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Catch the Leaves at their Peak

by Karen 5. September 2013

If your group is looking for the perfect fall getaway, think no further than the leaf peeping season in New England. When you charter a private jet to take you there, you don’t have to worry about finding enough airline seats to accommodate everyone, and you can choose which of the various smaller New England airports you would prefer to fly into, rather than battling the Boston or New York traffic.

A getaway to New England during leaf peeping season allows you to truly experience autumn at its finest. With clear blue skies, a crisp hint of frost in the air, and roadside stands overflowing with large orange pumpkins, crisp fresh apples in dozens of colors and sizes, and fresh-pressed apple cider, there will be plenty to tempt your taste buds and camera lens as well as your eyes. When you go with a group, you have the chance to share these experiences with each other, and have plenty of stories to relive when winter sets in.

While New England is best known for its foliage, upstate New York and Pennsylvania also have spectacular fall color displays. Imagine your group, relaxed in Adirondack chairs and sipping glasses of wine as you gaze across a valley painted in bright shades of yellow, gold, red and green. If you have the time, you might even hop in your jet from one state to another, following the changing colors south over the course of a couple of weeks, and giving yourselves a chance to relax in each destination and get to know the area.

When utilizing a private jet rather than commercial air service, you can also change your travel plans as needed, in case the weather does not change as forecasted, and the leaf season is delayed. So contact us today to plan your group’s fall itinerary.

Travel Agents - Use Aviation Charters to Grow Your Business

by Admin 25. July 2013

If you're a travel agent specializing in group travel, or if you'd like to expand into group travel, Aviation Charters are the way to make it simple for your clients to get from one place to another.  Miami Air International is a charter-only airline that can fly your group around the world in style and comfort.

As a travel agent, and like any other business professional, you are always looking for ways to generate more revenue. Expanding into group travel is a way to do this. There are many groups that would fit easily into this niche, many in your local area. Some of the groups you might solicit to use this service include:

  • Large businesses traveling to conferences or trade shows.
  • Incentive winners from one business or several grouped together. Offer this to smaller businesses who need sales incentives but may not have the large numbers needed to charter a plane.
  • Leisure travelers from a senior center, a senior residential community, a college alumni association or any other group.
  • Educational travel of students from your local high school, junior college, or university.

These types of groups, as well as many others, could be offered a travel package including the flight, accommodations, and sightseeing customized for interest and activity level. Miami Air has planes that carry as few as 68 persons or as many as 172 persons. That's a flexible size for developing tours that will delight travelers and cater to their particular needs.

Why charter flight instead of scheduled airlines?  Why not? The benefits are so many that you'll wonder why you didn't offer these tours a long time ago. Some of the benefits include:

  • No extra charge for luggage or name changes.
  • Plane-side security check-in on the ramp for private charters. 
  • Custom departure times, at the convenience of your group, can also ensure a convenient arrival time at your destination.
  • Direct Flights.  In most cases, the flight will be direct. Long distances may require fueling stops, but flyers wait on the plane. No disembarking necessary.
  • Meals available in-flight can be standard or customized according to dietary, religious, or gourmet needs.
  • In-flight videos and personal DVD outlets for each traveler.

Contact us today to start planning how to make group travel a major part of your business.  With Miami Air International as your partner, you can create group travel that will dazzle your clients and leave them with memories to last a lifetime.

A Miami Air Direct Charter Flight Accommodates in Ways Commercial Airlines Cannot

by Karen 28. June 2013

The competition in the business world today is intense.  Companies are getting contracts and need to move people and equipment around the country or the world to meet their obligations.  Many times there is too much on the line to trust commercial airlines with getting everything needed to the right place at the same time.  This is when it’s important to use a direct charter flight from Miami Air International to make it happen. 

Many times companies have used commercial airlines and had some of their key people or equipment stranded at airports.  This can cause delays and create stress between the business and their customer.  A direct charter flight can ensure important equipment and essential personal all arrive at the designated location together and at the proper time. 

A direct charter flight could prove extremely valuable if the project is being worked on at various locations.  Key executives and other workers will not be hampered by trying to find and schedule a flight.  Using a direct charter will enable people to quickly and easily travel to exact locations where the work is being performed.  There is no need to worry about commercial any flight schedule. 

A charter flight can even be customized.  Providing videos about the company as well as the project is possible.  Specific videos and can be chosen for entertainment.  A charter flight can even provide seats that have headrest covers with the company’s logo on them.  A company can even decide on the level of service to be provided during each flight. 

All the people on a charter flight will be focused on the company’s business.  There will be nobody on the flight who is not involved with the project.  This makes charter flights very productive.  Decisions can be made and plans created.  A plane can become a fully functioning business office and conference room.  

When a company wants to have all their key personnel and equipment at a specific location at the same time they need to contact Miami Air International. It could be the key to success in an important business venture.