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Why Fan Flights might be right for you

by Admin 16. December 2016

So you are a Swiftie, a KatyCat or an Arianator and you would travel to any city in America to see your idol perform. Unfortunately, none of your friends feel the same way. Your mother thinks you are insane for wanting spend money on tickets for a one time show when you could just buy the LP, your significant other doesn’t like pop rock and your best friend says it’s easier to just wait until the show comes to your town.

You need to be around people who understand you in this matter. You want to be able to travel to the show in style, have great seats when you get there and discuss how fantastic it was when it is over. You need a fan flight.

Chartering a plane may seem like something that is out of your reach, but if you travel with enough people, you can have a theme party in the sky for the same or less money than you would pay for a regular flight.

You can find other fans in your area by going to websites that are dedicated to meet-ups or social gatherings.  Once you get your troop together, you can save money by getting a group rate to your event. You can avoid expensive commercial airline rates by chartering a plane.

Once you are in the sky you can play your favorite artist’s music all the way to the show. You can have a menu of fan-centric food and cocktails or even your favorite artist’s favorite foods. The sky’s the limit when you charter a flight.

Once you are on the ground, you and your crew can take a limo or bus right from the airport to the event. You’ll have a bunch of new friends to share stories with and a few extra dollars in your wallet for all those cool souvenirs.

Contact us today to plan your fan flight.

Charter Flights and Peak Performance

by Admin 18. May 2016

Many advantages come from using chartered flights over public air travel--just ask the Boise State men’s basketball team.  Airlines often cancel or delay public flights, leading to long bus rides that often get in the way of athletic preparation. In the Mountain West Conference, both dramatic weather and the use of small to mid-sized airports result in significant advantages to teams that can fund charter flights. Colorado State University charters every flight and has noticed a measurable improvement in their basketball performance.

Boise State increased their use of charter flights this year, and coach Leon Rice already sees a difference in the program's success. In addition to arriving to the game in peak condition, Boise State's athletes are getting more rest, attending classes more regularly, and experiencing less need for medical treatment. Rice states:

I think it minimizes sickness, because you're not on a public plane where everyone's coughing on you and that kind of thing… It's huge for the program. The more we can do those, it helps the team.

Just recently, the University of Nevada had a flight cancelled to Salt Lake City, forcing them to rent a bus to travel from Reno to Utah to play Utah State. Busses lead to cramped legs and late arrivals when the difference between winning and losing could come down to just one score.

Rice states, “It's a big advantage to the programs that do it. If we want to be in the top of the Mountain West, we have to do those kinds of things.”

If you belong to an organization interested in chartered air travel, contact us and notice the difference it can make for you!

Don't Miss the Big Game with Sports Flights on Your Schedule

by Admin 14. October 2015

The weather is finally cooling off, and the kids are headed back to school. These are the first signs of your favorite season. That’s right! Football season has arrived. Whether it’s high school, college or pro football, you have at least one team that you cheer on all season and never miss a game. If you are lucky enough to get tickets for an away game, you want to make sure that you don’t miss it. This is the best time to check out private sport flights. Here are some reasons to skip the commercial airlines and fly private.

Take as Much Fan Gear as You Want
When you book a private flight for you and your friends to take in the big game, you get the entire cargo space. You don’t need to worry about smushing your favorite jersey into your carry on. You will have plenty of room for a giant finger, colored paints and a banner to show your team spirit. If you’re going for a long weekend, you can pack everything you need without worrying about space.

Fly On Your Schedule
When you fly commercial, the airlines show you a handful of flights and expect you to choose the one most convenient for you. If you or one of your friends need to work a little late on the day you want to leave, you might end up having to wait to the following day on a commercial airliner. With a private flight, you get to set your own timeline.

No Stops Along the Way
With commercial airlines, you might need to stop in a variety of cities. If you don’t live in a major hub city, this is especially true. You don’t want to stop in Chicago and take a chance of missing a flight just because you live in small town. With private sport flights, you fly directly to your final destination.

At Miami Air International, we are dedicated to getting you to your big game on time and with the comfort and style that you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.