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In Need of a 100-plus Seat Aircraft?

by Admin 30. December 2016

When it comes to chartering a private flight, you may run into difficulty finding a big enough plane if you have a large group you are planning for. However, Miami Air International has a 100-plus seat aircraft available for whatever you need. Miami Air International serves professional and collegiate sports teams, dignitaries and high-profile individuals, entertainment industry production teams, and corporate flights.

For our wide variety of clients, we have developed specialized services including seating for up to 168 passengers in coach seats or 68 business seats. So no matter the size of your party, we can accommodate you. Our fleet includes a 737-400 and a 737-800 for your different needs. Our 737-800 can fly non-stop to most U.S. and Canadian destinations as well as many popular destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. We can also get to Hawaii from the west coast. The 737-800 is our plane that seats 168 people but if you have a smaller party and prefer more luxurious seating, we can reconfigure the plane to have 68 first-class seats. It also has two full galleys to serve your team throughout the flight.

You can see the obvious advantages to chartering a flight from Miami Air. In most cases, we are able to fly non-stop and offer the privacy your organization needs. Whether you are a company celebrating your hard-working employees with an incentive trip or taking your crew on tour from city to city, we offer a better charter flight experience. For more information on hiring a charter flight for over 100 people from Miami Air International, contact us today.

Charter Flights and Peak Performance

by Admin 18. May 2016

Many advantages come from using chartered flights over public air travel--just ask the Boise State men’s basketball team.  Airlines often cancel or delay public flights, leading to long bus rides that often get in the way of athletic preparation. In the Mountain West Conference, both dramatic weather and the use of small to mid-sized airports result in significant advantages to teams that can fund charter flights. Colorado State University charters every flight and has noticed a measurable improvement in their basketball performance.

Boise State increased their use of charter flights this year, and coach Leon Rice already sees a difference in the program's success. In addition to arriving to the game in peak condition, Boise State's athletes are getting more rest, attending classes more regularly, and experiencing less need for medical treatment. Rice states:

I think it minimizes sickness, because you're not on a public plane where everyone's coughing on you and that kind of thing… It's huge for the program. The more we can do those, it helps the team.

Just recently, the University of Nevada had a flight cancelled to Salt Lake City, forcing them to rent a bus to travel from Reno to Utah to play Utah State. Busses lead to cramped legs and late arrivals when the difference between winning and losing could come down to just one score.

Rice states, “It's a big advantage to the programs that do it. If we want to be in the top of the Mountain West, we have to do those kinds of things.”

If you belong to an organization interested in chartered air travel, contact us and notice the difference it can make for you!

Incentive Jet to New Hampshire: A Great Way to Help Top Employees Unwind

by Karen 17. July 2014

With an average summer temperature in the mid to upper 80s, the City of Portsmith, New Hampshire, is a great place to send valuable employees for a bit of  R & R. So why not plan on charting an incentive jet to the Portsmouth International Airport and letting the whole lot of them enjoy the last days of summer?

When you book our incentive jets to transport groups of your best employees to Portsmouth, make arrangements to take advantage of our five-star amenities. Host a send-off party at the airport that includes some of what the Live Free or Die State is known for, fresh seafood. Great dishes to consider including on the send off menu are lobster rolls, clams casino, seafood Alfredo and crab cakes.

After the party, get everyone on board our incentive jet and let them relax in our reclining seats. Then upon request, our in-flight crew can make the cabin rounds with beverage carts stocked with New Hampshire’s best craft beers and wines. Ones that may fit into your theme are Smuttynose Brewery’s Summer Weizen, Red Hook’s Long Hammer and Flag Hill Winery’s Raspberry Fruit Wine or Cayuga White.

While everyone’s sipping their wine and beer en route to Portsmith, we can also show them films using our in-flight entertainment system. Personally, we think that choosing films slated to be highlighted at this year’s New Hampshire Film Festival would be a nice touch. Two films expected to be spotlighted in 2014 are Blackfish and Labor Day.

If you don’t want to show films or sip New Hampshire’s finest, adult beverages aboard our incentive jets, don’t worry. We can work with you to come up with an acceptable form of in-flight entertainment, menu and customized amenities. To learn more about how our incentive jet flights are perfect for group jaunts to New Hampshire and other parts of the world, please contact us today.