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Why Not Plan Now for Group Travel to Cuba?

by Admin 14. October 2015
Now that diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba are restored to their pre-Eisenhower status, more and more Americans are hoping to travel to this heretofore unvisited country. However, there are still limitations; for example, U.S. citizens are strictly forbidden to go solely for tourism. There are still a number of ways you can get cleared for a visa to visit, and getting a group together to fly via charter plane will facilitate travel even more. Approved activities for travel should show a clear benefit for Cubans and include: participating in an athletic event; conducting professional research; performing in a concert; humanitarian projects; or educational activities. Large group travel for any of these sanctioned travel reasons can save time spent in long customs lines and by staying in a private home (or "casa particular") and dining in privately owned restaurants (called "paladars"), you can ensure that your visit benefits local Cubans.

Keep in mind that U.S. credit cards are not accepted in Cuba, so plan to cash for exchange into Cuban pesos, and keep change on hand for tipping folks not usually encountered in the U.S., like restroom attendants. Internet access is not as ubiquitous as it is in the U.S., so be prepared to take a break from 24/7 wi-fi for the duration of your Cuban visit. Finally, your U.S. cell phone service won't follow you to Cuba, but you can purchase a Cuban SIM card at the airport or go old-school and use a landline to make calls from various hotels. 

For more information on how you can take a once-in-a-lifetime trip via private charter, contact Miami Air International today. Keep in mind, you can bring back $100 worth of Cuban cigars to impress your friends when you return stateside. To ensure authenticity, be sure you get a receipt! 

Five Things to Expect when you Charter a Flight through Miami Air International

by Robert 8. September 2015

Chartered flights are a travel option that many fail to consider when planning for the travel needs of a sports team, company business or educational trip. Choosing to charter a flight with Miami Air International is a great way to accommodate the travel needs of a larger group of people (typically defined as 50 or more) while enjoying the luxuries of personalized service. If you're considering chartering a flight here are five things you can count on experiencing. 

1) Personalized schedules: Perhaps the biggest perk of chartering a flight is the ability to choose your departure and arrival times. You're free from the concern of canceled flights and inconvenient flight schedules and able to set your travel schedule based solely on what is convenient for your group.

2) Luxurious amenities: Another significant perk of chartering your flight is the on-board luxuries that are available. From gourmet menus created by award-winning chefs to in-flight internet access and spacious, comfortable seating Miami Air International guarantees you'll travel in both style and comfort. 

3) Private, expedited boarding: One of the biggest frustrations of air travel is the amount of time spent checking, going through security, sitting in the airport, switching flights and waiting at baggage claim. With a chartered flight you will experience swift, private access through a separate terminal and be able to pick up your luggage as soon as you exit the plane. No lines, no waiting, no headaches. 

4) No luggage restrictions: Speaking of baggage, you can forget about weighing and measuring your bag or limiting yourself to one small suitcase and carry on. On chartered flights you are free to pack whatever you need that will fit on the aircraft!  

5) Wider selection of airport destinations: Since most chartered aircrafts are smaller they are suitable to use the runways at smaller airports - leaving you with a much wider array of departure and arrival destinations to choose from.

Contact us to discuss pricing, availability and booking for your charter flight. We look forward to making your travel efficient, comfortable and unforgettable! 

Miami Air: Premiere Booking For Your Sports Flights

by Robert 3. September 2015

 It is the first game of the season, your team has been preparing for this the entire off-season. Hopes are high, concentration is a must. The focus should entirely be on the game and nothing else. Here at Miami Air we understand you and we've got you covered with stress-free travel on your own jet.

Why fly with Miami Air International?
First, we are proud to state that we have been operating profitably for 23 years, we are debt free and we have $1 billion in liability insurance; providing you with the comfort and peace of mind knowing that we will always be there for you.

Second, we have completed level 4 of the FAA Safety Management System; providing you the latest and most comprehensive approach to safety available today.

Third, our Flight Operation Guarantee is unsurpassed. We guarantee that you will arrive at your destination when promised to you every single time. If a situation arises that causes our plane to be grounded we will get you in flight with another airline to ensure that you arrive on time for the big game.

Finally, we built our business with you in mind. Our planes charter groups from 68-168 people comfortably allowing us to provide flights to any team. We have planes parked at airports all over the United States and the world. We provide a Team Concierge for you updating all news in real-time. We provide de-icing at no additional charge. We provide you and your team with gourmet food that is designed for you specifically, either local comfort food or with sports nutrition in mind. 

Miami Air International also provides your team with the convenience off knowing that your aircraft will be held if your team is running late, and it will be held until you are ready to embark. 

Being sports fans ourselves, we know that every team starts the season with the hopes of making the playoffs. When you book a charter through us, we guarantee you aircraft for those very moments. We provide you with a pre-commitment of aircraft for the playoffs, meaning that you don't have to scramble for air travel at the last-minute; we take care of everything for you!

To learn more about chartering aircraft through us please visit our website.


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