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Private Jet Charters to Las Vegas: Fly In and Get Well, Learn or Help Others

by Admin 20. February 2015

Nevada is increasingly becoming the place to go for health and wellness. So much so, that news stories have previously noted people are even going as far as booking private jet charters to fly into the state and attend to certain healthcare needs. At Miami Air International, we specialize in providing private jet charters to a variety of locations, including Nevada. Consequently, we can assist groups of medical professionals and consumers looking to visit health and wellness destinations in the state.

Las Vegas is said to be one of the most sought after destinations because of all the healthcare and wellness facilities that exist in the city. Thus, we are more than happy to transport private groups to McCarran International Airport. From there, professionals and consumers alike will be able to pick up a rental vehicle and head towards destinations like teaching hospitals, medical universities, clinical pathology labs, specialty clinics and medical conventions. And when they are finished with their health and wellness business, we can discretely fly them back home in comfort.

It should also be noted that the cargo area of our jet charters are capable of holding medical equipment and supplies. We do not charge exorbitant baggage fees or restrict each passenger to a few items. Consequently, our private jets are perfect for medical teams headed to Vegas or other destinations on missions of mercy. They’ll be able to safely transport what they need to tend to disadvantaged patients without having to pay for the extra storage space.

Furthermore, our jet charter services include the option of requesting wholesome, gourmet foods and beverages. As such, passengers who have certain dietary needs or preferences can be accommodated with advance notice. To learn more about booking jet charters for a variety of professional health and wellness missions, please contact us today.

Private Incentive Jets to Casper, Wyoming Help Groups Dig into Adventure

by Robert 12. February 2015

Your group performed extremely well. So, it’s time to reward them with a travel experience that they can really dig into and enjoy. Why not make it a weekend trip to Casper, Wyoming? Casper is home to the Tate Geological Museum, which offers dinosaur digs to the masses. Plus, there are Casper and Coal Mountains’ hiking trails to explore. The group can even make plans to visit museums, attend rodeo events, go boating, ride horses and so much more. We’ve got luxurious incentive jets that can meet them at the airports of your choosing, then spirit them away to Casper-Natrona County International.

Casper-Natrona County International Airport has banquet rooms and food services on site. So, a grand welcome reception may be in order when the group arrives. It’s your choice and if you agree, we can help you plan one. Afterward, send your team to one of the area’s major hotels or ranches where they can rest up for a visit to the Tate Geological Museum in the morning. Most of the hotels accept group reservations and have restaurants on site where everyone will be able to grab a bite for dinner.

The museum is open every day but Sunday and it typically closes around dinner time. Consequently, you’ll want to have the group head out early. At the museum, they’ll be able to view a variety of exhibits, including a prep lab. That’s where the college’s research team works on studying and preparing authentic skeletons for exhibit. Highlights of the exhibition area include a compete Columbian Mammoth skeleton and bones from a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth, Mosasaur, Allosaurus, Hadrosaur and Titanothere.

Once the group finishes touring the museum, let them have time on their own to explore the rest of what Casper, Wyoming has to offer. Then we’ll meet them back at the Casper-Natrona County International Airport and fly them home in comfort. To learn more about reserving an incentive jet to Wyoming’s most adventurous destinations, please contact us at Miami Air International today and ask about our customized travel experiences.

Book a Private Jet to New Orleans and Let the Festivities Roll

by Robert 30. January 2015

Imagine kicking back in flight with a piece of king cake in one hand and a cocktail in the other. All of your friends are there and jazz music is playing in the background. Everyone has their share of beads and talk of which krewes are going to outdo themselves this year are taking place all throughout the cabin. It can happen you know, especially if your group books a private jet to New Orleans with us.

At Miami Air International, we can help you kick the party off with a gate-side reception and keep it going until your group leaves Louis Armstrong International Airport. Then providing that your crew is still in a festive mood, we can pick the party back up again for your return flight home. Ground transportation to and from the city’s various Mardi Gras locations may be arranged in advance, through the airport’s many vendors.

In 2015, the city’s festivities are due to kickoff on January 31st and run straight through until the 17th. The krewes anticipated to host parades on that first day are Bilge, Moon Pie, Mona Lisa, Delusion and Du Vieux. Additional parades will be held by other krewes on February 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th and the 11th through the 17th. It’s also important to know that by all accounts, lodging establishments in the area impose a minimum length of stay on all travelers hoping to visit the city during the internationally known event. On top of that, restaurants and other popular destinations are likely to be crowded at that time too. Therefore, it’s a good idea to reserve those types of activities as well.

That said, we’d suggest making sure that your group can secure overnight accommodations prior to finalizing your private jet reservations with us. To learn more about the reservation process and which amenities we can add to your group’s Mardi Gras flight experience, please contact us online or by phone today.