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Two Important Reasons Why You Need a Private Plane

by Robert 7. January 2015

A private plane may seem like a luxury only the fabulously wealthy can afford. But don't write one off yet just because you aren't Beyoncé. A private plane can be so much more than just a luxury and is especially beneficial if you are the CEO of a company or have some business meetings to attend that require extensive travel. Here are two important reasons why you need a private plane for your next out-of-town business meeting.

  •  Privacy: They call it a private plane for a reason. Privacy during your travels allows for a quiet, distraction-free area for you and your business associates to get any work and preparation accomplished before your business meeting. With comfortable, executive seating, spacious room for your colleagues, and Wi-Fi, it will be like having a flying office.
  •  You Have Very Important People Traveling With You: A second reason you should consider is who will be traveling with you. If you have important clients you want to impress, flying a private plane is the way to go. This will show your client you are committed to making them a priority and using first-class treatment as a way of giving them just a taste of what they will get if they become your client. It will also allow for free and open discussion about your business and any other information that may be confidential.

There are several other reasons why flying private would be the best option for you including flexibility, serviceability, efficiency, and affordability. Miami Air International has been operating for 24 years and succeeds in creating the optimum experience for traveling business groups as well as any other diversified group needing a private plane.

To book your private flight on Miami Air or learn a more about your options, please contact us today. We look forward to making your guests our guests as you plan your next US-based or international destination.

Impress Clients and Staff by Booking Private, First Class Aircraft

by Admin 7. January 2015

For many top companies, transporting clients and staff via first class aircraft just makes good business sense. Their travelers get pampered from start to finish by conscientious, well trained concierge professionals and the corporate office gets more than just a peace of mind. They also get access to some pretty powerful branding tools that will help their company shine and distinguish them from the competition. For example, they may entertain their group with branded seat back covers, in-flight media and hand-out customized gifts. Personalized parties held planeside or at the gate, gourmet foods, top shelf liquors and designer threshold aircraft entrances are all possibilities too.

In addition, choosing to transport company clientele and staff about first class, private aircraft has logistical benefits as well. This is especially the case at Miami Air International. Our longstanding business practices make us nimble enough to change schedules, accept late name changes and last minute additions to our luxury aircrafts’ baggage holds. We are also proud to offer our corporate clients guaranteed service and accelerated security screening, which has the potential to cut down on costly transportation delays.

To learn more about booking first class aircraft and customizing your company’s transportation needs, please contact us at Miami Air International today. We fly our Boeing aircraft out of airports across the world, year round. So whenever and wherever your team needs to go to conduct their business, we may be able to transport them there and back.

Private Sports Flights to See Super Bowl XLIX Are Available for Early Birds

by Admin 25. November 2014

We may not know who's playing just yet but one thing is undeniable, Super Bowl XLIX is expected to be downright exciting! So why not make plans now to watch it from a comfy seat on the gridiron’s sidelines? Our private sports flights will get your group to the University of Phoenix Stadium in time for the kickoff and back home again in true football fan style.

For those that have never been, the 72,200-seat stadium is actually located in Glendale, which is just outside of Phoenix. It features more than 85 different luxury lofts, including a trio of unbelievable party rooms available for private rental. Public restrooms, concession stands, HD video scoreboards, escalators and elevators are all present onsite too. Plus, luxury hotels are located within walking distance of the stadium.

The list includes the Renaissance Glendale Hotel/ Spa, which features high-tech, in-room amenities like the Jack Pack, iPod alarm clocks and high-speed wireless internet. There’s also round-the-clock, guest access to the hotel's onsite business and fitness centers. Plus, sports fans can count on the venue to have restaurants, a lounge and full-service spa in place. Oh, and by the way, the venue is located close to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport too.

When you book our private planes, we can arrange to have a tailgate party ready for your group onboard the plane or at the airport. Of course as long as the airports involved have rental space still available for Super Bowl XLIX Weekend. It’s also important to note that Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has airport clubs and lounges onsite as well. So even if you opt to get the party started onboard, there will be places for sports fans to hang out while they’re waiting.

To learn more and book a first class charter to Super Bowl 2015, please contact us as soon as possible. Super Bowl Weekend is always a popular time for sports flights bookings and we expect this coming year to be no exception.