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A Miami Air Direct Charter Flight Accommodates in Ways Commercial Airlines Cannot

by Karen 28. June 2013

The competition in the business world today is intense.  Companies are getting contracts and need to move people and equipment around the country or the world to meet their obligations.  Many times there is too much on the line to trust commercial airlines with getting everything needed to the right place at the same time.  This is when it’s important to use a direct charter flight from Miami Air International to make it happen. 

Many times companies have used commercial airlines and had some of their key people or equipment stranded at airports.  This can cause delays and create stress between the business and their customer.  A direct charter flight can ensure important equipment and essential personal all arrive at the designated location together and at the proper time. 

A direct charter flight could prove extremely valuable if the project is being worked on at various locations.  Key executives and other workers will not be hampered by trying to find and schedule a flight.  Using a direct charter will enable people to quickly and easily travel to exact locations where the work is being performed.  There is no need to worry about commercial any flight schedule. 

A charter flight can even be customized.  Providing videos about the company as well as the project is possible.  Specific videos and can be chosen for entertainment.  A charter flight can even provide seats that have headrest covers with the company’s logo on them.  A company can even decide on the level of service to be provided during each flight. 

All the people on a charter flight will be focused on the company’s business.  There will be nobody on the flight who is not involved with the project.  This makes charter flights very productive.  Decisions can be made and plans created.  A plane can become a fully functioning business office and conference room.  

When a company wants to have all their key personnel and equipment at a specific location at the same time they need to contact Miami Air International. It could be the key to success in an important business venture.  

Miami Air International Completes the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run 5K

by Karen 14. May 2013



Twenty-four Miami Air International employees laced up their running shoes for the 2013 Mercedes Benz Corporate Run in Miami on April 25th. They joined a record crowd of more than 25,000 people from 832 South Florida corporations who ran or walked the 3.1 mile downtown course. Miami Air International is very proud of all 24 of its employees who completed the Mercedes Benz 5K.  They chose to participate in order to support their Miami community and to add fitness to their lives.  

The Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run is an institution in South Florida and has become one of the top five 5K races in the nation.  Mercedes-Benz began the the Corporate Run Series to promote running and walking as a means to a fit and healthy lifestyle for people from all areas of corporate life.  When corporations such as Miami Air International participate, it helps to foster community spirit and the benefits of fitness in the workplace. A healthy employee is a benefit to the corporation.  Employees who are physically fit are more productive, take fewer sick days, and are able to maintain a higher level of energy throughout the work day. 

In addition to participating in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run which benefits the South Florida Chapter of the American Red Cross, Miami Air International is proud to be one of the Corporate Dreammakers and sponsors of the Sunshine Foundation's Annual Dreamlifts flights. The Sunshine Foundation's sole purpose is to answer the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged, and abused children.  Miami Air International is also a supporter of the Honor Network transporting Veterans to the WWII memorial in Washington DC.

Miami’s Corporate Run ended where it began, at Bayfront Park with hundreds of tents filled with post-race refreshments, where the Miami Air International team met to discuss their strategy for the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run in 2014.

For over 20 years, Miami Air International has strived to be the ultimate charter airline by offering impeccable service and convenience. We do this by using state-of-the-art aircraft, safety procedures, and through a dedication to our passengers.  For information on chartering a private aircraft for your group, contact us today.






Fan flights follow the sun to baseball spring training

by Admin 1. March 2013

The boys of summer will spring into action as Major League Baseball shakes off the frozen cobwebs of winter. The spring training season gets under way shortly and in the cities with the best winter weather. If you’re looking for an early taste of good weather for your corporate or social group, consider arranging a chartered fan flight.

Your spring training destinations and schedule

Major League Baseball divides its spring training schedule between the two places that have the best late winter and early spring weather: Arizona and Florida.

The Arizona Cactus League hosts teams as far north as Milwaukee and Chicago. They play at ball fields clustered around the Phoenix area.  Florida’s Grapefruit League has training facilities on both southern coasts of Florida, with three teams’ headquarters (Detroit, Atlanta and Houston) clustered toward the central cities of Barlow and St. Cloud.

Spring training begins in late February and runs all the way through the end of March. The Florida Grapefruit schedule begins in earnest on Saturday, February 22nd with a full slate of games. Arizona’s Cactus League kicks off a limited Friday evening, February 21st three-game slate with a full schedule commencing Saturday, February 22nd.  Both leagues play every day until March 30th.

Book a fan flight

You may be scheduling a seminar or arranging an incentive getaway excursion for your corporate group. Coupling a fan flight to a spring training city along with your end-of-winter event will add an exciting touch everyone can warm up to. It’s all about teamwork, and even those not into baseball will get the message.

Skip the airport hassle and leave the cold behind

The convenience and enjoyment of chartered fan flights begin at the air terminal when your passengers are spared the check-in and long security screening lines. Don’t worry of about luggage restrictions; every piece your fan-flight group brings is stored and ready for quick distribution at your destination.

Enjoy the great refreshments and a first-class meal on real chinaware and customized seating arrangements. Since chartered fan flights are one-stop, the next time your group debarks will be at the airport closest to your final spring training destination.

Let Miami Air International be your fan-flight service

What’s next? Contact us and we’ll help you with all the planning and information you need for your fan flight. Send us a price quote request and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We don’t sell individual seats, so you have all the passenger manifest flexibility you need to make your passenger management task simple as a walk to first base.