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Special Occasions When You Should Treat Yourself to a Private Charter

by Admin 27. April 2015

There are times in life when you deserve to celebrate and do something exciting for yourself. If these plans involve traveling, you should consider a private charter. Chartering your own flight allows you to determine your own schedule and avoid the long lines at the airport. You will be able to fly in comfort and remain stress free for your trip. Here are some special occasions when a private flight might be just the thing.

Anniversary: Whether it is your first anniversary or your fiftieth, you want to celebrate all of the wonderful time with your spouse. When you begin planning your exciting trip to the place you have always dreamed of going, a private flight will make your anniversary even more special.

21st Birthday: You are turning 21 and the world awaits you. If you have big plans with your friends, why not charter a plane to your destination from Las Vegas to New Orleans. A charter flight allows you and your friends to leave when you are ready and return when the party is over. You will only have this momentous birthday once in your life, and it deserves to be celebrated in style.

Wedding: Many young brides return to their hometown to get married or plan a destination wedding. With so much to do and so many things on your mind, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to a charter flight. You will not need to worry about checking your wedding gown as baggage and the condition it might be in when you arrive. You can carry your dress on with you and store it in a safe location. Getting married is your time to shine, and you do not want to arrive stressed from crowded airports and airplanes.

Miami Air International is ready to help you get on your way to your next big event. Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of a charter flight.

How About A Private Jet For Your Destination Wedding?

by Robert 10. April 2015

Destination weddings already have travel as part of their special nature. Why not consider having special guests and wedding party members get to your destination in outstanding style? A private jet may just be the right touch to add. You and your guests are already planning on travel costs, why not bring it all together from a central point to your destination?

Think about it, the convenience in getting all the critical wedding members to the location without unexpected delays from other airlines. The moms, dads and grandparents as well as the wedding couple and attendants can travel in comfort with the option to order specific menus for the flight. No one will be left scrambling for an open flight or dealing with seat bumping or a random cancellation. With aircraft that can accommodate up to 168 passengers you could have a pre-wedding party including a number of guests on the way.

Miami Air International has its offices in Miami but as the name says they are International and specialize in creating and providing a flight plan from your nearest home airport to your destination. Take off and landing restrictions are that the airports must be able to accommodate a 737. If your flight is within 6 to 8 hours, point to point, you can make it non-stop if that suites your plans.

Think about it as an extra special step in your big day. Look at it from a planning perspective for making sure every special person is there. Find out if this is your way to go. Miami Air International is waiting to speak with you and provide you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision, please, contact us for a chat and a quote.

The Infinite Possibilities of Chartering Corporate Trips

by Robert 8. April 2015

For some companies travel is an occasional corporate luxury, but for others it’s often a vital necessity. Although, you don't actually have to take the luxury out of corporate trips. In fact, for some companies, a more economical way to travel is to charter corporate flights. Here are a few of the infinite possibilities that you receive through a chartered flight.

Free (almost) unlimited baggage is a huge amenity to chartered flights. You don't have to worry about paying baggage fees or a per bag weight limits. In fact the only limit you truly have is how much room it take fill the aircraft's entire baggage capacity. For some company this is vital, as their travel load might actually need that much room.

Multiple pick-up locations is usually a corporate travel nightmare. With chartered trips, in most cases you can have the charter pick up or drop off passengers throughout travel duration. This makes joint traveling from multiple cities a little easier in some situations.

Free unlimited passenger modification is a very unique to charter travel. There are no fees to change the passenger names and these changes can occur an unlimited amount of times before your flight. This is an incredible advantage for corporations that might need to change the passenger list up to the last-minute.

Flight customization is why chartered flights are the definition of corporate travel luxury. You are given the capacity to present mid-flight to your company via TV monitors. You can also show movies, play games; even your company logo can be added to things like the seat head rests! Also, most charter flights offer the opportunity to change the seat arrangement in order to create the most comfortable environment for your group.

Gourmet food is always a must, as charter flights tend to go above and beyond on airline meals. This is a great change of pace for people who travel often and endure economy airline food options. Your company will enjoy this touch to any corporate travel.

Under the radar travel is a charter favorite from corporations to professional athletes. With options for check-in and security screening away from the typical airport chaos, you can make your group travel quick and seamless! The best part, you get to by-pass the stress-filled and hectic airport environment.

Charter flights are the best way to travel for your corporate trips. Flight customization, nearly unlimited baggage and the luxurious experience will leave your whole company in awe of the next corporate trip. Not to mention the money and hassle your company will save. For more information on the infinite possibilities of chartering a flight contact us at Miami Air International for your next corporate adventures!