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Boeing ‘Dreamliner’ Now a Reality

by Admin 14. November 2011

Boeing’s newest airplane, the 787 jet it calls the “Dreamliner,” has been waiting in the wings for long time. Finally, the development of the craft is complete and the waiting is over.

The aviation industry is particularly excited about the Dreamliner because of its unique design elements – which could influence new aircraft builds for years to come. For example, most of the Dreamliner is covered in carbon fiber instead of aluminum – a longstanding aviation standard. Although carbon fiber is not completely new – being used in the military plane designs for years and on portions of some jetliners, it has never been used to such a degree on commercial airliner.

The carbon fiber used on the Dreamliner is strong and light-weight – like an advanced plastic. Its strength allows windows to be bigger and higher, creating amazing scenic views during flight. It also permits the climate conditions of the cabin to be more comfortable. Cabin pressure on the Dreamliner will be equivalent to 6,000 feet, instead of the usual 8,000 feet. And because carbon fiber is not vulnerable to corrosion (unlike aluminum), cabin air have more humidity, which should cut down on the dry throats and noses sometimes common on other aircraft. On top of that, the Dreamliner is estimated to be 20 percent more fuel-efficient than current airliners.

The first 787 will go into service at Japan's All Nippon Airways. However, more are sure to start appearing all over the world with Boeing reporting more than 800 orders for Dreamliners. With news like that, it seems the future of aviation is fast approaching.