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Fan flights: Chartering is the Super Bowl of air travel

by Karen 16. October 2012

Want to gather up a group of corporate employees for Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans? You’ll also want to consider Miami Air International chartered fan flights.

Better get busy, though. Although Super Sunday won’t be until February 3, 2013, there is the matter of having to compete with over 300,000 visitors who are expected to be in town and who will fill hotel rooms quickly. Also, plans are to move the Mardi Gras schedule of parades back one week, in what promises to be a congested and lively time down in the Big Easy.

Boeing 737 jet fan flights put your people “first and goal” with no penalties.

Why not gather up all your company fans and supporters and treat them to the “Super Bowl of flying experiences,” a chartered fan flight? Your corporate travel group’s “goal” is to get off the ground, have a pleasant and restful flight and to land refreshed and ready to enjoy the great American football spectacle that the Super Bowl has become. The “first” part is the role that our state-of-the art Boeing 737s have in putting service, safety and efficiency first.  For example:

  • The only tickets the passengers will need are for their Super Bowl seats.  No ticket agents or check-in delays are involved in chartered fan flights. We will do the boarding pass work and allow you to change the flight manifest as the situation changes.
  • The good time starts on the plane as your fans are greeted, seated, wined and dined in a truly first-class flying experience. Want your company logo on the seat covers or the flight attendant aprons? We can do that.
  • With about a 3,000-mile flying range (six hours) for our larger 737-800 jet, your corporate Super Bowl fans can anticipate a nonstop, delay-free hop from your home terminal to New Orleans.  No missed connections or delays at intermediate airports – ever.

Fan flights are fun and hassle-free.

Whether for the Super Bowl or an away game for your favorite gridiron team, fan flights bring and keep everyone together for a truly enjoyable and team-building corporate experience. Contact us for an estimate or more information on chartering a 737 and setting up a memorable fan flight.



An Air Charter Service That Fits All of Your Needs

by Karen 3. October 2012

     When choosing an air charter service, you may have many questions regarding the service you will receive and the overall experience.  We at Miami Air International are dedicated to making all of your travels enjoyable and memorable, whether they are for business or leisure.  There are a number of key features that set us apart from other airlines to ensure your satisfaction.  These features, which involve everything from flexibility to our team of experts who provide you with an amazing rapid response time, are why we have been so successful in the airline industry.

     Our flight options are very flexible and you can choose to fly either direct air charter or on-demand charter.  Most direct air charter flights are non-stop flights, so there is no need to worry about long hours of layovers in other cities.  In addition our on-demand charter flights have a large range of flexible options for boarding within the Caribbean, North America, South America and Europe.  The on-demand charter also allows us to arrive closer to the group's set origin, as opposed to a destination that is a long distance and drive to the origin. 

     Our team of customer service experts and our customer service tools simplify your flight and resolve any pending questions you may have.  You may call the flight tracking service for any updated information on your flight departing today or tomorrow.  In addition, you can plan your charter flight with ease using our charter checklist, which involves a large array of options including planning your charter, having your own Dedicated Customer Service coordinator, and access to all of the important forms you need prior to your departure.

     We at Miami Air International rely on rapid response service that is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of your flight.  Our charter flights are customized with movies, games or videos to play in-flight designed for your needs.  Our service is also guaranteed, so if there are any unfortunate delays, we will perform any or all of the necessary duties at no cost to you.  These duties include transportation on other carriers and complimentary amenities.  You safety and comfort are our top priorities and our dedication to excellent service reflects this.

     For more information about booking a charter flight, please, contact us or browse our website at:  http://www.miamiair.com.

Miami Air International’s 20th Anniversary

by Admin 12. September 2011

Miami Air International is proud to announce our 20th anniversary in business. For two decades, we have provided a level of safety and service that has exceeded the expectations of our customers and made us the number one choice for leading corporations, professional entertainers, major sports organizations, world governments, and more.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our fleet of Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-400 aircraft. The versatility of these state-of-the-art aircraft allows us to customize flight experiences for each of our customers down to minute details – everything from seat arrangements, to menu and bar selections.

We are also well respected for the level of safety at our airline. We were among the first airlines to voluntarily implement a Safety Management System (SMS) and we will be at a one to one-and-a-half year advantage over other airlines when SMS implementation becomes mandatory. In addition, we are certified by the FAA under stringent Part 121 Flag regulations. We also regularly receive positive marks by independent aviation experts, and Miami Air International always offer a “100% reliability guarantee” to our customers.

Our customers enjoy an impeccable level of service from Miami Air. Whether its aircraft commitments up to two years in advance of flight date, access to preferred airports, planeside boarding, or expedited passenger screening, our customers’ safety and comfort always come first. By providing only the finest customized in-flight experiences, we look forward to flying for the next 20 years and beyond!