot allow any open flames at this tailgate party, you can pretty much do anything else you want.

Bring the party, bring the fun and your favorite fans. Travel with those who are closest to you and get pumped for the game. If you are planning travel to any sporting event this year, contact us. We can create a memorable tailgate experience without waiting for the grill to cool off.

The Advantages of Corporate Group Travel

by Admin 28. August 2015

With many businesses working together across the globe, it is important to achieve efficiency when traveling to the next meeting. Corporate companies can often make financial mistakes in sending groups of employees on airline flights that come along with all of the problems commonly seen in an airport. Individual ticket pricing can seem reasonable at first, but with larger groups, the costs add up. Miami Air International offers great pricing for an even greater experience than the typical airlines. With each of their Boeing 737 airplanes coming complete with 68 First Class seats, 168 luxury coach seats, or any combination of First Class and coach, corporate group travel has never been more simple. Each group will have access to all amenities that fit their needs and at a far more affordable group price.

Sitting in lines throughout an airport almost make you not want to fly at all. Ticketing lines continue to show problems through automated kiosks and uncompassionate employees. As you continue to check your bags, many are faced with the same fear of losing luggage through typical airlines. Security is also an issue, taking up to three hours during busy travel time. At Miami Air International, there are no lines for ticketing, checking bags, or security ensuring that your business group will reach its destination on time and unflustered. A travel schedule is not as flexible as it should be with crucial deadlines or incentive meetings that have to be reached on time. Miami Air International will get your group there on your schedule without any hassles or worries. Look more into corporate travel with Miami Air International today!


For more information on group travel, feel free to contact us!

Consider Costa Rica for Your Group Travel

by Robert 13. July 2015

Costa Rica is an excellent choice for large group travel. From the San José area in the central valley, to the mountains and volcanoes, or the beaches of either the Pacific or Caribbean Oceans, there is something for every member of your group.

The national slogan is, "pura vida," literally translated as “pure life,” which also describes the country and its people. Costa Rica is a very biologically diverse country with a significant emphasis on environmental protection visible throughout the country. The "ticos," or native people, are very welcoming and helpful. They are very proud of their country.

San José is the capital in the heart of the central valley. Approximately one million people live in the San José area which offers great museums, fine restaurants, and shopping centers. It is also the home of the Mercado Central (Central Market). Rolling green hills and mountains surround the central valley. The volcanic soil creates rich land for coffee plantations. Coffee is one of the main exports of the country. Many plantations offer tours and tasting rooms.

The northern region of the country includes rainforests, cloud forests, hot springs, and volcanoes. This area attracts visitors looking for wildlife and natural surroundings as well as active adventures such as windsurfing, hiking, and mountain biking.

The Pacific coast runs from Nicaragua to Panama. Here you can find the sunniest and most popular beaches. This area is home to two spectacular national parks, Manuel Antonio (central) and Corcovada (southern).

The Caribbean coast is less developed. Here you will find steamy rainforests and banana plantations. There are also fewer people living in this area of the country. Tortuguero National Park, known for nesting sea turtles, is accessible only by boat or small plane.

Contact Miami Air International to arrange air transportation for your large group travel to Costa Rica.