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Executive Charters Make Travel Smooth & Relaxing

by Admin 19. July 2013

Think of it.  Fly anywhere, anytime and customize your cabin in any configuration to fit your specific needs.  For over 20 years, Miami Air International has accommodated our clientele with superior customer service and unmatched flexibility.  Certified by not only the Federal Aviation Administration but also the Department of Defense, our fleet of Boeing 737s are ready and waiting for you to book a direct air or  an on-demand charter for your group or private travels.  

 With aircraft positioned all over the US and overseas, we have transported sports teams to their next big event regardless of place and time.   Renowned entertainers have enjoyed a level of services and amenities that ensure comfort and privacy.  Our relationship with the DOD has allowed us the opportunity to serve our military with their charter needs.  In the fast-paced ever changing needs of the business world, our flexibility has been called upon to transport executives and corporate members around the world.    

 Quite simply, superior services are what keeps our customers flying with Miami Air International.  The trials and stress of traditional airport check-in, security screening and boarding can be avoided.   What better way to promote your corporation then when your group boards they are greeted with the company logo on their headrests, their coffee mugs and their napkins?   Flight attendants can serve and assist wearing company logo decorated aprons.  Tired of peeling back the covering over the plastic tray put down in front of you with your food in little compartments?   Dine off of fine china food that has been selected and prepared using a preferred restaurant vendor.  Perhaps your meal needs are such that you utilize our option of customized meals from a menu that was personally created.  In short, no matter what in-cabin needs you have we can deliver. 

So sit back, relax and sip your cocktail.  Let Miami Air International whisk you away to any destination at any time.  Think of it.  

A Miami Air Direct Charter Flight Accommodates in Ways Commercial Airlines Cannot

by Karen 28. June 2013

The competition in the business world today is intense.  Companies are getting contracts and need to move people and equipment around the country or the world to meet their obligations.  Many times there is too much on the line to trust commercial airlines with getting everything needed to the right place at the same time.  This is when it’s important to use a direct charter flight from Miami Air International to make it happen. 

Many times companies have used commercial airlines and had some of their key people or equipment stranded at airports.  This can cause delays and create stress between the business and their customer.  A direct charter flight can ensure important equipment and essential personal all arrive at the designated location together and at the proper time. 

A direct charter flight could prove extremely valuable if the project is being worked on at various locations.  Key executives and other workers will not be hampered by trying to find and schedule a flight.  Using a direct charter will enable people to quickly and easily travel to exact locations where the work is being performed.  There is no need to worry about commercial any flight schedule. 

A charter flight can even be customized.  Providing videos about the company as well as the project is possible.  Specific videos and can be chosen for entertainment.  A charter flight can even provide seats that have headrest covers with the company’s logo on them.  A company can even decide on the level of service to be provided during each flight. 

All the people on a charter flight will be focused on the company’s business.  There will be nobody on the flight who is not involved with the project.  This makes charter flights very productive.  Decisions can be made and plans created.  A plane can become a fully functioning business office and conference room.  

When a company wants to have all their key personnel and equipment at a specific location at the same time they need to contact Miami Air International. It could be the key to success in an important business venture.  

Great Educational Group Travel Destinations for the Summer

by Admin 20. June 2013

Summer is here, which for children means a welcome break from school. For professional educators, it means a chance to focus on furthering your own education, or just an opportunity to immerse yourselves in the rich tapestry of incredible museum offerings available.

When it comes to group travel, we envision groups of elite educators, and their friends and families, availing themselves of some of the great opportunities for further education with charter flights to destinations that allow you to focus on some of this country’s amazing, educational museum exhibits.

New York is always a prime destination for incredible cultural experiences. Of particular note are the following exhibits:

  • The Brooklyn Museum has an exhibit entitled "Workt by Hand": Hidden Labor and Historical Quilt, which showcases American and European quilts of exceptional quality and discusses “anonymity, authorship and collectivity,” which nicely dovetails with the group theme.
  • MOMA has an exhibit, Claes Oldenburg: The Street and The Store, that will help your group connect with New York City, as Oldenburg uses everyday objects to “create an immersive panorama of a gritty and bustling city.”
  • Another intriguing MOMA exhibit is Hand Signals: Digits, Fists, and Talons, which traces the amazing variety of uses to which hands are put in twentieth-century graphic art. This exhibit might jump-start teachers’ brains with inventive ideas for the use of their own hands, and those of their students, in creating new classroom graphic arts.

On the other side of the country, there are some great exhibits in San Francisco:

Are you ready for some amazing summer group travel? Contact us today to launch your educational summer tour.