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Aircraft Charters to California: See Yosemite Decked Out in Its Winter Finery

by Robert 11. December 2014

So your winter travel club has already been to Lake Tahoe, Mt. Shasta, Mammoth Mountain and whale watching along California’s coast. Now everyone is pressuring you to come up with a group trip that offers something different. May we suggest booking an aircraft charter and flying them out to see Yosemite decked out in its winter finery? The park is open daily, year round and the roads are accessible, weather permitting.

Arrange for your group to meet us at the best airport or airports of your choosing and we’ll take ever step needed to make it a one of a kind flying experience for them. For example, we can setup a Yosemite themed welcome reception, hand out customized newsletters about what they’ll experience on tour and outfit the plane’s interior with all things uniquely Californian.

Plus, they can feel free to pack their own snowshoes, cross-country skis, snowboards, snow tubes and ice skates. We don’t burden our aircraft charter guests with unwanted fees and complicated baggage restrictions. And those that do plan on hitting Yosemite’s trails or ice skating rink will be able to use their laptops in-flight to check on the latest weather conditions before our aircraft charters land.

To discover more about these and other ways we can help make your group’s flight to Yosemite one worth remembering, please contact us. Then ask to speak with one of us about our five star aircraft charters.

Aviation Charters to the 2015 Tech Superwomen Summit in SF are Available

by Robert 1. December 2014

In January 2015, tech savvy superwomen from across the nation will be descending on San Francisco, California for what promises to be an amazing, inaugural event. Many of the top women in tech are expected to participate and if you and your corporate sisters would like to be a part of it too, now’s the time to act. We’ve got aviation charters that can safely get all of your business’ fearless women to the summit and back again aggravation free.

Fly into San Francisco International Airport aboard one of our Boeing 737 aircraft and we can have a welcome reception ready for your tech team by the time your high heels hit the tarmac. The airport also has complimentary Wi-Fi, work stations and power outlets available where your group may check-in with the home office or charge up their business essentials. From there, you’ll be able to find group ground transportation to the Mission Bay Conference Center, which is where the summit is taking place.

The 43-acre complex features a 123-seat pub where everyone may grab something to eat, log onto the internet or watch television in between summit meetings. The center is not equipped to accommodate overnight visitors but there are lodging establishments nearby that are fitting for superwomen on a mission. Two to consider are the Hilton San Francisco Financial District and the Hotel Griffon.

Both typically offer luxury ground transportation to guests that are in town for corporate events. Plus, the first hotel that we mentioned has an executive lounge, same day laundry services, round-the-clock business center and fitness area onsite. Don’t wait too long to make group reservations though. With all of the exciting guests on tap to speak at the summit, we suspect that the entire area will be packed with visitors.

For more information on aviation charters that will take you and your coworkers to the tech industry’s best events, please contact us today. We can even arrange private, branded flights for your tech company’s most valued clients.

Exclusive Air Charters to Martinique: Warm Those Toes in the Lesser Antilles

by Admin 6. November 2014

Are you tired of having frozen toes, achy hands, red ears, post nasal drip and a box of tissues as your constant companion? If so, it’s time to gather the group and book exclusive air charters to Martinique. We’ll help you fly out of any airport of your choosing to the Lesser Antilles so you can thaw out on this 436-square mile stretch of paradise. If you and yours decide to take us up on the offer, here’s what you absolutely need to know:

Our state of the art Boeing aircraft are among the safest, most luxurious in the nation and we can customize their interiors to suit. There are no per-piece baggage fees, bag size restrictions, passenger name change penalties or ticketing fees involved. Plus, we offer a service guarantee to all of our exclusive air charter clientele, no matter the destination.

Most exclusive air charter flights to Martinique from Miami will take an average of 3.5 hours but we promise, you won’t be bored, thirsty or hungry. Our attentive, in-flight staff will be at the ready with gourmet foods, top shelf liquor, beer, wine and entertainment. Just let our concierges know of your group’s preferences well in advance of the scheduled departure date.

Speaking of which, try scheduling your group’s exclusive air charter departure date for sometime after October 31st. That way, you’re sure to bypass the island’s rainy season. It tends to kick off in early August and end in late October. As for the air temperatures and humidity, expect them both to be in the high 70s on most winter days and a little bit lower in the evening hours.

The time zone is UTC and sunset tends to occur around 3 or 4 p.m. On most days of the year, daylight normally peeks through the clouds around 5 or 6 a.m. With that said, it’s always nice to choose a beachfront hotel with panoramic views of either daily occurrence.

French, Creole and English are the three main languages you’ll hear spoken on the island and you’ll need to exchange your US dollars for the Euro. Electrical service at area lodging establishments tends to be 220 volts/50 AC, so a travel plug kit may be needed.

To learn more about booking exclusive air charters to Martinique, please contact us today. We can help put you and yours on the best islands year round.