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The Advantages of Corporate Group Travel

by Admin 28. August 2015

With many businesses working together across the globe, it is important to achieve efficiency when traveling to the next meeting. Corporate companies can often make financial mistakes in sending groups of employees on airline flights that come along with all of the problems commonly seen in an airport. Individual ticket pricing can seem reasonable at first, but with larger groups, the costs add up. Miami Air International offers great pricing for an even greater experience than the typical airlines. With each of their Boeing 737 airplanes coming complete with 68 First Class seats, 168 luxury coach seats, or any combination of First Class and coach, corporate group travel has never been more simple. Each group will have access to all amenities that fit their needs and at a far more affordable group price.

Sitting in lines throughout an airport almost make you not want to fly at all. Ticketing lines continue to show problems through automated kiosks and uncompassionate employees. As you continue to check your bags, many are faced with the same fear of losing luggage through typical airlines. Security is also an issue, taking up to three hours during busy travel time. At Miami Air International, there are no lines for ticketing, checking bags, or security ensuring that your business group will reach its destination on time and unflustered. A travel schedule is not as flexible as it should be with crucial deadlines or incentive meetings that have to be reached on time. Miami Air International will get your group there on your schedule without any hassles or worries. Look more into corporate travel with Miami Air International today!


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Great Educational Group Travel Destinations for the Summer

by Admin 20. June 2013

Summer is here, which for children means a welcome break from school. For professional educators, it means a chance to focus on furthering your own education, or just an opportunity to immerse yourselves in the rich tapestry of incredible museum offerings available.

When it comes to group travel, we envision groups of elite educators, and their friends and families, availing themselves of some of the great opportunities for further education with charter flights to destinations that allow you to focus on some of this country’s amazing, educational museum exhibits.

New York is always a prime destination for incredible cultural experiences. Of particular note are the following exhibits:

  • The Brooklyn Museum has an exhibit entitled "Workt by Hand": Hidden Labor and Historical Quilt, which showcases American and European quilts of exceptional quality and discusses “anonymity, authorship and collectivity,” which nicely dovetails with the group theme.
  • MOMA has an exhibit, Claes Oldenburg: The Street and The Store, that will help your group connect with New York City, as Oldenburg uses everyday objects to “create an immersive panorama of a gritty and bustling city.”
  • Another intriguing MOMA exhibit is Hand Signals: Digits, Fists, and Talons, which traces the amazing variety of uses to which hands are put in twentieth-century graphic art. This exhibit might jump-start teachers’ brains with inventive ideas for the use of their own hands, and those of their students, in creating new classroom graphic arts.

On the other side of the country, there are some great exhibits in San Francisco:

Are you ready for some amazing summer group travel? Contact us today to launch your educational summer tour.


Get out of the corporate rut with early summer charter flights to Jackson Hole

by Karen 2. May 2013

There’s no place like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for corporate getaways, conferences, or just recharging the batteries. As the winter cobwebs dissipate and the snow melts from the breathtaking Wyoming mountain landscapes, Jackson Hole offers an unequaled venue for conferences, outdoor activities and side trips to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.

In planning your upcoming early summer getaway, you should seriously consider corporate charter flights

Here are some very good reasons:

  • One reservation covers everyone. Busy executives and managers typically delegate making commercial travel arrangements to their support staff. One reservation requires either a phone call or a web search that results in a maddening array of options involving costs, takeoff times, connections and return travel, which may or may not be on the same carrier. All that aggravation and duplication of effort goes away with a single charter flight arrangement.
  • Next stop: Jackson Hole.  That next stop is really your only stop, even if your flight originates from somewhere that normally requires commercial connections to a major flight hub.
  • On board service is far above commercial standards. Just as Jackson Hole offers a wide variety of great conferencing services, your charter flight can be tailored to your travelers’ preferences.  Seating, catered meals and inclusion of you corporate logo on napkins and seat backs all add a VIP touch that promotes just the bonding and team spirit that motivated the journey to Jackson Hole in the first place.
  • Relaxation and worry-free logistics lower stress and work for everyone. Your travelers’ charter flight experience begins with bypassing the usual hassles of the ticket counter, luggage check-in charges and long lines at security. You have the flexibility of last-minute changes or additions to the passenger manifest without the re-ticketing fees. Likewise, do not look for extra luggage charges. The entire luggage hold of the aircraft is dedicated to your charter.
  • One reservation means no travel reimbursement claims processing. When the trip is finished and your travelers return sundrenched and recharged from their Jackson Hole experience, your finance people can likewise relax. There are no meal, transportation and ticketing advances or claims to deal with.  You are a hero and are basking in the glow of your wise choice: a charter flight.

Whether you need a charter flight to Jackson Hole or the LA Basin, contact us.  Our modern Boeing jets are at your service.