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Enjoy An Exclusive Charter Flight to the NBA Playoffs

by Karen 28. April 2014

March through June is the best time of the year for basketball fans. Although March Madness has ended, the NBA Playoffs have begun. The first round of the NBA playoffs started on April 19th and will conclude with the NBA Finals starting June 5th. Take your company to the NBA Playoffs on an exclusive chartered flight. 

Everyone knows the best way to enjoy an NBA Playoff game is through an exclusive chartered flight. Your top executives and employees deserve to fly in style when you reward them with a trip to the NBA Playoffs. The best way you can showcase all that your company has to offer is through an exclusive chartered flight. 

Chartering a flight to the NBA Playoffs provides many advantages for your company. To start with, a charter flight will allow you to flight nonstop to your NBA Playoff destination. Your company will not have to worry about layovers and transfers. You can customize the schedule to fit your company's needs. Your employees can start relaxing as soon as the flight takes off!

Speaking of relaxing, you can customize the entire flight experience. You can specify the type of in-flight entertainment you want your employees to enjoy. This can range from team building events, silly games, to watching specific movies or listening to specific music. If you have a special menu that you want served, you will be able to access that on a charter flight. The food and beverages that are served can be made to custom specifications. Your employees will also be able to enjoy an open bar to help get the party started. In addition, your top employees can leave with a souvenir boarding card and a depart gift. Your company will be able to create custom memories on an exclusive chartered flight to the NBA Playoffs. 

Chartered flights provide a special touch to your NBA Playoff trip. They will allow your employees to travel in luxury, with expedited security screening, no extra baggage fees and nonstop flights. Please contact us at Miami Air International to discuss how we can help provide your company with an exclusive and customized charter flight. 


Aircraft Charters to NYC: 5 Annual Spring Events for Women’s Groups

by Karen 3. March 2014

Is your women’s group tired of traveling to the same old spring destinations? If so, why not venture off to NYC via an aircraft charter and enjoy one of the Big Apple’s great spring events? There are several that take place each year during the months of March, April and May.

NY Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show (March & April)

One of the big events is the NY Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show. It’s anticipated to run from March 1st through April 21st this year. Subsequent, thematic floral events will take place through early September. The Orchid Show traditionally includes both day and evening events. Special exhibits and programs are also available in abundance. However, because they are so popular, it’s best to reserve access to those activities well in advance.

Macy’s Flower Show (March & April)

The New York Botanical Garden isn’t the only NYC venue hosting a spring floral event. The Macy’s in Herald Square typically hosts one or two as well. In 2014, look for one of the events to begin March 23rd and run through April 6th. The second is set to start on March 30th and end on April 13th. This year’s themes are expected to be secret gardens and cherry blossoms. As always, great guided tours and floral displays are slated to be a part of the annual celebrations.

Cherry Blossom Festival (April)

If your women’s group hasn’t reached its fill of spring flowers just yet, NYC’s Annual Cherry Blossom Festival may help matters along. It generally kicks off towards the end of April at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Over the course of two days, attendees get to enjoy live entertainment, showy floral displays, games and exhibits. This year, it’s slated to go down April 26th and 27th.

Spring for Music (May)

Attending the Annual Spring for Music event is a fabulous way for women’s groups to welcome the season too. In 2014, it’s scheduled to take place at Carnegie Hall from May 5th through May 10th. Each night, a different orchestra is expected to perform. A few of the groups on tap are the Seattle Symphony, the Winnipeg Symphony and the New York Philharmonic.

9th Ave. Intl. Food Festival (May)

Finally, your women’s group may also enjoy the Annual 9th Avenue International Food Festival. It runs May 17th and 18th and encompasses several blocks. They’ll be plenty of live entertainment and foods on offer. Best of all, admission to the event is free of charge.

To attend these annual NYC events in March and learn more about aircraft charters, please contact us at Miami Air International. Our private aircraft charters can help women’s groups that have 168 members or less travel the world in supreme comfort.


Whisk Your Group to Utah’s Winter Resorts aboard a Luxury Aircraft

by Karen 14. November 2013

There are standard trips to Utah and then there are lavish, winter excursions. If your group is longing for the later, booking a luxury aircraft through Miami Air International is a “must do.” Our fleet of stunning, luxury aircraft and signature services are available for charter year round. So your group can enjoy an opulent, winter vacation any time during Utah’s ski season.

Avoid the hassle of standard airport check-in and stretch out your legs in our luxury aircraft’s well appointed cabins. The stylish and comfortable leather seats feature a 48” reclining pitch that’s sure to please even the tallest members of your group.

Once the flight starts, we’ll satiate your group’s appetite for gourmet meals, top shelf beverages and in-flight entertainment. As the group leader, the choice of menu and bar options is yours to make. Our flight coordinators will be more than happy to present you with all of the preset and customized options to choose from. You can even treat your group to the pleasures of dining with fine china, linen napkins and silverware.

Our luxury aircraft can land at the destination of your group’s choice. From there, you can board a luxury motorcoach and head off to one of the state’s 10+ winter resorts. Depending on the provider, the motorcoach is apt to come equipped with plush seating, heat and a cavalcade of amenities. Wi-Fi and high-tech, on-board entertainment is typically among them.

Most of the resorts are located within a short drive from Salt Lake City International Airport. Some, like the Rustler Lodge at Alta, offer ski in/ski out accommodations. There’s also an onsite spa, eucalyptus steam room, outdoor heated pool, gourmet restaurant and Jacuzzi too.

To learn more about chartering our luxury aircraft to Utah's finest resorts, please contact us at (877) 535-9624. We are also available on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.