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Motivation charters or travel: Charter a Boeing jet as your first leg.

by Karen 27. September 2012

Motivation charters or travel have become an important and fast-growing part of the airline charter industry. According to one senior vice president of a major travel service, “The current surge in incentive (travel) is unique because this economic downturn is a prime time for companies to nurture relationships with clients, employees, and vendors.” In fact, corporate incentive travel have become a major remedy to overwork and stress and the resulting costly absenteeism.

Upscale hotels are happy to oblige.

Major hotels like Marriott offer a full range of travel incentive programs. Whether the occasion is for awarding top sales people, showing customer appreciation or for an annual awards gala, incentive programs are what keep employee enthusiasm and motivation high. Hotel amenities, catering and meeting support make group motivation stays convenient and easy to arrange.

Speaking of “high”…

Moving your corporate group to the hotel location can be vastly simplified through a jet charter. From the moment your corporate leaders and their families board the charter, after having been expedited through airport security and hassle-free luggage check-in, the advantages of having a dedicated “private” jet become apparent. Superior in-flight service, company logos on serving napkins and seat backs, and really good food are the first steps in an incentive awards program that gets better and better as enthusiasm and organizational spirit builds.

On the ground…

If your jet charter is a Boeing 737-800, your flight has a range of six hours. Past that range, the flight must, of course, land for refueling, but the passengers stay onboard until reaching the final destination. After landing there are no luggage hassles. Everyone is refreshed and well fed and ready to sail away or take the elevator up to their well-deserved break and time of recognition for what they have contributed to your corporation.

Miami Air’s motivation aircraft charters are standing by.

Contact us and learn about our Boeing 737 charter air service. Let us be part of your corporation’s motivational assets in scheduling the best quality corporation group travel. 

Let Miami Air International be your "private" airline

by Karen 26. July 2012

Got a major corporate travel event on the horizon? Maybe you need to get a large group of managers, executives, clients or family members from starting point A to destination B.  You could opt for financing or centrally booking the commercial air transportation for all your travelers, whose needs and preferences could turn into an airline scheduling hassle, or you could go for the premier charter airline, Miami Air International.

Let Miami Air International be your company’s private, nonstop air service with our 172-passenger Boeing 737-800s and 68-passenger Boeing-737-400s. Of course, we can configure the seating to suit special or VIP arrangements. The idea here is to be able to get your group on one airplane with incomparable in-flight service and nonstop to the destination of your event.

We're all around!

Our airplanes are positioned all over the United States as well as overseas. That means we’re flexible, quick and we’re in it for the long haul. You want “your” airline to be first-rate in maintenance, safety and up to FAA specs. We are that and more. The FAA has rated us tops in all categories -- we’re six-year winners of the FAA’s Diamond Award of Excellence, and we meet the high maintenance and safety standards required by the Department of Defense. 

Manifest flexibility and passenger accounting 

We don’t sell tickets but we do allow unlimited changes to your passenger manifest. We don’t charge $100 for luggage and we actually feed your party customized, first-class, delicious cuisine to make their travel experience memorably first rate. 

Over 21 years in the chartering business 

Founded in 1990, we have been the airline of choice for professional sports teams, educational and student groups, Fortune 500 Companies, the United States Government and more.  Our signature services include bypassing traditional airport check-in and boarding, and for selected flights we can offer security screening right at the aircraft ramp. We can even provide your company logo placement on headrest covers for the seats, cups and napkins in-flight, and make the flight experience truly first class and memorable. 

Come on and fly with us!

We’re standing by with an array of unlimited destinations with both direct and on-demand charters to meet any travel needs. Check out our corporate video link at the bottom of the home page and contact us for a press kit or any other information you need in your decision to use Miami Air International's premier charter service.