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Special Occasions When You Should Treat Yourself to a Private Charter

by Admin 27. April 2015

There are times in life when you deserve to celebrate and do something exciting for yourself. If these plans involve traveling, you should consider a private charter. Chartering your own flight allows you to determine your own schedule and avoid the long lines at the airport. You will be able to fly in comfort and remain stress free for your trip. Here are some special occasions when a private flight might be just the thing.

Anniversary: Whether it is your first anniversary or your fiftieth, you want to celebrate all of the wonderful time with your spouse. When you begin planning your exciting trip to the place you have always dreamed of going, a private flight will make your anniversary even more special.

21st Birthday: You are turning 21 and the world awaits you. If you have big plans with your friends, why not charter a plane to your destination from Las Vegas to New Orleans. A charter flight allows you and your friends to leave when you are ready and return when the party is over. You will only have this momentous birthday once in your life, and it deserves to be celebrated in style.

Wedding: Many young brides return to their hometown to get married or plan a destination wedding. With so much to do and so many things on your mind, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to a charter flight. You will not need to worry about checking your wedding gown as baggage and the condition it might be in when you arrive. You can carry your dress on with you and store it in a safe location. Getting married is your time to shine, and you do not want to arrive stressed from crowded airports and airplanes.

Miami Air International is ready to help you get on your way to your next big event. Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of a charter flight.

Exclusive Charters to Idaho’s Famous Hot Springs: Let Us Pamper Your Group

by Admin 7. April 2015

Why not forget the trip to Arkansas and book an exclusive charter  to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, instead? Tucked away in Bannock County, it is home to world-renowned hot springs, mineral baths, massage parlors, spas, romantic restaurants and a few golf courses. Plus, it tends to be less crowded than other locations that boast similar diversions. Here are great ways to pamper your group before, during and after their charter flight:

Choose an airport that has meeting space for rent and work with us to set up a relaxing, pre-boarding event. We can have beauty professionals or chair massage specialists on site who are ready to help put your group in a spa frame of mind. After they’ve received spa like treatment and sipped some champagne, let them board our exclusive charter.

When they get on to our luxurious charter plane, we can present them all with a departure gift. Since you’re headed to Lava Hot Springs, we’d suggest handing out plush bathrobes, soft bath towels and high-end slippers wrapped up with beautiful bows. Travel size products that they can use before or after the mineral baths would make great departure gifts too.

Once the group is safely on their way to Idaho, our in-flight staff can serve them pre-selected spa-style cuisine and bottles of mineral water while they watch an in-flight program of your choosing. A movie about the formation of America’s hot springs and their healing properties would likely be apropos but you’re welcome to select whatever programs you feel would be best for your group.

After your group has spent their allotted time exploring Lava Hot Springs, turn them back over to us. We can set up an event at the Idaho airports of your choosing which includes souvenirs to mark the great time your group's had soaking in the state’s famous waters. To find out more about having your group pampered during exclusive flights to Idaho’s world-famous spa destinations, please contact us at Miami Air International today.

Why do you need charter for sports flights? Here are five reasons

by Admin 27. March 2015

To us, it's clear why someone might want to charter a plane for sports flights, because we're in the business of providing charters. Here are five reasons to go charter next time your sports team needs to travel for a game.

·       Fill the plane with trusted teammates: A charter plane can accommodate all teammates, coaches, and personnel. It's easier and more convenient to get everyone on a charter plane than to worry about blocking off seats on a passenger flight. Plus, your team won't have to deal with distractions such as other people. Everyone can remain in the zone for the entire flight. 

·       No fuss on gear: Conventional airlines often dislike transporting sports equipment and will subject sports equipment to rules and regulations. A charter airline will fly all of your equipment without making a fuss as to how it needs to be stored or handled. When you need to get there and play, it's no contest. 

·       Tailored to meet your needs: Take off whenever you need with a flight that's set to your schedule. Charter planes leave when you need to leave and go direct, with no annoying stops or layovers. 

·       Personalized service: Teams can select meals, entertainment, and other service options when they fly charter, making it the perfect personalized option for professional (and aspiring professional) athletes. Charter flights come with professional service from flight attendants so athletes can focus on the game. 

·       Convenient the first time, and every time: When you routinely fly, you'll love how convenient charter flights are for sports teams. Our airline can remember your preferences on everything from flight attendants onboard to meals served, making repeat flights a snap. Once you try charter sports flights, you'll wonder why you ever flew any other way. 

To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us.