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Getting There Can Be Half the Fun With a Private Plane

by Admin 29. May 2015

In today’s hectic world, when it comes to traveling, getting there is no longer half the fun. Between long lines at airport security and over crowded airplanes, there is always something to leave you feeling hassled and stressed. You probably get aggravated every time you think about all of the additional fees for things like additional baggage and choosing your seat before you arrive at the airport. Next time you plan a trip for a large group, restore the fun to travel by flying on a Miami Air International charter flight. Here are a few of the benefits.

Fly on Your Schedule: With a private flight, you get to decide on the best times for your group to leave and arrive at your destination. You will not need to worry about delayed flights when another passenger’s connecting flight arrives late. All of the normal things that cause your flight to be late will not apply when you charter a private plane.

Avoid Layovers in Cities You Do Not Need to Visit: Airlines have continued to limit non-stop flights. Unless you live in a hub city and plan to travel to another major metropolitan area, you will end up stopping in Texas or North Carolina. These stops add to the possibilities of delays and other travel issues.

Avoid Lines and Other Passengers: With a private flight, you will not need to spend hours waiting at a security line. Once you board your charter flight, you will not have to compete with other passengers for the available leg room and armrest. You will have all the space you need and a plane dedicated to your group

At Miami Air International, we are ready to provide you and your group with the service you deserve. We will work closely with you to make sure everything runs smoothly and getting there becomes half the fun again. Contact us today.

Time for a Charter Flight Before Your Big Meeting

by Robert 29. May 2015

When you are going out-of-town for a big meeting for your company or a big sales pitch, you most likely will be taking your best employees along with you. Much planning and hard work has gone into organizing the meeting or sales pitch, so you do not want anything to go wrong at the last minute. This is the perfect time to consider the advantages of a private charter flight for your next out-of-town meeting. These advantages include:

Arrive in Plenty of Time – By choosing a private charter to get to your next business meeting, you will make sure you are traveling on your schedule not the airline’s schedule. Selecting the best time to leave and how much built-in time you want to have after you arrive is one of the best advantages of choosing a private flight for you and your team.

Low Stress – In today’s modern world, airline travel has become a bit of a nightmare with long wait lines at security, bustling terminals and crowded airplanes. When you fly commercial, you arrive at your final destination one large bundle of nerves. You need to add in extra time to unwind before meeting with your clients. With a charter flight, you leave the plane feeling calm and relaxed.

The Chance to Go Over Meeting Notes and Review the Sales Pitch – When you choose a private charter flight, you will have plenty of space to review your meeting notes and presentation materials. You can even take the time for each member of the team to present their portion of the sales pitch to see if you need to make any last minute changes and ensure everyone knows what they should be doing during the meeting.

At Miami Air International, we can get you and your team to your next big meeting or sales pitch well rested and on time. It will help you get the job done in style. Contact us today to learn more.

Exclusive Air Charters to the Caribbean: Spotlight on Jamaica

by Robert 27. March 2015

Can you here the tinkle of the ice cubes hitting the glass and the unmistakable sound of steel drums bouncing off of the swaying palm trees? There is also that smell of aromatic, tropical cuisine floating through the warm, salty air. Do you know where you are yet? Yes, it’s the popular Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Its 4,200-square miles make the tropical paradise literally one of the biggest destinations in the Caribbean, not to mention the Greater Antilles. Fly there with your group aboard exclusive air charters and experience it for yourselves.

Sip glasses of top-shelf, Jamaican rum in-flight and when you touch down, be sure to check out the island’s celebrated distilleries. On the list of “must stops” is Appleton Estates. They’ve been producing some of the finest amber rum this side of the equator since 1749. Take their rum tour and walk away with a beautiful, cork finished, wooden box filled with their best offerings.

Another stop to put on your group’s tour list is Blackwell Rum. It’s made by a family with deep ties to the island’s rum heritage and Jamaican reggae. Plus, their bottles look like something that Calico Jack and the other pirates would have carried around Port Royal in the 17th Century. You don’t get more authentic Caribbean than that my friends!

When you’re finished chasing down the world’s best rum, sample Jamaica’s best cuisine at places like Lyming at Walkerswood, Bloomfield Great House and Cardiff Hall. Then take in the island’s rich nightlife, including an after-hours reggae concert. It would pair perfectly with a trip to the Bob Marley Museum and music recording studio tours. You’ll typically find them on offer in the exciting City of Kingston.

To learn more about exclusive air charters to Jamaica and make plans to get your beach sandals on, please contact us today. We can customize year round flights to Jamaica with premium, unique  amenities that will leave you and your group awestruck.