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Help Your Team Escape the Summer Weather

by Karen 18. June 2013

Whether its heat, tornadoes, or drought, summer is indeed here, and the weather can be brutal. Tornado worries can distract staff, while heat and humidity can make your employees lethargic, thus slowing productivity. It’s time for a change, and Miami Air International can get you there in comfort and style.

One good way to rejuvenate your staff is with a team adventure. According to a whitepaper published by Destination Meetings, meeting planners are recognizing that companies increasingly desire activity and adventure in their team building activities. This is in part due to an interest in the local attractions available in the locations where those teams are sent for their business “retreats” or workshop meetings.

So use Charter Airlines to take your team someplace cool and invigorating this summer. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Rocky Mountains are full of luxurious hotels with modern business and convention amenities. You can choose a ranch option, complete with horse riding and cattle herding, or a spa setting to pamper your employees after an active day of assisting with local trail building activities. The cool mountain breezes will stimulate your team’s appetite for new ideas as well as the healthy mountain cuisine.
  • Alaska is at its most breathtaking in summer, as the valleys are covered in blankets of flowers while snow covered mountains loom overhead. Amazing river rafting and fishing, and mountain hiking and biking experiences, will bond your team, while Alaska’s wild frontiers will inspire them to embrace the new viewpoints and challenges facing your company.
  • Canada is also cooler at this time of year, and has 60% of the world’s lakes within its borders. Those evening lake breezes can cool your team after a day of activity on the water, as they partake of delectable local delicacies and plot innovative new steps for your organization.

So contact us today and let us whisk your team away to a cooler climate and an invigorating new perspective on your work.

A Charter Airline That Helps You Build Corporate Unity

by Karen 4. February 2013

You have a wonderful vision for the coming year for your business.  For weeks, or maybe even months, your mind has been racing with ideas that you're sure are going to be more profitable for your company.  Perhaps you're getting ready to launch a new campaign or a new business logo.  These are exciting times, and you want everyone to be on board with the changes you're making.

The problem many corporations face when new ideas or concepts strike is the difficulty of getting everyone in your company on the same page.  Quite often, corporate meetings are planned specifically for this purpose.  

Miami Air International wants you to know that we're on your side.  Not only can we provide your group with a corporate flight to get you to your meeting destination (regardless of where it is in the world), but we're also able to help you create unity within your group of executives and employees before you even get the meeting started.

Aside from our flexibility and excellent service, which are second to none in our industry, we can proudly display your new company logo in many different places during the flight.  Using these services, you'll be able to watch your group come together as one, unified under the umbrella of your company brand.  The options are endless.  We can print your company logo on the cups your employees drink from during the flight.  We can also add custom-designed headrest covers on the back of every seat in the plane.  We're even able to produce your company logo for the aprons our flight attendants wear in-flight.  

When you travel with Miami Air International, your needs become our goals.  It's our pleasure to provide you with all the tools you need to start off your new vision for your company on the right foot.  We're committed to your satisfaction, and ultimately, we're also committed to your success.

For more information on using a charter airline service for your next business trip, contact us today.

An Air Charter Service That Fits All of Your Needs

by Karen 3. October 2012

     When choosing an air charter service, you may have many questions regarding the service you will receive and the overall experience.  We at Miami Air International are dedicated to making all of your travels enjoyable and memorable, whether they are for business or leisure.  There are a number of key features that set us apart from other airlines to ensure your satisfaction.  These features, which involve everything from flexibility to our team of experts who provide you with an amazing rapid response time, are why we have been so successful in the airline industry.

     Our flight options are very flexible and you can choose to fly either direct air charter or on-demand charter.  Most direct air charter flights are non-stop flights, so there is no need to worry about long hours of layovers in other cities.  In addition our on-demand charter flights have a large range of flexible options for boarding within the Caribbean, North America, South America and Europe.  The on-demand charter also allows us to arrive closer to the group's set origin, as opposed to a destination that is a long distance and drive to the origin. 

     Our team of customer service experts and our customer service tools simplify your flight and resolve any pending questions you may have.  You may call the flight tracking service for any updated information on your flight departing today or tomorrow.  In addition, you can plan your charter flight with ease using our charter checklist, which involves a large array of options including planning your charter, having your own Dedicated Customer Service coordinator, and access to all of the important forms you need prior to your departure.

     We at Miami Air International rely on rapid response service that is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of your flight.  Our charter flights are customized with movies, games or videos to play in-flight designed for your needs.  Our service is also guaranteed, so if there are any unfortunate delays, we will perform any or all of the necessary duties at no cost to you.  These duties include transportation on other carriers and complimentary amenities.  You safety and comfort are our top priorities and our dedication to excellent service reflects this.

     For more information about booking a charter flight, please, contact us or browse our website at:  http://www.miamiair.com.