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Team Jet Sports Flights are Ready for the Season

by Robert 31. August 2015

After months of training, another college football season is finally here. The schedule is set and your team is ready for the first snap, but getting the team to the "away" games safely and comfortably can be daunting. Let Miami Air International handle all the details of team travel with our specialized Team Jet service. From liftoff to landing we've thought of everything to ensure safe, comfortable, and worry-free travel. 

Here is why Miami Air International's Team Jet sports flights are the best choice for your team's travel needs every football season:

  • Private transportation for the entire team with coach configuration so your time in the air is both comfortable and productive. 
  • A Team Concierge travels with you to attend to all of your needs. 
  • Hearty and delicious catering is offered, including nutritious food and drinks, to ensure your team is fueled for the game. 
  • 1-hour convenience flight holds reduce the stress from unexpected events like game delays and overtime. 
  • De-icing is complimentary.
  • Flexible pricing makes Team Jet affordable while offering upgrades and value-added services at your discretion.
  • Worry-free aircraft availability during playoff season with our pre-commitment feature.
  • Safety is top priority as we ensure that our pilots have completed the current, most comprehensive level of the FAA Safety Management System pilot program, Level 4.
  • Twenty-three years of profitability and a $1 billion liability insurance policy ensure the safety of your investment while we secure your deposit in escrow.  


Miami Air International provides a customized travel experience with unparalleled attention to detail. Your team is our priority both on the ground and in the air. Please feel free to contact us for personalized service or additional information. You can also request a quote, using our simple online form, and a representative will contact you within 24 hours. Take the worry out of team travel with luxurious, affordable Team Jet by Miami Air International.

Rethinking the Definition of "Economy"

by Robert 15. June 2015
Trying to get your group to an event or meeting? Mention the word “economy” and “air travel” in the same breath, and the response is always the same: a very loud groan. It's pure misery these days. Now try combining “economy” with “charter”... and expect to hear a gasp.

Impossible, they'll tell you. But you can just smile. You have the perfect solution, Miami Air International.

Getting a group of 68-168 people somewhere seems like an enormous and expensive task. Coordinating individual flights on commercial airlines is a logistical nightmare. And the cheaper the airfare, the higher the add-on fees: baggage, aisle seats, priority boarding, food ... Forget about cancellation fees or having someone take your place. The costs can skyrocket. Your budget explodes.

Remember that time and energy have value, too. Instead of trying to get people to the same place at the same time--across the U.S. or internationally--consider the financial benefits of air charter:
  • Your group can meet at a convenient and affordable hub airport.
  • The entire baggage hold is dedicated to your trip--no charge for multiple or heavy luggage.
  • The passenger manifest can be changed as often as needed before take-off.
  • In the event of a company-related delay, transportation on another carrier is provided without charge.
  • Without the hassles of tickets, check-in, or long lines, passengers can save time at private airports.
  • The outstanding service and attention to your group's unique needs means that everyone arrives at the destination relaxed and ready to roll.
  • Unsurpassed safety standards means peace of mind for everyone.
As they say in the ad: “Priceless.”
When you're ready to redefine economy, just contact us. We're excited to help you with your air travel needs.

Exclusive Charters to Idaho’s Famous Hot Springs: Let Us Pamper Your Group

by Admin 7. April 2015

Why not forget the trip to Arkansas and book an exclusive charter  to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, instead? Tucked away in Bannock County, it is home to world-renowned hot springs, mineral baths, massage parlors, spas, romantic restaurants and a few golf courses. Plus, it tends to be less crowded than other locations that boast similar diversions. Here are great ways to pamper your group before, during and after their charter flight:

Choose an airport that has meeting space for rent and work with us to set up a relaxing, pre-boarding event. We can have beauty professionals or chair massage specialists on site who are ready to help put your group in a spa frame of mind. After they’ve received spa like treatment and sipped some champagne, let them board our exclusive charter.

When they get on to our luxurious charter plane, we can present them all with a departure gift. Since you’re headed to Lava Hot Springs, we’d suggest handing out plush bathrobes, soft bath towels and high-end slippers wrapped up with beautiful bows. Travel size products that they can use before or after the mineral baths would make great departure gifts too.

Once the group is safely on their way to Idaho, our in-flight staff can serve them pre-selected spa-style cuisine and bottles of mineral water while they watch an in-flight program of your choosing. A movie about the formation of America’s hot springs and their healing properties would likely be apropos but you’re welcome to select whatever programs you feel would be best for your group.

After your group has spent their allotted time exploring Lava Hot Springs, turn them back over to us. We can set up an event at the Idaho airports of your choosing which includes souvenirs to mark the great time your group's had soaking in the state’s famous waters. To find out more about having your group pampered during exclusive flights to Idaho’s world-famous spa destinations, please contact us at Miami Air International today.