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Team Jet Sports Flights are Ready for the Season

by Admin 31. August 2015

Sports fans are some of the most passionate and loyal people in the world. They can turn family members into enemies if rival teams are playing one another. If you are looking to follow your favorite team on the road, consider one of our fan flights to get you there. We provide the transportation and the crew. You bring the fun, fans, and excitement.

Our planes can hold up to one hundred and sixty-eight of your closest friends. That means there is no reason to leave anyone home. We can customize the look of the plane if you are all fans of the same team. Our staff will make sure to use the proper colors.

Beyond colors, food is  the most important aspect of any tailgate party. We've got that covered too. We can customize a menu in case of allergies. Our chefs are top quality, so you will not have to worry about over-cooked burgers at this party. 

Enjoy your friends, bring a video of your favorite team to play in the background as the party rages. While we cannot allow any open flames at this tailgate party, you can pretty much do anything else you want.

Bring the party, bring the fun and your favorite fans. Travel with those who are closest to you and get pumped for the game. If you are planning travel to any sporting event this year, contact us. We can create a memorable tailgate experience without waiting for the grill to cool off.

Beat the spring thaw with charter flights to sunny Mexico

by Admin 8. April 2013

Spring is here, but someone forgot to inform whoever is in charge of turning up the heat. As those cold fronts continue to whip west from the Pacific and south down the Canadian Arctic Express, there’s relief and sunshine and it’s only a charter flight away.

Your charter flight can take your corporate group direct from frozen Minneapolis or snow-covered Chicago direct to Cancún or Puerto Vallarta. The process is easy and worry-free, except that your group might clamor to stay longer.

You’re in the scheduling driver’s seat

Need to pick up or drop off your corporate group members at more than one location? You can do that. Or you can gather up everyone at your corporate HQ for that annual informal confab or scripted conference with the next stop sunny Mexico!

Next stop means one stop

Your charter goes wheels up after your people gather in the hassle-free passenger check-in process that is either at the charter terminal or on the tarmac just prior to boarding. There are no stopovers or rush to make another flight connection, along with the nagging worry about luggage transfers.

Speaking of luggage, anyone worrying about that extra piece of luggage or those heavy golf clubs just has to know that the entire luggage compartment of the aircraft is for the chartered passengers - no restrictions.

First class for everyone

Your charter flight crew is equipped with lots more than soft drinks and peanuts, and the on-board meal service can be arranged in advance to cater to your corporate group’s preference. Your passengers will also enjoy seeing your company logo on the paper napkins and seat covers as they sit comfortably and watch the scenery change from snowy white to Mexican tropical green.

Include a charter flight in your planning

So if you’re planning something along the lines of a corporate incentive charter or are just courting investors, you should take advantage of the professional event planning services at the larger hotels. Regardless of the purpose of their trip to the warmer climes, your group will deplane from their charter flight refreshed, well fed and rested.

In the meantime, your reputation as a corporate travel and event manager will be the stuff of legend. Take a bow while you gloat over all those expense claims you won’t have to process and all the scheduling problems you avoided by chartering.

Whatever your group travel charter flight needs and where ever A to B happens to be, contact us and see how our fleet of Boeing charter aircraft can get you there.


Fan flights follow the sun to baseball spring training

by Admin 1. March 2013

The boys of summer will spring into action as Major League Baseball shakes off the frozen cobwebs of winter. The spring training season gets under way shortly and in the cities with the best winter weather. If you’re looking for an early taste of good weather for your corporate or social group, consider arranging a chartered fan flight.

Your spring training destinations and schedule

Major League Baseball divides its spring training schedule between the two places that have the best late winter and early spring weather: Arizona and Florida.

The Arizona Cactus League hosts teams as far north as Milwaukee and Chicago. They play at ball fields clustered around the Phoenix area.  Florida’s Grapefruit League has training facilities on both southern coasts of Florida, with three teams’ headquarters (Detroit, Atlanta and Houston) clustered toward the central cities of Barlow and St. Cloud.

Spring training begins in late February and runs all the way through the end of March. The Florida Grapefruit schedule begins in earnest on Saturday, February 22nd with a full slate of games. Arizona’s Cactus League kicks off a limited Friday evening, February 21st three-game slate with a full schedule commencing Saturday, February 22nd.  Both leagues play every day until March 30th.

Book a fan flight

You may be scheduling a seminar or arranging an incentive getaway excursion for your corporate group. Coupling a fan flight to a spring training city along with your end-of-winter event will add an exciting touch everyone can warm up to. It’s all about teamwork, and even those not into baseball will get the message.

Skip the airport hassle and leave the cold behind

The convenience and enjoyment of chartered fan flights begin at the air terminal when your passengers are spared the check-in and long security screening lines. Don’t worry of about luggage restrictions; every piece your fan-flight group brings is stored and ready for quick distribution at your destination.

Enjoy the great refreshments and a first-class meal on real chinaware and customized seating arrangements. Since chartered fan flights are one-stop, the next time your group debarks will be at the airport closest to your final spring training destination.

Let Miami Air International be your fan-flight service

What’s next? Contact us and we’ll help you with all the planning and information you need for your fan flight. Send us a price quote request and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We don’t sell individual seats, so you have all the passenger manifest flexibility you need to make your passenger management task simple as a walk to first base.