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Private Sports Flights to See Super Bowl XLIX Are Available for Early Birds

by Admin 25. November 2014

We may not know who's playing just yet but one thing is undeniable, Super Bowl XLIX is expected to be downright exciting! So why not make plans now to watch it from a comfy seat on the gridiron’s sidelines? Our private sports flights will get your group to the University of Phoenix Stadium in time for the kickoff and back home again in true football fan style.

For those that have never been, the 72,200-seat stadium is actually located in Glendale, which is just outside of Phoenix. It features more than 85 different luxury lofts, including a trio of unbelievable party rooms available for private rental. Public restrooms, concession stands, HD video scoreboards, escalators and elevators are all present onsite too. Plus, luxury hotels are located within walking distance of the stadium.

The list includes the Renaissance Glendale Hotel/ Spa, which features high-tech, in-room amenities like the Jack Pack, iPod alarm clocks and high-speed wireless internet. There’s also round-the-clock, guest access to the hotel's onsite business and fitness centers. Plus, sports fans can count on the venue to have restaurants, a lounge and full-service spa in place. Oh, and by the way, the venue is located close to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport too.

When you book our private planes, we can arrange to have a tailgate party ready for your group onboard the plane or at the airport. Of course as long as the airports involved have rental space still available for Super Bowl XLIX Weekend. It’s also important to note that Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has airport clubs and lounges onsite as well. So even if you opt to get the party started onboard, there will be places for sports fans to hang out while they’re waiting.

To learn more and book a first class charter to Super Bowl 2015, please contact us as soon as possible. Super Bowl Weekend is always a popular time for sports flights bookings and we expect this coming year to be no exception.

Charter First Class Aircraft to BVI and Experience Unparalleled Hospitality

by Robert 14. November 2014

The British Virgin Islands, or BVI for short, has been attracting first class aircraft charter clientele to its shoreline for decades. Isn’t it about time that you and your group fly to the islands and experience unparalleled hospitality, great activities and beautiful sunsets too? Our Miami Air International team can make it happen. Just say the word; we’ll sweep everyone off of their feet and have them there in no time.

There are 55+ islands within the region, Tortola being the big daddy of them all. The list of others includes, but certainly doesn’t end with Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Cooper, Deadman’s Chest, Scrub and Ginger. Because not all of the islands have large airports, we’ll put your group down on one that does and you can always take a boat to the less developed islands from there. Please note that many of those smaller islands contain private resorts that offer boat transportation as part of their vacation packages. So your group may want to consider that.

When planning your trip to the British Virgin Islands, there are several other things to keep in mind. First, the island’s businesses accept U.S. currency. Second, many of residents are bilingual. They primarily speak English and Spanish. So for most groups, communicating with the locals shouldn’t be a problem. Third, smoking is not allowed in public and there’s been no word issued as of yet on e-ciggs. Thus, smokers may want to come prepared with gum or other cessation aids.

To charter first class aircraft to the British Virgin Islands in the weeks ahead, please contact us. Our fleet of Boeing aircraft has enough standard seating for 168 people and first class seating for 68. Plus, we can work with group leaders to come up with seating configurations, menu choices, in-flight entertainment and other amenities to suit.

Exclusive Air Charters to Martinique: Warm Those Toes in the Lesser Antilles

by Admin 6. November 2014

Are you tired of having frozen toes, achy hands, red ears, post nasal drip and a box of tissues as your constant companion? If so, it’s time to gather the group and book exclusive air charters to Martinique. We’ll help you fly out of any airport of your choosing to the Lesser Antilles so you can thaw out on this 436-square mile stretch of paradise. If you and yours decide to take us up on the offer, here’s what you absolutely need to know:

Our state of the art Boeing aircraft are among the safest, most luxurious in the nation and we can customize their interiors to suit. There are no per-piece baggage fees, bag size restrictions, passenger name change penalties or ticketing fees involved. Plus, we offer a service guarantee to all of our exclusive air charter clientele, no matter the destination.

Most exclusive air charter flights to Martinique from Miami will take an average of 3.5 hours but we promise, you won’t be bored, thirsty or hungry. Our attentive, in-flight staff will be at the ready with gourmet foods, top shelf liquor, beer, wine and entertainment. Just let our concierges know of your group’s preferences well in advance of the scheduled departure date.

Speaking of which, try scheduling your group’s exclusive air charter departure date for sometime after October 31st. That way, you’re sure to bypass the island’s rainy season. It tends to kick off in early August and end in late October. As for the air temperatures and humidity, expect them both to be in the high 70s on most winter days and a little bit lower in the evening hours.

The time zone is UTC and sunset tends to occur around 3 or 4 p.m. On most days of the year, daylight normally peeks through the clouds around 5 or 6 a.m. With that said, it’s always nice to choose a beachfront hotel with panoramic views of either daily occurrence.

French, Creole and English are the three main languages you’ll hear spoken on the island and you’ll need to exchange your US dollars for the Euro. Electrical service at area lodging establishments tends to be 220 volts/50 AC, so a travel plug kit may be needed.

To learn more about booking exclusive air charters to Martinique, please contact us today. We can help put you and yours on the best islands year round.