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Consider Costa Rica for Your Group Travel

by Robert 13. July 2015

Costa Rica is an excellent choice for large group travel. From the San José area in the central valley, to the mountains and volcanoes, or the beaches of either the Pacific or Caribbean Oceans, there is something for every member of your group.

The national slogan is, "pura vida," literally translated as “pure life,” which also describes the country and its people. Costa Rica is a very biologically diverse country with a significant emphasis on environmental protection visible throughout the country. The "ticos," or native people, are very welcoming and helpful. They are very proud of their country.

San José is the capital in the heart of the central valley. Approximately one million people live in the San José area which offers great museums, fine restaurants, and shopping centers. It is also the home of the Mercado Central (Central Market). Rolling green hills and mountains surround the central valley. The volcanic soil creates rich land for coffee plantations. Coffee is one of the main exports of the country. Many plantations offer tours and tasting rooms.

The northern region of the country includes rainforests, cloud forests, hot springs, and volcanoes. This area attracts visitors looking for wildlife and natural surroundings as well as active adventures such as windsurfing, hiking, and mountain biking.

The Pacific coast runs from Nicaragua to Panama. Here you can find the sunniest and most popular beaches. This area is home to two spectacular national parks, Manuel Antonio (central) and Corcovada (southern).

The Caribbean coast is less developed. Here you will find steamy rainforests and banana plantations. There are also fewer people living in this area of the country. Tortuguero National Park, known for nesting sea turtles, is accessible only by boat or small plane.

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Avoid the Chaos of the Big Airlines with Charter Flights

by Robert 29. June 2015

Big, well-known airlines can take passengers almost anywhere, but there are many downsides when it comes to transporting a large group. Each person must get his or her own ticket, wait for hours at an airport, and go through a huge security-check line before boarding a plane. Once aboard, the group won't have the whole plane to itself, so communication is limited.

One of the easiest ways to avoid these problems is to charter a flight. A chartered plane from Miami Air can take you from one airport to another in a way that is far more relaxing and stylish than the typical public flight. You won't have to worry about schedules because we travel on the schedule you set. There's also no need to use one of the huge, overcrowded airports when using our planes. We'll come to whichever airport you specify as long as it has runways suitable for our aircraft.

Even better, you'll have plenty of opportunities to use the flight time for either productive or fun activities. Since you'll have the whole plane to yourselves, you can set up presentations, have meetings where people in the front talk to people way in the back, and even run team-building activities. Our staff can even host your events for you, both on the plane and at the airport.

Finally, there's no need to make Miami part of your itinerary to use our service. Even though our corporate headquarters are based there, we can go between any two airports in the world that can handle our 68-seat and 168-seat planes.

Don't put up with the long lines and chaos of the big airlines and giant airports for your next corporate gathering. Contact us to set up a charter flight that is truly fitting for a successful company like yours.

Two Caribbean Destinations for Summer Meeting Travel

by Admin 25. June 2015

Summertime remains the best time of the year for meeting travel. Your employees aren't busy with a crazy amount of holiday activities, nor do those with children have to worry about getting their kids to and from school. Consider planning a meeting in Aruba or San Juan, two of the Caribbean's most picturesque islands. Both offer a wide array of activities and attractions to complement your meeting schedule.

Located of the coast of Venezuela, Aruba's white, sandy beaches and happening nightlife offer a nice respite from everyday life. When you aren't conducting business head to Aruba's famous Palm Beach to soak up the tropical sun. After a long day of meetings and relaxing on the beach, head to one of the island's many casinos. Aruba is the location for seeking out water activities; visitors can snorkel and dive to see the Antilla, one of the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean. Consider renting motorcycles or scooters to explore the lighthouses and old Dutch windmills scattered around the island.

Puerto Rico
If your summer meeting travel takes you to Puerto Rico, you will also find nice beaches and opportunities for water-sports. However, your visit must include spending time in Old San Juan. This historic part of San Juan's capital has quaint little shops, eateries and bars to explore. After taking care of business, consider a trip to the Bacardi Rum Factory or taking a trek through Puerto Rico's rainforest, El Yunque. Puerto Rico's famous Condado Beach offers a wide array of business friendly resorts and hotels with meeting rooms.





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