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A Charter Airline That Helps You Build Corporate Unity

by Karen 4. February 2013

You have a wonderful vision for the coming year for your business.  For weeks, or maybe even months, your mind has been racing with ideas that you're sure are going to be more profitable for your company.  Perhaps you're getting ready to launch a new campaign or a new business logo.  These are exciting times, and you want everyone to be on board with the changes you're making.

The problem many corporations face when new ideas or concepts strike is the difficulty of getting everyone in your company on the same page.  Quite often, corporate meetings are planned specifically for this purpose.  

Miami Air International wants you to know that we're on your side.  Not only can we provide your group with a corporate flight to get you to your meeting destination (regardless of where it is in the world), but we're also able to help you create unity within your group of executives and employees before you even get the meeting started.

Aside from our flexibility and excellent service, which are second to none in our industry, we can proudly display your new company logo in many different places during the flight.  Using these services, you'll be able to watch your group come together as one, unified under the umbrella of your company brand.  The options are endless.  We can print your company logo on the cups your employees drink from during the flight.  We can also add custom-designed headrest covers on the back of every seat in the plane.  We're even able to produce your company logo for the aprons our flight attendants wear in-flight.  

When you travel with Miami Air International, your needs become our goals.  It's our pleasure to provide you with all the tools you need to start off your new vision for your company on the right foot.  We're committed to your satisfaction, and ultimately, we're also committed to your success.

For more information on using a charter airline service for your next business trip, contact us today.

Why do businesses charter private planes? 2012 Air Travel Consumer Report has the answer

by Karen 28. January 2013

According to the Air Travel Consumer Report, between October 2011 and October 2012, American Airlines experienced delays in 32% of their flights. 10% of the delays were the fault of the airline. That’s 4150 delayed flights and countless passengers stuck on runways. Frontier Airlines experienced tarmac delays of over 2 hours 16 times, as did United Airlines.

Smart businesses charter private planes to save money, but it’s about much more than how much one method of air travel costs as opposed to another. Paying multiple employees to sit on a runway after they’ve spent three hours in an airport going through various check in procedures isn’t the best use of company resources. Delayed flights can cause passengers to miss connecting flights too, which causes a whole new round of headaches. A charter flight will tailor their schedule to the needs of the company, and rarely experience a delay. With the option of landing and departing from more than 7000 airports worldwide, the convenience of a direct flight is a welcome change to a long layover and multiple delays. Large commercial airlines only travel to about 250 large airports, so delays can leave employees stranded during a layover.

The Air Travel Consumer Report also states that during September, October and November of 2012 well over 50% of Southwest Airline’s flights were delayed more than 30 minutes. American Airlines, Expressjet, and Skywest Airlines all made the list of the chronically late, as well.

The Air Travel Consumer Report is published online by the end of the second week of each month and is based on data collected by the Department’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics. You can find it at http://www.dot.gov/airconsumer.

For more information on how your employees can travel in comfort and safety from airports worldwide by chartering our 172 seat Boeing 737-800 or our 68 seat Boeing 737-400, please contact us.

Say "aloha" to warm weather and a great pro football exhibition.

by Admin 3. January 2013

Pro football fans from the wintery climes of Denver and New England will be glad to hear that quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are currently ranking numbers one and two as the AFC starters for the upcoming 2013 Pro Bowl in Honolulu’s Aloha Stadium. This annual NFL all-star gala is the perfect winter getaway and an ideal destination for chartered fan flights to Hawaii’s resort capital.

It's a really big deal for Hawaii tourism.

The Pro Bowl is scheduled for Sunday, January 27, 2013, and features all-stars from the American and National Football Conferences.  The upcoming 33rd Pro Bowl continues to be an exciting tourist draw. According to Honolulu’s Mayor Peter Carlisle:

 "There is electricity in the air when the Pro Bowl is approaching and the festive atmosphere continues even after the game as people stay here to enjoy our beautiful island home. The Pro Bowl has long had the support of the city and county of Honolulu."   

Chartered fan flights beat commercial air by more than a touchdown. 

So the Pro bowl is an ideal opportunity for a corporate (or other large group) Miami Air International charted fan flight.  Anyone who has ever flown commercial air to Honolulu will appreciate the heightened convenience and enhanced service of chartered flight; to wit:

  • A nonstop fan flight to Honolulu with no connecting hassles or wait time. The 737 jet might need to make a refueling stop before the five-hour over-the-Pacific flight to Hawaii, but the passengers stay with the airplane.
  • Expedited passage through airport security as passengers are screened immediately before boarding their charted fan flight.
  • No luggage piece restrictions, problems or worries. Everything the fans bring with them goes right to the aircraft hold.
  • Quality service during the flight: drinks, snacks, and meal service on board. Every Miami Air International charter flight provides first-class service tailored to the menu preferences of your corporate group or fans.

So whether you need a fan flight or want to arrange group travel for a corporate event in Hawaii (or anywhere else, actually), contact us and we’ll work out the details that will result in an absolutely memorable travel experience.