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For over 20 years, Miami Air International has strived to be the ultimate charter airline by offering impeccable service and convenience. We do this by using state-of-the-art aircraft, safety procedures, and through a dedication to our passengers.

At Miami Air International, our top-priority is to get you to your destination quickly in comfort, safety, and style. We can take you anywhere in the world with a fully customized experience. Our Safety Management System is years ahead of many other airlines and our flight services will give you an unforgettable experience. That explains why Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, film crews, and even the U.S. government chooses to fly with us again and again.

The Miami Air International blog is a great place to learn more about us and our services, in addition to the latest news and trends in aviation from experts in the business.

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Air charter service is what commercial air service is not

by Karen 8. November 2012

The easiest way to understand the best air charter service is to consider what it is not: a non-negotiable requirement for passengers to board when the flight is scheduled from where the service takes place to the destination specified by the airline.  So your traditional commercial airlines are definitely not designed for passenger convenience and the best service.

Air charter services meet your corporate scheduling and location demands.

Obviously, commercial flights cannot be set up for individual passenger convenience, because, even though the passengers’ destination are the same, their schedules, travel purpose and return preferences vary. Air charters, on the other hand, cater to corporate clientele who have everything in common and need a charter flight from their particular destination with a departure and return schedule for their convenience – not the airline’s.

Location, location, location…

Air chartering always results in better service. For example, with Miami Air International’s on-demand air chartering, when its Boeing 737 aircraft are completing missions elsewhere close by, there is no need to dispatch an empty plane to the embarkation point. Those embarkation points are typically much closer the travelers’ location. Final destinations, likewise, are on demand and are nonstop.

Air charter convenience – from start to finish…

Again, air charters are very far removed from what commercial airlines put passengers thorough nowadays. Long lines at ticket counters and luggage check-in, hassles through security checks, crowded seating and late takeoffs and arrivals – and more – are all part of the air travel environment today.

Miami Air International charters, on the other hand, turn bad service and inconvenience around. The corporate travel group stages near the tarmac for a quicker security check bypassing ticketing and luggage processing. Well-appointed and comfortable Boeing 737 jets crewed by an attentive and service-oriented group of experienced professionals meet, greet, seat and serve the passengers made-to-order meals and beverages.

Wheels up to wheels down…

After a relaxing and enjoyable charter flight your corporate travelers land, debark and continue traveling as a group to the final destination without worries of lost luggage or return-trip hassles.

Miami Air International is your air chartering service.

Whether your corporate group is fleeing toward Phoenix for a conference in the winter sun or shuttling towards St. Thomas on an incentive outing, Miami Air International’s charter service is your very best bet for convenient and efficient travel arrangements. Contact us and we’ll show you how we can be your own private charter airline.


Study Indicates Impressive Efficiency for Private Airlines

by Karen 1. November 2012

Offering luxury and convenience, private airlines are certainly in a class of their own.  A recent study cited by Forbes’ Kevin O’Leary sheds light on the efficiency of these vehicles.  The data suggests that they not only save time, but money.

Looking at the Numbers

How much time can private jets save an employee?  According to the study, the answer is 22.5 work days and 24 road nights each year.

The study was based on a primary trip between Chicago and a primary office in New York.  Departure and arrival airports closer and more convenient with the private aircraft, resulting in impressive savings:

  • To Departure Airport from Home/Office: 0:45 for airline – 0:15 for private
  • Time to Park, Screen, Security, and Wait: 1:55 – 0:10
  • Airport to Meeting Arrival: 1:45 – 0:15
  • Total One Leg Trip Time: 4:25 – 0:40

O’Leary also reports that the time savings amount to three hours and 45 minutes per leg – and seven-and-a-half hours of time savings per trip.  Additionally, out-and-back trips, while “nearly impossible on the airlines,” are feasible for private jets without a required overnight stay.

Summing up the data, the seven-and-a-half hours saved per trip – on a basis of 24 trips per year – amounted to a total savings of 22.5 work days and 24 nights in hotels for each traveler.

The Implications of Improved Efficiency

Private jets may be more expensive than the airlines.  Yet, when business efficiency is considered, the bottom line may read a different verdict for the question of savings.

The numbers from the study illustrate an interesting perspective on the merits of business travel.  For businesses that have stringent requirements for business travel, such as out-and-back trips, and/or send employees on frequent business trips, the big picture may prove compelling. 

Could those 180 hours saved, as in the example, outweigh the immediate cost savings of going with airline travel?  It appears that many businesses may answer “yes” to that question.  The ability to save impressive amounts of time is critical to businesses, and the versatility is unparalleled.


Most may have visions of private jets as a luxury item for businesses.  However, that may simply be wrong for many corporate travel situations.

This travel option can certainly add a bit of luxury to a business trip.  Yet, with that added cost, savings can be recovered in the form of efficiency that could make it all worthwhile. 

Contact us to learn more about the efficiency that private jets offer businesses.

Fly your “snowbirds” south on an air charter service

by Karen 24. October 2012

With the upcoming holidays it’s time to think about that annual corporate winter event to escape the freeze and raise the temperature and excitement in the warmer climes of the Caribbean. Planning an airlift to Aruba or a shuttle to St. Thomas? Wherever that company conference or incentive charter flight takes your group, your very best bet is to use an experienced, convenient and safe air charter service.

Nonstop service seals the deal.

Getting a large group of corporate travelers to St. Thomas, for example, could be an enormously challenging task. From the U.S. mainland, commercial flights leave from Miami. Whatever does not clear through Miami ends up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where travelers take a  two-engine prop shuttle to St. Thomas. Use a charter air instead and bypass the vast and taxing Miami International Airport experience or the turbulent prop airplane ride from San Juan.

Everybody leaves, flies, lands and returns on the same flight

Your passengers stage at the embarkation point and go through a far more convenient and quick security screening. Their flight experience is as far from the ordinary commercial flight as a bag of peanuts is from a gourmet, made-to-order on-board meal served on fine china.

Your passengers debark at Cyril E. King airport and emerge into the December paradise of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. All the luggage is present and accounted for as your group sheds their winter garb in favor of short sleeves and sunglasses and heads for the bus transportation taking them to the resort/conference areas.

The job’s not over until the paperwork is done.

So your happy, refreshed and productive group had a great time in America’s West Indies territory. They conferenced, partied, snorkeled and sailed and their batteries are charged to face the remaining winter months working for a company they truly love. 

Unlike groups that made their own travel arrangements, though, your air charter passengers have no ticketing arrangements to undergo or expense claims to fill out. If they traveled on a Miami Air International charter, your company was able to forgo multiple travel arrangements in favor of just one charter.

Miami Air International is your snowbirds’ “personal airline.”

We get it all together so that you won’t have to. Contact us for your non-stop air charter service to make your winter event a real tropical “winterfest.”