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Charter jets simplify complex corporate travel

by Admin 6. September 2012

Long before the days of complex corporate travel Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) advised, “Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify!”  While Thoreau’s advice might not apply to all the complexities of modern corporate operations, when it comes to planning and executing corporate travel plans, booking a charter flight can simplify things significantly:

1. Simplify the booking.

Charter air bookings for large groups of corporate travelers bring everything under the umbrella of nonstop travel convenience. Imagine the timesaving of a charter air conference trip for, say, 150 executives to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Instead of 150 assistants working with 150 travel agents, corporate headquarters simply gathers up a passenger manifest. The passenger manifest becomes the conference hotel reservation listing. Since everything begins where the travelers gather for boarding the charter flight, the whole trip just goes smoother.

2. Simplify the connections.

In our dream conference to scenic Jackson Hole, a charter flight guarantees a simpler one-stop connection. The commercial alternative for anywhere east of Chicago/Atlanta or West of Salt Lake City requires connections on flights with limited frequencies. On a charter flight, your passengers’ board at the point of origin and stay with the nonstop flight until the final destination for convenient luggage pickup and bus transport to the hotel.

3. Simplify passenger accounting and expense accounts.

Charter jet travel involves flexible passenger accounting and last-minute manifest changes. There will be no ticket-change or cancellation fees, lost luggage headaches, or missed connections.  When the great Jackson Hole experience is over, individual post-conference travel expense claims and reimbursements are likewise simplified: there will be none!

Miami Air International charter flights add convenience and great service to the mix.

Turn the details of your corporate travel challenges over to us. Our aircraft have 172 coach or 68 business class seats for the very best accommodations on a nonstop flight. We simplify the accounting and passenger processing. We provide direct connections to just about anywhere in the United States and beyond. Contact us for a quote or other information. View our corporate video and get to know Miami Air International and our services.

Why use a private charter for meeting travel?

by Karen 27. August 2012

That important conference, conclave or meeting looms on your corporate planning calendar and it will be in Las Vegas. Your company headquarters is in Chicago, but your have regional reps going and need to gather them at your corporate headquarters for a pre-meeting for strategy and coordination. When that first meeting is passed and everyone is on the same page, consider a private charter for that upcoming meeting travel to Las Vegas.

Starting off on a positive note

The enthusiasm that comes almost as a holiday spirit as your reps enjoy the sights and experience of Chicago gets your event off to a great start. Armed with their agenda and conference notes, your reps begin a sort of re-bonding process that comes with common goals and reemphasizing the company mission.

Keeping your team together

Rather than adjourning to reconvene in Las Vegas separately, booking a charter flight is the better alternative. Your logistical staff keeps everyone together as the excitement builds. With no distracting time and schedule constraints, your reps become even more creative and innovative and the phenomenon of the whole being more than the sum of its parts take over the group dynamics from the outset.

Making the team travel experience first class

As your group boards the private charter service, which has thoughtfully included your company logo on seatback covers and paper napkins, your reps feel proud to belong to such a first-class outfit and settle in comfortably. Rather than just a bag of salted peanuts, the food is actually restaurant quality and the snacks and drinks are plentiful. Your In-flight coordinator is available to discuss the customized meal preferences for your charter flight in advance.

During the flight, everyone settles back and relaxes as they read and discuss the company literature pertaining to the upcoming conference. The white papers, agenda your Board of Directors wants to push are beginning to sink into the psyche and “corporate memory” of your group. Everyone, at last, is focused on what needs to be accomplished during the upcoming meeting.

On the ground and ready to work

The flight was smooth, and the service was great. Your reps are shuttled to their hotel rooms with their luggage that was diverted directly to your bus transportation (no standing by those slowly moving airport carousels for your reps!).  They arrive at the hotel refreshed and energized and ready for a successful meeting or conference.

The above Las Vegas scenario is no gamble.

The hypothetical meeting travel scenario alluded to above is neither unrealistic nor far from the realm of reality. At Miami Air International we specialize in making your flight a memorable experience and our clients love our service. Contact us for a quote request, or fill out our contact form if it is more convenient for us to contact you.

172 Seat Aircraft Stylishly Conveys Passengers to Work or Play

by Karen 2. August 2012

Travel has created many a weary traveler; consequently, most think of the destination as being the desirable aspect, not the transportation to the locale. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, our 172 Seat Aircraft will deliver you in the comfort and style that makes the journey itself a pleasurable aspect. You and your party will be certain to travel with ease in either our Boeing 737-800 with 172 coach seats or our Boeing 737-400 with 68 first class seats.

Everyone at Miami Air International is committed to providing you with an individually designed charter flight to meet your needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur who needs to fly his/her entire team to an industry conference in San Francisco or you are a travel agent in charge of booking the flight specifics for a local travel group, you can rest assured that Miami Air International will give your travel plans the utmost care. We offer a series of signature options that provide our flight guests with a premier travel experience. These signature services may allow you: to bypass the traditional check-in for plane side check-in, to have your company's or group's logo proudly displayed on the headrests or the dinner service, to choose from a vast array of menu choices that may be selected from our preset menus or designed with one of our culinary coordinators, to select a celebratory boarding drink such as a Mimosa or glass of champagne accompanied by a detailed list of other fine in-flight liquors, and to utilize our drop down screens to satisfy your entertainment needs.

We take the greatest pride in providing your group with the best flight experience possible. As noted by our FAA certification, your safety is our utmost concern, but we are just as committed to the little details that make your trip the most enjoyable ever. Please contact us today so you are assured that your group will travel in style.