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The Legacy of ‘The Starship’

by Admin 5. October 2011

At Miami Air, our airline fleet is made up of Boeing 737s. Most everyone knows that Boeing is a prestigious name in the aviation industry. However, one of their airplanes was truly a superstar.

The very first Boeing 720 had a mild start, but was destined for greatness. Built for and used by United Airlines in 1960, it was later sold to Contemporary Entertainment and christened “The Starship” in 1973. It went right to work flying some of the greatest musical talent from gig to gig.

Led Zeppelin famously chartered the aircraft for their 1973 and 1975 North American tours. They even had their logo painted onto the hull. Through the 70’s, The Starship was under almost constant service to some of the greatest rock stars of the time including Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Peter Frampton, and The Allman Brothers. Sadly, The Starship’s glory days were short lived. It began to suffer from engine problems by 1974 and became permanently grounded by 1977. It now no longer exists, as it was disassembled for parts in 1982.

The Starship was heavily modified to go from commercial craft to luxury craft. Rock stars enjoyed such comforts as a shower, bedroom, and a bar with a built-in electric organ. Miami Air is no stranger to handling charters by entertainers who love our customization options for flights. Opt for open bar services and exquisite catering options. You can even be like Led Zeppelin and get your logo printed on the headrest covers, cups, napkins, and more. At Miami Air, your utmost comfort and safety are our priority.

The Differences between the Boeing 737-400 and 737-800

by Admin 1. September 2011

The Miami Air International fleet is composed of two different types of aircraft. We have two Boeing 737-400s and seven 737-800s. Knowing the differences between these aircraft can help you make the best choice that will suit you and your travel party.

Our smaller aircraft, the Boeing 737-400, are all 100% 1st class. As such, they feature 68 plush leather seats with lustrous wood tables for club seating – allowing for a more casual and conversational atmosphere for your flight. They have DVD players, as well as 110 volt electrical outlets for your laptops, cell phones, or other entertainment devices. The 400s also allow for China meal service and other upscale amenities.

In terms of flight ability, the Boeing 737-400 has a flight range of 2,820 statute miles, or approximately five hours. The GE CFM engines boast superior fuel efficiency and reliability, but you will hardly hear them, as our 737-400 meets Stage 3 noise regulations – the quietest rating from the FAA.

The Boeing 737-800 is our larger aircraft, featuring up to 172 single class seats. If needed, the 737-800 can be modified into a 118 seat configuration, including 48 first class seats. An in-flight entertainment system, 31" - 33" reclining seat pitch in standard-class (44" for first-class), and other amenities guarantee a comfortable flight. Like the 737-400, our 800s also feature GE CFM engines and Stage 3 noise regulations. In addition, the size of the crafts increases their flight range to six hours – meaning they can fly non-stop to almost anywhere in continental North America. They also are equipped with self-contained air stairs for remote boarding options.

Those are some of the key differences between the planes in our fleet. However, no matter which aircraft you choose, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable and memorable flight with Miami Air International.