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International Flights to Meet Your Business Needs

by Robert 31. May 2016

When planning a destination business meeting, or an incentive trip for your employees, having a chartered flight puts the trip at that next level. Chartering an international flight is easy with Miami Air International. Miami Air has a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, either with 68 business class seats or 168 coach seats. We can make an international flight easier for your business team because we can do direct flights to exotic locations.

What are some of the perks that Miami Air International can provide you with when planning a trip for your business?

  • You can select departure from any airport and arrival at any airport. 
  • Avoid security lines with expedited security screening.
  • Allow us to brand for your event with customized check-in, in-flight communication, and boarding card, and more.
  • Enjoy a no cancellation guarantee and no baggage fees.
  • Get to exotic locations for a lower price than major airlines.
  • Extend your event by having the plane to yourself.
  • Don't plan your trip around your flight, plan the flight into your trip schedule.

These are just some of the perks of having a chartered flight from Miami Air International. Our corporate meetings webpage provides more details on how you can customize the flight for your business team. You can also request a quote right there, providing the dates you need and the size of your group.

If you want more information on taking your business trip to the next level with a chartered flight, contact us today at Miami Air International. We have over 23 years of experience providing our customers with exactly what they need to make their trip a complete success.

Hire the Best Private Aircraft

by Admin 23. May 2016

If you are hiring a private aircraft, it means you desire to make an experience above and beyond the typical flying experience. In order to do so, you want to hire the best company that is going to do the most to accommodate your specific needs and make your flight experience one-of-a-kind. Whether your flight is for business or for personal needs, Miami Air International makes our customers needs our highest priority.

Below are some ideas of how Miami Air customizes our flights for varying charter flight needs. You will be able to see we are experts in the industry. One type of client we love to serve are sports teams, whether that is at the professional or college level. For our athlete clients, we ensure we are available for them despite the changes that can happen in a sports schedule. We know missing a game is not an option and we are completely committed to getting teams where they need to go—no matter what.

For our business clients, we provide numerous options for customization, including business logos at check-in and on boarding passes. We also accommodate for in-flight presentations so meetings can start as soon as passengers are boarded.

Miami Air also has decades of experience serving dignitaries, people from the entertainment industry, and other high-profile groups. We understand the importance of being attentive, but also respecting the privacy and security needs of our high-profile customers. We offer expedited security when we can use alternative airports or aircraft access.

As you can see, Miami Air International does our very best to serve our customers and meet each of their individualized needs. Contact us today to get a quote on a chartered flight.

Tackling the Logistical Nightmare of Corporate Travel

by Robert 19. May 2016

Anyone who's ever had to plan for employee's to attend a business convention, or fly from place to place for meetings, has heard the words "corporate travel" and cringed. And for understandable reasons. The logistical monster coordinating a large group of people creates, is one that requires almost Herculean fortitude to overcome.

Seamless travel from Point A to Point B, for a group of 68-168 people, is a feat naysayers would claim is close to, if not, impossible. Luckily for you, there is a way to prove them all wrong.

Affordable air charter is more accessible than you might think. When considering the time-saving benefits of chartering a private jet it becomes easy to see how it could fit into your budget. Wherever you're traveling to, the convenience aspect of choosing an airport where your group can meet, avoid check-in lines and all board the same plane together, is also financially beneficial. Time is money after all.

Aside from the obvious time-saving advantages of chartered air travel, there are additional benefits. For instance, you're able to change passenger manifests anytime before the flight, and upon arriving at their destination your group is given a dedicated baggage hold, making the search for luggage less of a guessing game. Should the group get delayed due to a company-related incident, travel will still be provided on another carrier, free of charge... No stressing about losing money on missed flights, or expensive fees for changing tickets.

For information on our fleet of jets and how you can reserve one, feel free to contact us. We're here to reinvent your idea of corporate travel.