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Incentive Jet to New Hampshire: A Great Way to Help Top Employees Unwind

by Karen 17. July 2014

With an average summer temperature in the mid to upper 80s, the City of Portsmith, New Hampshire, is a great place to send valuable employees for a bit of  R & R. So why not plan on charting an incentive jet to the Portsmouth International Airport and letting the whole lot of them enjoy the last days of summer?

When you book our incentive jets to transport groups of your best employees to Portsmouth, make arrangements to take advantage of our five-star amenities. Host a send-off party at the airport that includes some of what the Live Free or Die State is known for, fresh seafood. Great dishes to consider including on the send off menu are lobster rolls, clams casino, seafood Alfredo and crab cakes.

After the party, get everyone on board our incentive jet and let them relax in our reclining seats. Then upon request, our in-flight crew can make the cabin rounds with beverage carts stocked with New Hampshire’s best craft beers and wines. Ones that may fit into your theme are Smuttynose Brewery’s Summer Weizen, Red Hook’s Long Hammer and Flag Hill Winery’s Raspberry Fruit Wine or Cayuga White.

While everyone’s sipping their wine and beer en route to Portsmith, we can also show them films using our in-flight entertainment system. Personally, we think that choosing films slated to be highlighted at this year’s New Hampshire Film Festival would be a nice touch. Two films expected to be spotlighted in 2014 are Blackfish and Labor Day.

If you don’t want to show films or sip New Hampshire’s finest, adult beverages aboard our incentive jets, don’t worry. We can work with you to come up with an acceptable form of in-flight entertainment, menu and customized amenities. To learn more about how our incentive jet flights are perfect for group jaunts to New Hampshire and other parts of the world, please contact us today.

5 Facts about Miami Air Intl.’s Aircraft Charters That May Surprise You

by Karen 19. May 2014

Think that you know everything about aircraft charters? Well, you may just want to take another look. After all, things are always changing for the better in the world of private air travel. So here’s a look at five facts about Miami Air International’s aircraft charters that may leave you flabbergasted:

1.) Increased Take-Off/Landing Flexibility

For starters, did you know that Miami Air International’s aircraft charters can originate anywhere in the United States? It’s true. Our large charter planes can also make multiple stops to meet our clientele’s exclusive needs. So it doesn’t matter if you need to utilize one airport or several, today’s aircraft charters can meet those demands.

2.) High Safety Standards without the Hassle

Even though our charter airline can afford to be very flexible in some areas, there is one area where we will not comprise, safety. At Miami Air International, our aviation team takes extreme pride in meeting and exceeding the basic safety standards of the Federal Aviation Administration. So much so that we made it a point to complete Level 4 of the administration’s Safety Management System pilot program.

3.) Certified to Provide Special Services

In addition, we have the privilege of being certified by our country’s Department of Defense as a CRAF Passenger Carrier and are GSA Schedule 599 approved. So arranging for government, military and first responder charter flights is also a safe and streamlined affair.

4.) Financially Strong and Well Respected

Another thing that you may not know about our aircraft charters is that we are debt free. Plus, we take pains to secure all of our clientele’s advance deposits in a safe escrow account and maintain a $1 billion dollar liability policy. Those sound business practices, and others, help to make us one of the most financially strong charter airlines in the country.

5.) Remarkable Service, Guaranteed

In addition, our charter airline offers every one of our clients remarkable service, guaranteed. So when we are experiencing company-incurred delays, you can count on us to come through with a quick, alternative plan. We also have a menagerie of luxury amenities that our clientele may choose from every time they make aircraft charter arrangements with us.

To learn more surprising facts about our aircraft charters and book a private flight for your group, pleasecontact us by calling (877) 535-9624 or (305) 876-3600 today.

Enjoy An Exclusive Charter Flight to the NBA Playoffs

by Karen 28. April 2014

March through June is the best time of the year for basketball fans. Although March Madness has ended, the NBA Playoffs have begun. The first round of the NBA playoffs started on April 19th and will conclude with the NBA Finals starting June 5th. Take your company to the NBA Playoffs on an exclusive chartered flight. 

Everyone knows the best way to enjoy an NBA Playoff game is through an exclusive chartered flight. Your top executives and employees deserve to fly in style when you reward them with a trip to the NBA Playoffs. The best way you can showcase all that your company has to offer is through an exclusive chartered flight. 

Chartering a flight to the NBA Playoffs provides many advantages for your company. To start with, a charter flight will allow you to flight nonstop to your NBA Playoff destination. Your company will not have to worry about layovers and transfers. You can customize the schedule to fit your company's needs. Your employees can start relaxing as soon as the flight takes off!

Speaking of relaxing, you can customize the entire flight experience. You can specify the type of in-flight entertainment you want your employees to enjoy. This can range from team building events, silly games, to watching specific movies or listening to specific music. If you have a special menu that you want served, you will be able to access that on a charter flight. The food and beverages that are served can be made to custom specifications. Your employees will also be able to enjoy an open bar to help get the party started. In addition, your top employees can leave with a souvenir boarding card and a depart gift. Your company will be able to create custom memories on an exclusive chartered flight to the NBA Playoffs. 

Chartered flights provide a special touch to your NBA Playoff trip. They will allow your employees to travel in luxury, with expedited security screening, no extra baggage fees and nonstop flights. Please contact us at Miami Air International to discuss how we can help provide your company with an exclusive and customized charter flight.