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Why do you need charter for sports flights? Here are five reasons

by Admin 27. March 2015

To us, it's clear why someone might want to charter a plane for sports flights, because we're in the business of providing charters. Here are five reasons to go charter next time your sports team needs to travel for a game.

·       Fill the plane with trusted teammates: A charter plane can accommodate all teammates, coaches, and personnel. It's easier and more convenient to get everyone on a charter plane than to worry about blocking off seats on a passenger flight. Plus, your team won't have to deal with distractions such as other people. Everyone can remain in the zone for the entire flight. 

·       No fuss on gear: Conventional airlines often dislike transporting sports equipment and will subject sports equipment to rules and regulations. A charter airline will fly all of your equipment without making a fuss as to how it needs to be stored or handled. When you need to get there and play, it's no contest. 

·       Tailored to meet your needs: Take off whenever you need with a flight that's set to your schedule. Charter planes leave when you need to leave and go direct, with no annoying stops or layovers. 

·       Personalized service: Teams can select meals, entertainment, and other service options when they fly charter, making it the perfect personalized option for professional (and aspiring professional) athletes. Charter flights come with professional service from flight attendants so athletes can focus on the game. 

·       Convenient the first time, and every time: When you routinely fly, you'll love how convenient charter flights are for sports teams. Our airline can remember your preferences on everything from flight attendants onboard to meals served, making repeat flights a snap. Once you try charter sports flights, you'll wonder why you ever flew any other way. 

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Corporate Travel: Air Charters Are Simply the Best Way to Go

by Admin 27. March 2015

When your team heads off to the next convention or out-of-town meeting, how will they get there? If they’re all traveling separately, chances are you’ll have more than a few problematic situations on your hands. For example, a handful may miss their connecting flights or hop on to the wrong bus. Rental cars could break down, traffic jams may occur and chauffeurs could be running late. Well, what if you could eliminate all of those potential headaches in one swoop and simplify your travel accounting too? Would you jump at the chance?

If so, we’d be happy to share the best corporate travel option there is with you. It’s charter flights through Miami Air International. Our Boeing 737s capable of transporting 168 members of your corporate team at one time. We’ll pick them up at one or more airports and drop them off where they need to go, on time. Depending on the locations and Boeing aircrafts involved, it may be possible to book a direct flight that is up to six hours long. So, you won’t have to worry about your team running the risk of missing a connecting flight.

We won’t hold them up with complicated security screenings, baggage checks and other procedures that have a tendency to waylay today’s commercial travelers either. Instead, they’ll fly to their important meeting in the utmost of safety and personalized comfort. Our seasoned concierge staff can also work with you to include any extras that you or your team may deem important. For example, if your HR Department wants us to run a special, motivational movie on our in-flight entertainment system, let us know. We can even go as far as reconfiguring seats and altering the in-flight menus. Afterward, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to figure out total travel costs because all of your team’s air transportation services will be listed on one, easy to read bill. To find out more and experience the best form of corporate travel for yourself, please contact us at Miami Air International.

Private Jet Charters to Las Vegas: Fly In and Get Well, Learn or Help Others

by Admin 20. February 2015

Nevada is increasingly becoming the place to go for health and wellness. So much so, that news stories have previously noted people are even going as far as booking private jet charters to fly into the state and attend to certain healthcare needs. At Miami Air International, we specialize in providing private jet charters to a variety of locations, including Nevada. Consequently, we can assist groups of medical professionals and consumers looking to visit health and wellness destinations in the state.

Las Vegas is said to be one of the most sought after destinations because of all the healthcare and wellness facilities that exist in the city. Thus, we are more than happy to transport private groups to McCarran International Airport. From there, professionals and consumers alike will be able to pick up a rental vehicle and head towards destinations like teaching hospitals, medical universities, clinical pathology labs, specialty clinics and medical conventions. And when they are finished with their health and wellness business, we can discretely fly them back home in comfort.

It should also be noted that the cargo area of our jet charters are capable of holding medical equipment and supplies. We do not charge exorbitant baggage fees or restrict each passenger to a few items. Consequently, our private jets are perfect for medical teams headed to Vegas or other destinations on missions of mercy. They’ll be able to safely transport what they need to tend to disadvantaged patients without having to pay for the extra storage space.

Furthermore, our jet charter services include the option of requesting wholesome, gourmet foods and beverages. As such, passengers who have certain dietary needs or preferences can be accommodated with advance notice. To learn more about booking jet charters for a variety of professional health and wellness missions, please contact us today.