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Book a Private Charter and Enjoy Belize’s Best Sports Spots

by Karen 27. September 2013

Are you looking for an exciting sports destination for your group that is reachable by a private charter aircraft? If so, you may want to point your compass in the direction of Belize. Located just a little over two hours from Miami, Florida, it is an incredibly beautiful, diverse and action-packed place.


Caving is just one of the many sports activities on offer in Belize. There are multiple caves to choose from. One of the more popular spots is the Actun Tunichil Muknal. The locals sometimes refer to it as ATM. What sets this Belize cave above the rest is its history, limestone formations and challenging terrain. In some areas, it is full of water. So be sure to bring the appropriate gear. Otherwise, your day of caving will be cut short.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Speaking of which, in Belize there are amazing places to scuba dive and snorkel too. Take the Blue Hole for example. Home to an abundant amount of sharks, it is more than 400 feet deep and roughly 1,000 feet wide. Many adrenaline junkies brave its depths each year and live to tell the tale.

If the idea of swimming with sharks is a bit much for your group to handle, you may want to visit the 30 foot deep Hol Chan Marine Reserve instead. It is home to friendlier creatures like yellow fin grouper and coral. However, you may also run into a few barracuda. So be on the lookout for the toothy beasts.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Lasting, your sports-minded group may enjoy exploring the Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve. It offers opportunities to commune with sea turtles, Queen conch and a handful of more ferocious creatures. Among them are saltwater crocs, jaguars and pumas.

To experience these and other sports hot spots, contact us by calling (305) 876-3600 or (877) 535-9624. We’d be delighted to help your sports minded group book a private charter to the action packed shores of Belize.


Get out of the corporate rut with early summer charter flights to Jackson Hole

by Karen 2. May 2013

There’s no place like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for corporate getaways, conferences, or just recharging the batteries. As the winter cobwebs dissipate and the snow melts from the breathtaking Wyoming mountain landscapes, Jackson Hole offers an unequaled venue for conferences, outdoor activities and side trips to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.

In planning your upcoming early summer getaway, you should seriously consider corporate charter flights

Here are some very good reasons:

  • One reservation covers everyone. Busy executives and managers typically delegate making commercial travel arrangements to their support staff. One reservation requires either a phone call or a web search that results in a maddening array of options involving costs, takeoff times, connections and return travel, which may or may not be on the same carrier. All that aggravation and duplication of effort goes away with a single charter flight arrangement.
  • Next stop: Jackson Hole.  That next stop is really your only stop, even if your flight originates from somewhere that normally requires commercial connections to a major flight hub.
  • On board service is far above commercial standards. Just as Jackson Hole offers a wide variety of great conferencing services, your charter flight can be tailored to your travelers’ preferences.  Seating, catered meals and inclusion of you corporate logo on napkins and seat backs all add a VIP touch that promotes just the bonding and team spirit that motivated the journey to Jackson Hole in the first place.
  • Relaxation and worry-free logistics lower stress and work for everyone. Your travelers’ charter flight experience begins with bypassing the usual hassles of the ticket counter, luggage check-in charges and long lines at security. You have the flexibility of last-minute changes or additions to the passenger manifest without the re-ticketing fees. Likewise, do not look for extra luggage charges. The entire luggage hold of the aircraft is dedicated to your charter.
  • One reservation means no travel reimbursement claims processing. When the trip is finished and your travelers return sundrenched and recharged from their Jackson Hole experience, your finance people can likewise relax. There are no meal, transportation and ticketing advances or claims to deal with.  You are a hero and are basking in the glow of your wise choice: a charter flight.

Whether you need a charter flight to Jackson Hole or the LA Basin, contact us.  Our modern Boeing jets are at your service. 

Why use a private charter for meeting travel?

by Karen 27. August 2012

That important conference, conclave or meeting looms on your corporate planning calendar and it will be in Las Vegas. Your company headquarters is in Chicago, but your have regional reps going and need to gather them at your corporate headquarters for a pre-meeting for strategy and coordination. When that first meeting is passed and everyone is on the same page, consider a private charter for that upcoming meeting travel to Las Vegas.

Starting off on a positive note

The enthusiasm that comes almost as a holiday spirit as your reps enjoy the sights and experience of Chicago gets your event off to a great start. Armed with their agenda and conference notes, your reps begin a sort of re-bonding process that comes with common goals and reemphasizing the company mission.

Keeping your team together

Rather than adjourning to reconvene in Las Vegas separately, booking a charter flight is the better alternative. Your logistical staff keeps everyone together as the excitement builds. With no distracting time and schedule constraints, your reps become even more creative and innovative and the phenomenon of the whole being more than the sum of its parts take over the group dynamics from the outset.

Making the team travel experience first class

As your group boards the private charter service, which has thoughtfully included your company logo on seatback covers and paper napkins, your reps feel proud to belong to such a first-class outfit and settle in comfortably. Rather than just a bag of salted peanuts, the food is actually restaurant quality and the snacks and drinks are plentiful. Your In-flight coordinator is available to discuss the customized meal preferences for your charter flight in advance.

During the flight, everyone settles back and relaxes as they read and discuss the company literature pertaining to the upcoming conference. The white papers, agenda your Board of Directors wants to push are beginning to sink into the psyche and “corporate memory” of your group. Everyone, at last, is focused on what needs to be accomplished during the upcoming meeting.

On the ground and ready to work

The flight was smooth, and the service was great. Your reps are shuttled to their hotel rooms with their luggage that was diverted directly to your bus transportation (no standing by those slowly moving airport carousels for your reps!).  They arrive at the hotel refreshed and energized and ready for a successful meeting or conference.

The above Las Vegas scenario is no gamble.

The hypothetical meeting travel scenario alluded to above is neither unrealistic nor far from the realm of reality. At Miami Air International we specialize in making your flight a memorable experience and our clients love our service. Contact us for a quote request, or fill out our contact form if it is more convenient for us to contact you.