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Exclusive Air Charters to the Caribbean: Spotlight on Jamaica

by Robert 27. March 2015

Can you here the tinkle of the ice cubes hitting the glass and the unmistakable sound of steel drums bouncing off of the swaying palm trees? There is also that smell of aromatic, tropical cuisine floating through the warm, salty air. Do you know where you are yet? Yes, it’s the popular Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Its 4,200-square miles make the tropical paradise literally one of the biggest destinations in the Caribbean, not to mention the Greater Antilles. Fly there with your group aboard exclusive air charters and experience it for yourselves.

Sip glasses of top-shelf, Jamaican rum in-flight and when you touch down, be sure to check out the island’s celebrated distilleries. On the list of “must stops” is Appleton Estates. They’ve been producing some of the finest amber rum this side of the equator since 1749. Take their rum tour and walk away with a beautiful, cork finished, wooden box filled with their best offerings.

Another stop to put on your group’s tour list is Blackwell Rum. It’s made by a family with deep ties to the island’s rum heritage and Jamaican reggae. Plus, their bottles look like something that Calico Jack and the other pirates would have carried around Port Royal in the 17th Century. You don’t get more authentic Caribbean than that my friends!

When you’re finished chasing down the world’s best rum, sample Jamaica’s best cuisine at places like Lyming at Walkerswood, Bloomfield Great House and Cardiff Hall. Then take in the island’s rich nightlife, including an after-hours reggae concert. It would pair perfectly with a trip to the Bob Marley Museum and music recording studio tours. You’ll typically find them on offer in the exciting City of Kingston.

To learn more about exclusive air charters to Jamaica and make plans to get your beach sandals on, please contact us today. We can customize year round flights to Jamaica with premium, unique  amenities that will leave you and your group awestruck.

Exclusive Charters to Idaho’s Famous Hot Springs: Let Us Pamper Your Group

by Robert 26. March 2015

It’s home to the newly minted, “True Breakfast Burrito Byway”, gourmet cuisine, film trails, cowboy tales and more things to do than a person can shake a spur at. So, it’s no great surprise that people love to visit New Mexico. If you’re itching to join them, may we recommend booking our air charters? We can pick your group up, wherever they are, and fly them in to any number of New Mexico airports. One of the most popular is Albuquerque International Sunsport. It’s located off Interstate 25 and within access of Bernalillo County’s greatest attractions.

Start your group tour in Albuquerque with one of those true breakfast burritos that everyone has heard so much about. Then spread out to enjoy such places as Old Town Albuquerque, Nob Hill, Salt Missions, Jemez Mountain, cultural centers, museums and the Turquoise Trail. You can even get your “kicks on Route 66” while you’re there. After exploring the heart of the city, consider gathering your group together and heading to New Mexico’s wine country.

There are several vineyards in Albuquerque that welcome air charter groups. The list includes Gruet, St. Clair and Tierra Encantada. St. Clair is a perfect stop for groups that want to enjoy dinner too. That’s because they have an elegant bistro on location. It even won an Open Table™ Diners’ Choice award this year. They serve lunch, dinner and plenty of fine wine. Plus, the bistro has its own signature meals. Among them are burgers loaded with sautéed jalapenos and a to-die-for gnocchi Bolognese.

When everyone is done wiping their mouths and pushing their chairs back from the tables, round them up and go. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino awaits their arrival! They can choose to stay up all night courting those one-armed banditos or slumber soundly until morning. To find out more about booking air charters to New Mexico, please contact us at Miami Air International today. We can customize your group’s private flight with a southwestern theme and make it a memorable occasion, no matter when you decide to depart.

Private Jet Charters to Las Vegas: Fly In and Get Well, Learn or Help Others

by Admin 20. February 2015

Nevada is increasingly becoming the place to go for health and wellness. So much so, that news stories have previously noted people are even going as far as booking private jet charters to fly into the state and attend to certain healthcare needs. At Miami Air International, we specialize in providing private jet charters to a variety of locations, including Nevada. Consequently, we can assist groups of medical professionals and consumers looking to visit health and wellness destinations in the state.

Las Vegas is said to be one of the most sought after destinations because of all the healthcare and wellness facilities that exist in the city. Thus, we are more than happy to transport private groups to McCarran International Airport. From there, professionals and consumers alike will be able to pick up a rental vehicle and head towards destinations like teaching hospitals, medical universities, clinical pathology labs, specialty clinics and medical conventions. And when they are finished with their health and wellness business, we can discretely fly them back home in comfort.

It should also be noted that the cargo area of our jet charters are capable of holding medical equipment and supplies. We do not charge exorbitant baggage fees or restrict each passenger to a few items. Consequently, our private jets are perfect for medical teams headed to Vegas or other destinations on missions of mercy. They’ll be able to safely transport what they need to tend to disadvantaged patients without having to pay for the extra storage space.

Furthermore, our jet charter services include the option of requesting wholesome, gourmet foods and beverages. As such, passengers who have certain dietary needs or preferences can be accommodated with advance notice. To learn more about booking jet charters for a variety of professional health and wellness missions, please contact us today.