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Charter Miami Air Flights to the World’s Championship BBQ Contest in Houston

by Admin 3. February 2014

When it comes to the best Texas barbecue on the planet, there is often no better place to find it than the Annual World’s Championship BBQ Contest. Held in Houston each year, it’s a mouthwatering affair known to attract thousands of cue connoisseurs from across the globe. Should you and your group of foodie friends want to join them in 2014, a charter Miami Air flight is the perfect way to get there:


The renowned, annual barbecue event is expected to take place this year from February 27th through March 1st at Reliant Park. The Annual Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is scheduled to follow the event and run until March 23rd. So your group may want to stick around a bit and visit the rodeo too.


Our charter Miami Air flights can depart from whichever U.S. location you choose and transport your group to the airport in Houston. Car, taxi and shuttle services are available from the airport to the Wyndham Houston Medical Center Hotel & Suites. It’s located on Main Street and often offers substantial discounts to those who make their reservations well in advance.


Furthermore, the hotel offers free parking to its overnight guests and is located within walking distance of the METRORail Station. The METRORail is slated to offer transportation to and from the World’s Championship BBQ Contest and the subsequent rodeo for all comers. Thus, your group won’t have to necessarily hire private ground transportation. Of course if you do want to secure private, chauffeured transportation there are many companies available that would be more than willing to oblige your group’s desires.


In addition to the World’s Championship BBQ Contest, live music, family entertainment and a public food tent are also expected to be available onsite. So your group will be able to soak up the event’s intoxicating aromas, flavors, sights and sounds in comfort.


For additional information about chartering a Miami Air flight to the annual event in Houston, please contact us at (877) 535-9624.

Travel Agents - Use Aviation Charters to Grow Your Business

by Admin 25. July 2013

If you're a travel agent specializing in group travel, or if you'd like to expand into group travel, Aviation Charters are the way to make it simple for your clients to get from one place to another.  Miami Air International is a charter-only airline that can fly your group around the world in style and comfort.

As a travel agent, and like any other business professional, you are always looking for ways to generate more revenue. Expanding into group travel is a way to do this. There are many groups that would fit easily into this niche, many in your local area. Some of the groups you might solicit to use this service include:

  • Large businesses traveling to conferences or trade shows.
  • Incentive winners from one business or several grouped together. Offer this to smaller businesses who need sales incentives but may not have the large numbers needed to charter a plane.
  • Leisure travelers from a senior center, a senior residential community, a college alumni association or any other group.
  • Educational travel of students from your local high school, junior college, or university.

These types of groups, as well as many others, could be offered a travel package including the flight, accommodations, and sightseeing customized for interest and activity level. Miami Air has planes that carry as few as 68 persons or as many as 172 persons. That's a flexible size for developing tours that will delight travelers and cater to their particular needs.

Why charter flight instead of scheduled airlines?  Why not? The benefits are so many that you'll wonder why you didn't offer these tours a long time ago. Some of the benefits include:

  • No extra charge for luggage or name changes.
  • Plane-side security check-in on the ramp for private charters. 
  • Custom departure times, at the convenience of your group, can also ensure a convenient arrival time at your destination.
  • Direct Flights.  In most cases, the flight will be direct. Long distances may require fueling stops, but flyers wait on the plane. No disembarking necessary.
  • Meals available in-flight can be standard or customized according to dietary, religious, or gourmet needs.
  • In-flight videos and personal DVD outlets for each traveler.

Contact us today to start planning how to make group travel a major part of your business.  With Miami Air International as your partner, you can create group travel that will dazzle your clients and leave them with memories to last a lifetime.

Executive Charters Make Travel Smooth & Relaxing

by Admin 19. July 2013

Think of it.  Fly anywhere, anytime and customize your cabin in any configuration to fit your specific needs.  For over 20 years, Miami Air International has accommodated our clientele with superior customer service and unmatched flexibility.  Certified by not only the Federal Aviation Administration but also the Department of Defense, our fleet of Boeing 737s are ready and waiting for you to book a direct air or  an on-demand charter for your group or private travels.  

 With aircraft positioned all over the US and overseas, we have transported sports teams to their next big event regardless of place and time.   Renowned entertainers have enjoyed a level of services and amenities that ensure comfort and privacy.  Our relationship with the DOD has allowed us the opportunity to serve our military with their charter needs.  In the fast-paced ever changing needs of the business world, our flexibility has been called upon to transport executives and corporate members around the world.    

 Quite simply, superior services are what keeps our customers flying with Miami Air International.  The trials and stress of traditional airport check-in, security screening and boarding can be avoided.   What better way to promote your corporation then when your group boards they are greeted with the company logo on their headrests, their coffee mugs and their napkins?   Flight attendants can serve and assist wearing company logo decorated aprons.  Tired of peeling back the covering over the plastic tray put down in front of you with your food in little compartments?   Dine off of fine china food that has been selected and prepared using a preferred restaurant vendor.  Perhaps your meal needs are such that you utilize our option of customized meals from a menu that was personally created.  In short, no matter what in-cabin needs you have we can deliver. 

So sit back, relax and sip your cocktail.  Let Miami Air International whisk you away to any destination at any time.  Think of it.