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Miami Air International Leads the Industry While Advancing to Final Level of FAA Safety Management System Implementation. How important is this designation and what does it mean for charter travel?

by Karen 29. May 2013

SMS Implementation

Safety Management System (SMS) refers to an FAA pilot program that takes a systematic business approach to managing safety and achieving acceptable levels of safety risk. The approach is not only becoming the standard model for aviation safety. It is being used in other areas such as quality, occupational health and security. SMS examines the following four main components.

  1. Policy: Solidifies senior management's commitment to safety through clearly defined methods, processes and organizational structure.
  2. Risk Management: Assesses the need for or adequacy of risk controls.
  3. Safety Assurance: Reviews and evaluates established risk control strategies and identifies new risks.
  4. Safety Promotion: Includes tangible methods of creating a positive safety culture, including training and communication, across all levels of employees.

SMS is globally recognized for its effectiveness by organizations including the Joint Planning and Development Office, International Civil Aviation Organization and civil aviation authorities. 

Miami Air's Designation

How did Miami Air do with their SMS implementation? Out of the 90 participants in the program, we were one of only six airlines to reach level four of implementation. Plus, we were the first carrier in the charter airline industry to reach the top tier designation. Miami air achieved level four through an effective overall safety orientation and commitment, displaying top level safety planning and organization strategies, and meeting and exceeding those strategies for reactive, proactive and predictive safety processes. In the words of Miami Air CEO Jim Proia, we are "gratified by the phenomenal teamwork and commitment of all our employees to maintain the highest level of vigilance and focus on safety." 

Miami Air realizes that aviation safety is not stagnant. It's about continually striving to be better. SMS implementation lays the foundation for continuous safety improvement. The framework requires an organization to routinely examine its operations and the decisions around those operations, creating a safety culture throughout the company. Our clients can fly with Miami Air in confidence, knowing every precaution has been taken to ensure a safe trip. Contact us to book your group's next charter flight.


Get out of the corporate rut with early summer charter flights to Jackson Hole

by Karen 2. May 2013

There’s no place like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for corporate getaways, conferences, or just recharging the batteries. As the winter cobwebs dissipate and the snow melts from the breathtaking Wyoming mountain landscapes, Jackson Hole offers an unequaled venue for conferences, outdoor activities and side trips to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.

In planning your upcoming early summer getaway, you should seriously consider corporate charter flights

Here are some very good reasons:

  • One reservation covers everyone. Busy executives and managers typically delegate making commercial travel arrangements to their support staff. One reservation requires either a phone call or a web search that results in a maddening array of options involving costs, takeoff times, connections and return travel, which may or may not be on the same carrier. All that aggravation and duplication of effort goes away with a single charter flight arrangement.
  • Next stop: Jackson Hole.  That next stop is really your only stop, even if your flight originates from somewhere that normally requires commercial connections to a major flight hub.
  • On board service is far above commercial standards. Just as Jackson Hole offers a wide variety of great conferencing services, your charter flight can be tailored to your travelers’ preferences.  Seating, catered meals and inclusion of you corporate logo on napkins and seat backs all add a VIP touch that promotes just the bonding and team spirit that motivated the journey to Jackson Hole in the first place.
  • Relaxation and worry-free logistics lower stress and work for everyone. Your travelers’ charter flight experience begins with bypassing the usual hassles of the ticket counter, luggage check-in charges and long lines at security. You have the flexibility of last-minute changes or additions to the passenger manifest without the re-ticketing fees. Likewise, do not look for extra luggage charges. The entire luggage hold of the aircraft is dedicated to your charter.
  • One reservation means no travel reimbursement claims processing. When the trip is finished and your travelers return sundrenched and recharged from their Jackson Hole experience, your finance people can likewise relax. There are no meal, transportation and ticketing advances or claims to deal with.  You are a hero and are basking in the glow of your wise choice: a charter flight.

Whether you need a charter flight to Jackson Hole or the LA Basin, contact us.  Our modern Boeing jets are at your service. 

Charter flights must meet rigorous FAA rules and DOD Standards

by Admin 18. April 2013

The FAA has much to say about charter flights

Although not the most exciting reading material, 14 CFR Part 121 of the FAA’s governing regulations hold large charter carriers to the same standards as the large domestic airlines. Entitled “Operating Requirements: Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Operations” these rules cover “air carriers flying for compensation or hire” within the United States or any of its territories or possessions.

For every job there is to do, someone must be designated to do it

The FAA requires Part 121 operators to hire aviation experts, who have the following roles in their organization:

  • Safety Director
  • Operations Director
  • Maintenance Director
  • Chief Pilot
  • Chief Inspector

With 23 subparts to this section, two (subparts J and L) are of most concern to charter customers and both cover maintenance and airworthiness of the charter jets:

  • Subpart J, among other things, covers the natty-gritty aircraft maintenance and mechanical rules.
  • Subpart L also requires a detailed operational manual with a maintenance organizational chart, list of inspectors, company maintenance procedures and policies and a systematic way to “preserve and retrieve maintenance and inspection-related information.”

Chartering for the DOD

The Defense Department is a frequent customer of charter companies. The DOD “expects an air carrier … to engage in quality programs  ... that not only ensure good service but enhance safety, operational, and maintenance standards...”

DOD requirements include:

  • An effective internal flight safety audit system
  • Flight operations that reflect up-to-date procedures and are supported by the best management and professional crew operations and hiring
  • Aircrew hiring and training practices that screen employees, monitor their physical status and promote skills that avoid mishaps and improve safety.
  • A maintenance philosophy that adheres to the overall priority that, despite operational and scheduling pressures, “the airplane must be airworthy prior to flight” and that “passenger and employee safety is a paramount management concern.
  • A maintenance infrastructure with the right mix of employees, quality assurance, inspection and training, documentation as well as clean and well-maintained facilities.

Miami Air International is FAA 121 certified and DOD approved

We are right up there with the major scheduled airlines with our FAA and DOD certifications. Miami Air International’s operational, safety and maintenance programs have passed many independent safety audits with flying colors. Charter one of our Boeing 737s for your group and know that you’re hiring the best and safest. Contact us for a quote request. Tell us what you need, and we’ll be back to you within 24 hours.