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Looking for a Jet for Your Next Corporate Event?

by Robert 4. November 2016

Are looking for a private jet for your next corporate event? Miami Air International is a charter airline that flies all over the globe, serving our clients with unique needs. We specialize in meeting and exceeding your every expectation for corporate events, high-profile clients, sports teams, and entertainment groups have exactly what they require.

If you travel frequently for business, you know there is a lot of wasted time that comes with traveling. First you have to get to the airport, which isn't necessarily close. Then you have to check your bags, get through security, wait for your plane to board, the actual flight time, getting off the plane, picking up your bag, getting a rental car, and the list goes on. Even a flight that only lasts a few hours becomes a half-day or even a full-day affair.

Sure, you can try to be productive during these waiting times. Using wifi when it is available and having other tasks to do when you are actually on the plane help this time to not be completely wasted. But imagine how much more time you could save or use with a private, corporate flight. First off, a charter flight allows you to leave from a closer, smaller airport if there is one close to you. That shortens drive time. A charter flight can cut down on time going through security with expedited security. And then having a plane to yourselves means you can conduct meetings and give presentations on the plane so you aren't losing work time. 

Clearly, Miami Air International is an excellent choice for your corporate plane needs. For more information, contact us today.

International Flights to Meet Your Business Needs

by Robert 31. May 2016

When planning a destination business meeting, or an incentive trip for your employees, having a chartered flight puts the trip at that next level. Chartering an international flight is easy with Miami Air International. Miami Air has a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, either with 68 business class seats or 168 coach seats. We can make an international flight easier for your business team because we can do direct flights to exotic locations.

What are some of the perks that Miami Air International can provide you with when planning a trip for your business?

  • You can select departure from any airport and arrival at any airport. 
  • Avoid security lines with expedited security screening.
  • Allow us to brand for your event with customized check-in, in-flight communication, and boarding card, and more.
  • Enjoy a no cancellation guarantee and no baggage fees.
  • Get to exotic locations for a lower price than major airlines.
  • Extend your event by having the plane to yourself.
  • Don't plan your trip around your flight, plan the flight into your trip schedule.

These are just some of the perks of having a chartered flight from Miami Air International. Our corporate meetings webpage provides more details on how you can customize the flight for your business team. You can also request a quote right there, providing the dates you need and the size of your group.

If you want more information on taking your business trip to the next level with a chartered flight, contact us today at Miami Air International. We have over 23 years of experience providing our customers with exactly what they need to make their trip a complete success.

Consider Costa Rica for Your Group Travel

by Robert 13. July 2015

Costa Rica is an excellent choice for large group travel. From the San José area in the central valley, to the mountains and volcanoes, or the beaches of either the Pacific or Caribbean Oceans, there is something for every member of your group.

The national slogan is, "pura vida," literally translated as “pure life,” which also describes the country and its people. Costa Rica is a very biologically diverse country with a significant emphasis on environmental protection visible throughout the country. The "ticos," or native people, are very welcoming and helpful. They are very proud of their country.

San José is the capital in the heart of the central valley. Approximately one million people live in the San José area which offers great museums, fine restaurants, and shopping centers. It is also the home of the Mercado Central (Central Market). Rolling green hills and mountains surround the central valley. The volcanic soil creates rich land for coffee plantations. Coffee is one of the main exports of the country. Many plantations offer tours and tasting rooms.

The northern region of the country includes rainforests, cloud forests, hot springs, and volcanoes. This area attracts visitors looking for wildlife and natural surroundings as well as active adventures such as windsurfing, hiking, and mountain biking.

The Pacific coast runs from Nicaragua to Panama. Here you can find the sunniest and most popular beaches. This area is home to two spectacular national parks, Manuel Antonio (central) and Corcovada (southern).

The Caribbean coast is less developed. Here you will find steamy rainforests and banana plantations. There are also fewer people living in this area of the country. Tortuguero National Park, known for nesting sea turtles, is accessible only by boat or small plane.

Contact Miami Air International to arrange air transportation for your large group travel to Costa Rica.