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Meeting Travel: What’s Important to You and Your Team?

by Robert 24. October 2014

When it comes to meeting travel, what’s important to you? Based on the results of a July 2014 poll conducted by Meetings & Conventions magazine, business travel planners’ answers are likely to run the gamut. One of the things that many seem to look for in an air travel experience is the opportunity to catch up on their reading. They also apparently favor in-flight opportunities to watch movies, catch a few ZZZZs and finish up some office work. So what about you and your corporate warriors? Do you crave the same?

At Miami Air International, we’ve been assisting planners with charter flights to meeting travel destinations since the summer of 1990. And today, we consistently beat out every other U.S. carrier when it comes to landing at the most airfields per year. Thus, we know that meeting planners and business travelers are a diverse lot. That’s partially why our private charters are as unique and flexible as they people that reserve them.

Our luxurious fleet of planes is well equipped to accommodate avid readers, movie lovers and those that just want to stretch out and snooze. We’ve also got electrical outlets and spacious tables available for those that may want to bust out the laptops and tie up a few loose ends. But that’s far from the end of it. Our meeting travel services include opportunities for socializing at planeside or gate receptions, dining on gourmet foods and spoiling road warriors mercilessly.

How do we spoil them? In some situations, it involves resort check-in, departure gifts, branded souvenirs and personalized amenity kits. In others, we offer resource saving services like no cancellation guarantees, free baggage handling, complimentary name changes and the opportunity to hold a plane when needed. To learn more about those services and what else we can do to make meeting travel one of the best work experiences imaginable, please contact us.

Catch the Leaves at their Peak

by Karen 5. September 2013

If your group is looking for the perfect fall getaway, think no further than the leaf peeping season in New England. When you charter a private jet to take you there, you don’t have to worry about finding enough airline seats to accommodate everyone, and you can choose which of the various smaller New England airports you would prefer to fly into, rather than battling the Boston or New York traffic.

A getaway to New England during leaf peeping season allows you to truly experience autumn at its finest. With clear blue skies, a crisp hint of frost in the air, and roadside stands overflowing with large orange pumpkins, crisp fresh apples in dozens of colors and sizes, and fresh-pressed apple cider, there will be plenty to tempt your taste buds and camera lens as well as your eyes. When you go with a group, you have the chance to share these experiences with each other, and have plenty of stories to relive when winter sets in.

While New England is best known for its foliage, upstate New York and Pennsylvania also have spectacular fall color displays. Imagine your group, relaxed in Adirondack chairs and sipping glasses of wine as you gaze across a valley painted in bright shades of yellow, gold, red and green. If you have the time, you might even hop in your jet from one state to another, following the changing colors south over the course of a couple of weeks, and giving yourselves a chance to relax in each destination and get to know the area.

When utilizing a private jet rather than commercial air service, you can also change your travel plans as needed, in case the weather does not change as forecasted, and the leaf season is delayed. So contact us today to plan your group’s fall itinerary.

Great Educational Group Travel Destinations for the Summer

by Admin 20. June 2013

Summer is here, which for children means a welcome break from school. For professional educators, it means a chance to focus on furthering your own education, or just an opportunity to immerse yourselves in the rich tapestry of incredible museum offerings available.

When it comes to group travel, we envision groups of elite educators, and their friends and families, availing themselves of some of the great opportunities for further education with charter flights to destinations that allow you to focus on some of this country’s amazing, educational museum exhibits.

New York is always a prime destination for incredible cultural experiences. Of particular note are the following exhibits:

  • The Brooklyn Museum has an exhibit entitled "Workt by Hand": Hidden Labor and Historical Quilt, which showcases American and European quilts of exceptional quality and discusses “anonymity, authorship and collectivity,” which nicely dovetails with the group theme.
  • MOMA has an exhibit, Claes Oldenburg: The Street and The Store, that will help your group connect with New York City, as Oldenburg uses everyday objects to “create an immersive panorama of a gritty and bustling city.”
  • Another intriguing MOMA exhibit is Hand Signals: Digits, Fists, and Talons, which traces the amazing variety of uses to which hands are put in twentieth-century graphic art. This exhibit might jump-start teachers’ brains with inventive ideas for the use of their own hands, and those of their students, in creating new classroom graphic arts.

On the other side of the country, there are some great exhibits in San Francisco:

Are you ready for some amazing summer group travel? Contact us today to launch your educational summer tour.