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Corporate charter travel on first class aircraft: the ideal group travel solution

by Admin 19. October 2012

Miami Air International's Boeing 737-400 is truly the first class Aircraft choice and the ideal group travel solution for any corporate travel destination. Essentially an “up-sized” executive jet for larger groups (68 seats), the Boeing 737-400 is configured for convenient, nonstop travel and is the very best choice for customized VIP and corporate executive travel.

First-class charter air advantages

Travel arrangements and group coordination – Chartering one aircraft, as opposed to arranging travel and transportation for 68 travelers is the first and obvious advantage of chartering a VIP jet.  Add to that the residual work-savings involved with not having to process travel and expense vouchers after the trip is over, and your accounting folks can be off doing something more productive.

Nonstop travel – With a range of slightly under 3,000 miles (about five hours air time); the Boeing 737-400 can accommodate a large group within a large travel radius. Even beyond that range -- the 737-400 is certified for over-the-water- travel -- fuel stops are short.  Passengers stay on board and are airborne again quickly.  Travel connection problems, mishandled luggage, etc., will not jeopardize the success of the travel event.

The in-flight experience – The travel experience on the Boeing 737-400 first class aircraft becomes more than a means to the end destination. The plush seating, low noise and personalized china meal service make for an incomparable travel experience. Want to do some pre-event planning and group conferencing? The 737-400 first class aircraft is configured with club seating and will accommodate laptop and personal entertainment devices.

The Service Advantage - First-class charter air passengers in some instances can avoid the inconvenience and delays of airport check-in and boarding. They bypass the normally lengthy process of airport security screening, which is done on the ramp. Once onboard, the passengers will quickly notice the company logo on seat headrest covers.  Meal service ranges from preset menus of fine food or from approved restaurant vendors. Beverage selections (fine wines, cocktails, cordials, etc.) “Seal the deal” and buoy everyone’s spirits in anticipating the upcoming first-class travel experience.

Include first-class charter air travel in your upcoming event planning.

Miami Air International is standing by to be your own corporate private jet for VIP travel.  Visit our home page and navigate to our checklist for planning your charter.  Need some personalized travel planning help? Contact us or, if it is more convenient, we can contact you. Just fill out the simple contact form and take the first step in beginning a new first-class travel experience with Miami Air International. 

An Air Charter Service That Fits All of Your Needs

by Karen 3. October 2012

     When choosing an air charter service, you may have many questions regarding the service you will receive and the overall experience.  We at Miami Air International are dedicated to making all of your travels enjoyable and memorable, whether they are for business or leisure.  There are a number of key features that set us apart from other airlines to ensure your satisfaction.  These features, which involve everything from flexibility to our team of experts who provide you with an amazing rapid response time, are why we have been so successful in the airline industry.

     Our flight options are very flexible and you can choose to fly either direct air charter or on-demand charter.  Most direct air charter flights are non-stop flights, so there is no need to worry about long hours of layovers in other cities.  In addition our on-demand charter flights have a large range of flexible options for boarding within the Caribbean, North America, South America and Europe.  The on-demand charter also allows us to arrive closer to the group's set origin, as opposed to a destination that is a long distance and drive to the origin. 

     Our team of customer service experts and our customer service tools simplify your flight and resolve any pending questions you may have.  You may call the flight tracking service for any updated information on your flight departing today or tomorrow.  In addition, you can plan your charter flight with ease using our charter checklist, which involves a large array of options including planning your charter, having your own Dedicated Customer Service coordinator, and access to all of the important forms you need prior to your departure.

     We at Miami Air International rely on rapid response service that is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of your flight.  Our charter flights are customized with movies, games or videos to play in-flight designed for your needs.  Our service is also guaranteed, so if there are any unfortunate delays, we will perform any or all of the necessary duties at no cost to you.  These duties include transportation on other carriers and complimentary amenities.  You safety and comfort are our top priorities and our dedication to excellent service reflects this.

     For more information about booking a charter flight, please, contact us or browse our website at:  http://www.miamiair.com.

The Differences between the Boeing 737-400 and 737-800

by Admin 1. September 2011

The Miami Air International fleet is composed of two different types of aircraft. We have two Boeing 737-400s and seven 737-800s. Knowing the differences between these aircraft can help you make the best choice that will suit you and your travel party.

Our smaller aircraft, the Boeing 737-400, are all 100% 1st class. As such, they feature 68 plush leather seats with lustrous wood tables for club seating – allowing for a more casual and conversational atmosphere for your flight. They have DVD players, as well as 110 volt electrical outlets for your laptops, cell phones, or other entertainment devices. The 400s also allow for China meal service and other upscale amenities.

In terms of flight ability, the Boeing 737-400 has a flight range of 2,820 statute miles, or approximately five hours. The GE CFM engines boast superior fuel efficiency and reliability, but you will hardly hear them, as our 737-400 meets Stage 3 noise regulations – the quietest rating from the FAA.

The Boeing 737-800 is our larger aircraft, featuring up to 172 single class seats. If needed, the 737-800 can be modified into a 118 seat configuration, including 48 first class seats. An in-flight entertainment system, 31" - 33" reclining seat pitch in standard-class (44" for first-class), and other amenities guarantee a comfortable flight. Like the 737-400, our 800s also feature GE CFM engines and Stage 3 noise regulations. In addition, the size of the crafts increases their flight range to six hours – meaning they can fly non-stop to almost anywhere in continental North America. They also are equipped with self-contained air stairs for remote boarding options.

Those are some of the key differences between the planes in our fleet. However, no matter which aircraft you choose, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable and memorable flight with Miami Air International.