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For over 20 years, Miami Air International has strived to be the ultimate charter airline by offering impeccable service and convenience. We do this by using state-of-the-art aircraft, safety procedures, and through a dedication to our passengers.

At Miami Air International, our top-priority is to get you to your destination quickly in comfort, safety, and style. We can take you anywhere in the world with a fully customized experience. Our Safety Management System is years ahead of many other airlines and our flight services will give you an unforgettable experience. That explains why Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, film crews, and even the U.S. government chooses to fly with us again and again.

The Miami Air International blog is a great place to learn more about us and our services, in addition to the latest news and trends in aviation from experts in the business.

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Boeing ‘Dreamliner’ Now a Reality

by Admin 14. November 2011

Boeing’s newest airplane, the 787 jet it calls the “Dreamliner,” has been waiting in the wings for long time. Finally, the development of the craft is complete and the waiting is over.

The aviation industry is particularly excited about the Dreamliner because of its unique design elements – which could influence new aircraft builds for years to come. For example, most of the Dreamliner is covered in carbon fiber instead of aluminum – a longstanding aviation standard. Although carbon fiber is not completely new – being used in the military plane designs for years and on portions of some jetliners, it has never been used to such a degree on commercial airliner.

The carbon fiber used on the Dreamliner is strong and light-weight – like an advanced plastic. Its strength allows windows to be bigger and higher, creating amazing scenic views during flight. It also permits the climate conditions of the cabin to be more comfortable. Cabin pressure on the Dreamliner will be equivalent to 6,000 feet, instead of the usual 8,000 feet. And because carbon fiber is not vulnerable to corrosion (unlike aluminum), cabin air have more humidity, which should cut down on the dry throats and noses sometimes common on other aircraft. On top of that, the Dreamliner is estimated to be 20 percent more fuel-efficient than current airliners.

The first 787 will go into service at Japan's All Nippon Airways. However, more are sure to start appearing all over the world with Boeing reporting more than 800 orders for Dreamliners. With news like that, it seems the future of aviation is fast approaching.

Why use Miami Air instead of a scheduled airline?

by Admin 9. November 2011

Some may ask why a group would charter with Miami Air International (MAI) – a charter airline – instead of a large scheduled airline that operates hundreds of aircraft. Most scheduled carriers do provide charter service, and some of them claim to have plenty of aircraft to back up a charter flight in the event of a maintenance irregularity.

The truth is – the charter business is totally different than scheduled service. Scheduled airlines are committed to running their published schedule. Most, if not all, of the entire fleet within a scheduled airline, are used to support the schedule. Very few planes, if any, are set aside for charter flights. If the charter plane experiences a maintenance delay, the scheduled airline cannot withdrawal a plane from the schedule to rescue the plane with the maintenance problem. To do so, they would have to cancel or delay a flight within their schedule. Charter flights actually conflict with scheduled operations.

A scheduled airline may claim to operate in most cities within the United States and Canada, and therefore have support all over. This is true to a degree. Many scheduled airlines have personnel hired in many of the destinations they fly into. However, those employees are there to simply check-in passengers and service the aircraft. Major airlines do not have an inventory of parts housed in every station in which they fly. In the event of a maintenance break, when a part is not readily available, a scheduled carrier would have to bring in a part from another location – just as MAI would. Just like large scheduled airlines, MAI relies on other carriers for maintenance support at out stations throughout the world. Currently, MAI has a maintenance contract with one of the top five carriers to supply maintenance support wherever they have maintenance facilities and personnel. More importantly, MAI has a certified mechanic flying with all of its aircraft to supervise and assist any maintenance need while our planes are away from our headquarters in Miami, Florida.

MAI’s maintenance, safety, and training programs are all certified by the FAA to the same level as any US scheduled airline. We are qualified by the US Department of Defense to fly military troops; to do this requires stringent inspections of our maintenance, safety, and training programs. Many Fortune 500 companies have hired independent third parties to inspect MAI’s entire operation and we always pass with the highest marks.

Miami Air International’s expertise and experience in the charter business is the most significant reason to work with us when chartering an airplane for your group. Chartering is our business. We often fly into small, secondary airports that do not even have scheduled service. We sometimes have to contact a local restaurant near these small airports to accommodate first class catering requests. Once, a customer of ours used a scheduled carrier only to arrive at their destination airport with no way to get off the airplane; because the carrier did not check to and see that the airport did not have air-stairs to accommodate a large aircraft. Of course MAI addresses such issues on a daily basis to ensure the customer enjoys a seamless experience.

Miami Air International and The Sunshine Foundation

by Admin 26. October 2011

The Sunshine Foundation was founded in 1976 with a lofty, yet admirable goal: to realize the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged and abused children. To help these children feel like kids again, the foundation built the Dream Village, an amazing theme park in Davenport, FL, where children and their families stay in fairytale themed cottages and enjoy a handicapped accessible playground and pool, as well as a mini-golf course. The Sunshine Foundation works to fulfill so many children’s dreams, including everything from celebrity meet-ups, to family trips to shopping sprees. To date, the foundation has answered more than 35,000 dreams.

Aside from a visit to the Dream Village, The Sunshine Foundation finds itself inundated with requests to visit Disney World here in Florida. That’s where the Dreamlifts program comes in. A few times per year, the Sunshine Foundation charters an aircraft to transport children to Orlando for the vacation of a lifetime. As a sponsor and Corporate Dream Maker of the Sunshine Foundation, Miami Air International proudly participates in the Dreamlifts program, and donates flight time to The Sunshine Foundation.

Our participation in the Dreamlifts program is something we are very proud at Miami Air International. To learn more about Dreamlifts, as well as other commitments to the environment and community visit our responsibility page.